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What Manga Releases Did You Get? [January 2019]

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  • [Manga] What Manga Releases Did You Get? [January 2019]

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    New year, new (And some not so new) manga! Here's my swag for January:

    Sekirei Vol. 4
    Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 17: The Age Decides the Man
    Ultraman Vol. 11
    Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 2
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    18 volumes for the month. My Kimagure Orange Road kickstarter omnibus editions finally arrived.

    January 2019
    Abandoned Sacred Beasts 7
    After the Rain 2
    Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle 5
    Case Closed 69
    Children of the Whales 8
    Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction 4
    Hayate the Combat Butler 33
    Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus vol. 1-6
    Ultraman 11
    UQ Holder 15
    Xxholic Rei 3,4
    Your Name Another Side Earthbound 1


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      Finally got part of my big holiday book order in this month.

      Food Wars! Vol. 27
      Gabriel Dropout Vols. 1-5
      My Solo Exchange Diary Vol. 1
      New Game! Vol. 4

      Konosuba: Gods Blessing on This Wonderful World Vol. 7
      A Sister's All You Need Vol. 3


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        I was not expecting a UPS shipment today. It brought half of my monthly comic shipment, including two more manga volumes to bring the total to 20 for the month.

        A Certain Scientific Accelerator 8
        Wandering Island 2


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          I managed to visit the bookstore just today, bringing the manga I bought in this month to:

          NTR: Netsuzou Trap 6
          One-Punch Man 15
          To Love Ru Darkness 8
          Spirit Circle 6
          Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: The Glory of Losers 10
          Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun 10
          Yuri Is My Job! 1

          I managed to finish accumulating two series this month (and I'm reading my way through Spirit Circle from the beginning now), but did pick up the first volume of a new one.


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