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What Manga Releases Did You Get? [June 2018]

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  • [Manga] What Manga Releases Did You Get? [June 2018]

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    Summer is upon us! Here's my swag to get this thread started:

    Cutie Honey a Go Go!
    Toppu GP
    Vol. 2 (Kindle/comiXology Edition)
    Ultraman Vol. 10 (Kindle/comiXology Edition)
    Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle Vol. 1 (Kindle/comiXology Edition)
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    One-Punch Man Manga Volume 14
    One Piece Color Walk Compendium East Blue to Skypiea Artbook
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      I loaded up this month with new titles; knowing how crammed my "manga bookcase" is getting, I do wonder every so often about just how to cut back on new purchases and winnow my existing collection. Anyway, I did get:

      After Hours 2
      Akame ga Kill Zero 7
      Astra Lost in Space 3
      City 2
      Golden Kamuy 4, 5
      Happiness 7
      Little Witch Academia 1
      My Solo Exchange Diary 1
      Princess Jellyfish 9 (which does finish one series)
      Silver Spoon 3
      To Love Ru Darkness 5
      To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts 6
      Vinland Saga 10 (I'm always glad to see another volume of this series released over here)
      Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku 2

      and the Ancient Magus's Bride "Merkmal" guidebook, which I haven't actually read yet to see how much "manga" content it has.

      Digitally, I did potentially keep from filling some shelf space by buying volumes 1 through 11 of Chihayafuru from the Kodansha line-wide sale on Comixology.


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        June 2018
        A Certain Magical Index 13
        Anonymous Noise 9
        Astra Lost in Space 3
        Bleach 73
        Dragonball Super 3
        Food Wars 24
        Golden Kamuy 5
        Haikyu 24,25
        Kagerou Daze 9
        Kaguya-sama 3
        Kuroko's Basketball 23-24
        Promised Neverland 4
        Queen's Quality 4
        Tokyo Ghoul :re 5
        Yona of the Dawn 12
        Yowamushi Pedal 8

        17 books for the month. I've finally gotten an opportunity to start getting caught up on my manga, some of which have been waiting for years to be read. The backlog is still big, but is down by around 50 volumes over the past couple of weeks.


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