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  • Chapter 176

    Tomoko is back at home, and between her time at the study camp and when she's planned to go out with Nemo, judging by her calendar. And she does appear to still be studying with her textbooks out, though she has the TV going in the background and is of course distracted by it. Tomoko hears about how the most desired career for middle school boys is a Youtuber, and she thinks about how she wouldn't have to study if she made her living doing "Let's Plays" of video games.

    Tomoko doesn't have much optimism she could actually get the kind of view counts that would make it work, but she decides to at least give it a try as a break from her studying. When Tomoko gets to recording things go as awkwardly as you expect from her. She's doing things in her nervous tone of voice and not really making any interesting commentary. And then Tomoki comes in wondering what the heck is going on at some point. It's amusing with her usual insulting retorts, how Tomoko is running with Sayaka's soccer fetish discoveries, as I'd expect her to. Tomoki feels like he really does have a "mega-perv-girl harem" of sorts now, as much as he doesn't actually want to be a weirdo magnet. Tomoko turning out to be a weirdo magnet has turned out on balance to be a pleasant thing for her. I do wonder if Tomoki will see any positives at some point.

    I definitely can relate to the point where Tomoko is playing it back. Hearing your own voice and realizing how much it sucks... Tomoko realizes its just a dream and thinks it's more of a mens' thing anyway. As she looks up women out of curiosity, Tomoko definitely seems to come across a few that play up the sexy angle. Tomoko's probably not getting anywhere there either. But then she notices someone Youtubing with her own school uniform. She quickly gets to recognizing it as Emoji Mk. II, the one who has professed she wants to be a pro gamer. Tomoko takes notice of Shiki's sly sexiness in the video while she completely hides her face. Definitely quite interesting how Tomoko has noted Shiki's progression with her videos, with her just doing standard video game content at first without inserting herself in. But as she made the "sexier" videos even those earlier ones got more views. So she's reeled people in but might now have an easier time of getting them to the content she really wants to do.

    I do like to see how Tomoko is kind of admiring to see what Shiki is doing, and the contrast with her own attempts. Tomoko does have a habit of being half-hearted in what she tries to do, but Shiki is really putting in her all and thinking about it. Tomoko does have to advance some in this regard if she ever wants to take the light novel author thing seriously, for sure.


    • Special Chapter 10

      This was a short, but definitely very interesting chapter in continuing to get more of a look at Minami's friend Sachi. We know she looks down on Minami, but not even Sachi's other friends are exempt from her ridicule. Maki got a boyfriend, but of course she's making fun of him rather than being happy for them, and then the other friend Nori is supposed to show up here, with Sachi commenting about how long it takes her to put on her makeup. Sachi is quite adept at baiting Minami in escalating the trash talk she's talking further and try to make it look like she's not quite as mean as her. Minami is just being used... devious Sachi.

      Mako is here too, who is of course not as much fun for Sachi since she's a sweet girl who gets along with everyone and doesn't join in on trash talking. Mako seems to be more here for trying to keep Minami company anyway, with Minami being the one inviting them out. With just Sachi, though, it's definitely quite apparent to her that it's really bad company. I wonder how much of a part Sachi has had in building Minami's trash talking side. Mako is not the one to confront the mean ones one way or the other, like Akane or the lightly passive-aggressive side of Asuka, but to stay with them and try to keep them on a leash.


      • Volume 18 Bonus

        And now we get a bonus segment to add to the steaminess of the study training camp. It's what they were there for right, not really to study? :D But this is on the final night of the stay where Tomoko is asking Yuu to have some alone time in the bath just before it closes. Tomoko gets to the bath and sees Yuu there and is ready to pounce in her usual fashion. Tomoko only gets to realizing again how much a certain someone else looks just like her from behind as she's feeling the front. Oh boy, Tomoko has gone further with Ucchi now that maybe Ucchi could have expected. Tomoko is all but resigned to being creepy, which she rather deserves here. But just as Ucchi is about to do it, she remembers those drilling it in to her how it feels bad to be called that after her previous mishaps from calling Tomoko that. And much to Tomoko's surprise, it ends up coming out of Ucchi as "feels great". I'm actually kind of happy for Ucchi here. She was just reflecting the last day about not having made memories with Tomoko, but before the day is up, fate seemed to have served up the kind of thing she was looking for. I guess... Heh, I do wonder what awkward hijinks are next for them.

        The writer's research visit to the hotel just turns out awkward. As he just can't help but think it seems creepy, as he comes across various situations that makes him feel potentially marked for surveillance. Ultimately he just stays in his room, and so you wonder if much actual research was done with this trip.

        With the next volume preview, looks like I might have ended up guessing right a while back with Nemo wanting to take Tomoko to ||Comiket. Well, what we saw before with Tomoko trying to go didn't amount to anything after the reality of the crowds set in. Well, more than likely things will be different this summer, with a nerd friend she is much closer with than Komi. Definitely very intrigued how it will go.||


        • Volume 21 (Japanese edition)

          Volume 21 of the Japanese edition of WataMote was released on 11th March.


