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What Manga Releases Did You Get? [September 2021]

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  • [Manga] What Manga Releases Did You Get? [September 2021]

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    September 2021
    Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle 7
    Black Butler 30
    Blue Exorcist 26
    Boruto 12
    Cells at Work 6
    Dead Dead Demon's Dedededede Destruction 10
    Dr. Stone 8-10,16-18
    Dragon Ball Super 14
    Fist of the North Star 2
    Hayate the Combat Butler 38
    Jujutsu Kaisen 12
    Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 9
    Love Me, Love Me Not 10
    Mao 1
    Moriarty the Patriot 5
    My Hero Academia 29
    One Punch Man 23
    Prince Freya 5
    Seraph of the End 22
    Snow White with the Red Hair 15
    Star Wars High Republic Edge of Balance 1
    Yona of the Dawn 32

    plus My Hero Academia School Briefs 5

    27 volumes and the MHA book last month, though I've been watching a lot of movies the past 5 weeks and haven't read any of them yet.

    What did you get in September?

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    An order I made in the middle of September was held up over several titles, so the only thing approaching manga I received last month was the femme fatale: The Art of Shuzo Oshimi artbook from Denpa. (However, I did receive a box of manga today, so I'm getting back on track...)


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      My swag for September:

      Rave Master Vol. 14
      The Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm Vol. 1
      Sekirei Vol. 17
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