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What Manga Releases Did You Get? [March 2021]

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  • [Manga] What Manga Releases Did You Get? [March 2021]

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    March 2021
    Cells at Work Baby 1
    Days on Fes 1
    Jujutsu Kaisen 9
    Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 8
    Marginal Operation 5
    Moriarty the Patriot 3
    My Hero Academia 27
    One Piece 96
    Rin-Ne 38
    RWBY 2
    Yona of the Dawn 29

    March was the smallest month for me since March 2020 when I also had 11 volumes arrive. It's just as well since I've been focusing more on watching Oscar nominated movies (113 of them in March) and sorting my comic collection (with an eye to paring it down somewhat) and haven't read any manga since early February. I plan to catch up here in April.

    What did you get last month?

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    I didn't get a lot of manga in March myself, although I can't admit to watching a lot of movies (Oscar nominated or otherwise) either. What I did get amounted to:

    Days of Love at Seagull Villa 2
    RWBY (the Official Manga) 2
    Maison Ikkoku 3
    Arpeggio of Blue Steel 17
    Skip Beat! 45


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      Once again it's a rather modest take for me this month:

      Mermaid Saga Collector's Edition Vols. 1 & 2
      Rave Master Vol. 10
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