          • Volume 19

            Volume 19 of the Yen Press edition of No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! will be released 17th May, 2022.



            • Originally posted by kijakusai View Post
              Volume 19

              Volume 19 of the Yen Press edition of No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! will be released 17th May, 2022.

              Just waiting for the next Yen sale at Right Stuf and it's going in my order. Really nice the series has been going for over 20 volumes now.


              • WataMote in Japanese has recently reached 200 chapters.

                Since the number of Japanese chapters of WataMote had recently reached 200 chapters, fans of WataMote drew WataMote-themed fan art to commemorate the manga's having 200 chapters, and the staff of the official site posted some of those drawings on the site.


                The text part below those drawings is WataMote-themed senryƫ which fans composed in order to commemorate the manga's having 200 chapters.


                • Chapter 177

                  Now it's finally time for Tomoko's summer outing with Nemo. I had expected it would be Summer Comiket where she wanted to take her. Tomoko had her brush with Comiket before when out with Yuu and Komi the previous summer, but ultimately only Komi actually went then. Amusing getting the amusing shout out to Okada not being there. Of course this would be the kind of place she'd short-circuit again. And rather interesting is that Nemo apparently has somewhere else lined up for them for Tomoko to go, that they are even staying overnight.

                  We get to see a bit of the seiyuu training world Nemo has entered as she first decides to visit Hitomi, a woman a few years older than her in the same training class who Nemo has heard has released a CD. Hilarious how Nemo seems to have not had much idea of the subject matter, and it ends up being quite stimulating for Tomoko. Nemo thinks she can take it at this point, but... The facial expressions are great. It's interesting seeing the contrast of the cutesy star print headphones between them. It clashes with Tomoko's fashion here enough that I barely seem to notice, but seems to go well with Nemo's heart print dress. Also like how we get a little bit of a short backstory to Hitomi the voice actor and her collaborator who did the other aspects of the CD release, with them having known each other in high school. I like how it hits on the differing nature of friendships over how they had different views on how close they were.

                  Tomoko is a bit in awe over how well Hitomi seems to be doing with her project, thinking about how big things such as Fate even had started at this place. And then later she sees Hatsushiba who had done art of Tomoko's school trip group. Thinking of how much of a turning point it was for her, it's heartwarming to see it immortalized in a different way. Though amusing how Hatsushiba didn't get Yuri's face and seemingly kind of copied Ucchi's onto it. Still, it's another thing that's really humbled Tomoko since she knows Hatsushiba has improved alot since the sameface rendering he used to do (that she nonetheless like due to being "beautified"). He's already gone through the years on improvement, and Tomoko still feels like she's starting at late without as much on her light novelist ambitions.

                  Nemo's preoccupation with Tomoko potentially getting a view of her in the shower is such a fun moment. She wouldn't be going quite as crazy as Ucchi in the situation, but still amusing how she ends up getting irked, as I expected, of Tomoko not actually giving into her perverted side here. I like how Tomoko kind of smugly writes it off when Nemo brings it up, that she's seen the female bodies enough between their class trip and the training camp. But it was more of Hitomi's success being on her mind and wanting to look into it at the first opportunity that also distracted her. It's really sweet how, with Tomoko bringing up her insecurities, Nemo kind of encourages her with her teasing here. She's right, though, Tomoko has had the vibe of an oblivious protagonist at times and particularly here with the Nemo in the shower setup. Tomoko has had quite the material from her own life. Would be interesting to see how things go if Tomoko does move forward with the dream in some way.


                  • Chapter 178

                    And now we're on to some more interesting stuff with Tomoko and Nemo's Akiba hotel stay. As they go down to the convenience store to get some stuff, they comment on some of the people they come across. First some guys decked out with otaku goods indicative of all the other Summerket returnees around, and then a woman entering a room next door apparently to provide a service. Nemo thinks something more innocent like UberEats, but of course Tomoko is thinking something different...

                    It's interesting how Tomoko and Nemo have gotten to respond to each other on Tomoko's preoccupation with dirty things. Tomoko pushes Nemo about her tolerance levels to that sort of thing. While Nemo jabs back about Tomoko's lack of actual "experience" and how she's just getting her knowledge off the internet. But then Tomoko leaves things extremely awkward when Nemo seems to snap on Tomoko bringing up her "sleep your way to the top" preconceptions about voice actresses, saying Nemo might end up having to provide services supposedly like the woman they're talking about. Tomoko takes a showed to get away from the situation.

                    It really warms my heart quite a bit how Nemo and Tomoko are both in the same place thinking about apologizing as quickly as they can to defuse the awkwardness. Nemo particularly in how she just wanted to have a fun time watching anime with Tomoko when she wasn't able to hang out in that manner with the training camp. On Tomoko's end, she does seem to have some self-awareness over how Nemo who is earnestly trying to become a voice actress could preconceptions coming from more cynical views of the industry. Nemo is thinking she needs to get the make up done so hastily that she even goes right to lifting up Chekhov's shower window to do. Love that it was ultimately Nemo making the perverted move, and somehow Tomoko ends up being as clueless to it at first as she was the previous chapter. I kind of wondered how Nemo actually went unnoticed for so long, but it turns out Nemo pulled away after she noticed something that had her curious...

