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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage #6

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  • [Manga] Dogs: Bullets & Carnage #6

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    Content Grade: A-
    Art Grade: A-
    Packaging Grade: A
    Text/Translation Grade: B

    Age Rating: 17+
    Released By: Viz Media
    Release Date: November 8th, 2011
    MSRP: $12.99

    This volume busts the plot and character development of this series wide open. But unlike Heine’s ability to heal wounds, there is no covering this wound with a scar now that his companions know that he is a true monster.
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    Re: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage #6

    I barely skimmed the review, just to make sure I didn't spoil myself; I'm a couple volumes behind, and completely forgot to order them during the Viz sale that just ended. This is one of those series where I get really lazy about buying each volume, but then once I do and I read them, I wonder why I was being so lazy. It's good to know that the series keeps up its quality and even improves more along the way.
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