                    While Nemo was waiting for Tomoko to rinse off, Tomoko does get right to her apology afterwards. And Nemo is getting to have the happy fun anime time afterwards, or so we thought... It feels like they are watching a "normal" not too naughty type of slice of life show that would be up Nemo's alley. Though for some reason, Nemo keeps interjecting with some rather sexual commentary. I love how I was clueless about what was going on her at first, until we get Nemo's thoughts... :D She found out about Tomoko's dyed pubes peeking in on her bath and like Fuuka before her can't just take her mind off the subject. I also love how Tomoko thinks Nemo is just trying to awkwardly meet halfway with her after their earlier argument in bringing up the weird sexual questions. But no, Nemo is flustered that her precious first anime watching with Kuro is with her having those thoughts about silver pubes. Only as Nemo is finally forced to admit what's her own mind does Tomoko realize she got peeped on and get to calling Nemo a perv. Not the ideal makeup, but things are never ideal with Tomoko and it's more fun that way.


                    • Volume 20 (Yen Press edition)

                      Yen Press will release Volume 20 of No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular! on 20th September.



                      • Chapter 179

                        And now we get to see what Nemo had in store for Tomoko for the second day. It's a voice acting class at an animation academy, and even one for light novels for her too. Tomoko is not really enthused at participating in the voice acting class at first, but then her attention perks up a good bit when it's brought up how one of the academy's graduates is an active Vtuber. Tomoko has a pretty greedy, cynical take on Vtubers, but it's an idea, despite her previous failed attempt at becoming a streamer, seems quite tempting to her. She thinks it's something that might go well on the side of being a college student and light novel author.

                        Tomoko's observation of "So many pigtails!!" is amusing since I took particular note of it too before I even saw her speech bubble. Nemo's style for the Akiba outings the past few chapters is fit in well with all of the other budding seiyuu. And interestingly later the gender imbalance is directly called out as some of the female participants (including Tomoko herself) are called to voice the male protagonist in their anime recording demonstration. Tomoko comments that the light novel class, on the other hand, is mostly filled of plain looking guys.

                        Tomoko is quite impressed how well Nemo does with the enunciation practice piece Uirou-uri. She's already gone over it before and so thinks Nemo is step ahead not only her but the other participants as well. It is nice to see how Nemo in turn is recognizing Tomoko is actually putting in some effort rather than half-assing as she might expect. Honestly she might have been right, but Tomoko has her hidden Vtuber motivation now. Nemo thinks Tomoko might have the kind of unique voice that works for voice acting. It's pretty adorable seeing what Tomoko has imagined of her yuriffic seiyuu duo unit of NemoKuro. After the slightly bitter moment in the previous chapter, it seems Nemo has just gotten to accepting Tomoko's prejudices about voice actors and playing straight man to them.

                        When they actually get to their moment in the studio, Tomoko is feeling hesitant about doing it right before she's up and fumbles a bit at first as you'd expect. She seems surprised how well Nemo is doing with her line and response to her and tries to get more serious... only to find she's read out the wrong line. Nemo mistakenly thinks Tomoko is adlibbing and amusingly pulls things along in that direction. But besides the amusement, it's kind of a fitting direction for things to go in considering what Tomoko is aiming to do. She gets to play a part of being a creator with Nemo, which is really nice. And the realization that everyone in the room was listening in on them comes late to Tomoko, thankfully not paralyzing her with embarrassment too soon. It influences the next applicants up to try something like it too, Tomoko is continuing to feel embarrassed how it turned out, but I like how Nemo gets her mindset straight: not just "it was hell", but a hell of their own creation.

                        On that note, Nemo gets the idea that, with them still having a culture festival left to do this year, that they could create something together for it like a play or movie. Even though they're third years busy with studying, Nemo thinks it could work if it's something short. Also Nemo knows how to move things forward, already sounding out the friends despite Tomoko being reluctant. It looks like she even set things for them to come over to Tomoko's house, which is going to be really interesting if it happens. Not surprised that Yuri is they type who's not up for being in a movie. All in all, this was a pretty enjoyable arc for both bonding and development of the NemoKuro duo. Curious to see what we'll have in the future, at least in the scope of what's still covered by the manga (I do wonder if we'd get a peek at their college life, or if it's just wrapped at the end of high school as I'd expect).


                        • Chapter 180

                          Tomoko is in a break from studying to check on the news, and looking for something funny after the downer manga author scandals, comes across a story of a construction worker drinking cola out of a bag of ice. And Tomoko becomes quite fixated on replicating the idea. But considering the atmosphere is important to her, it just doesn't seem right to just do it in her room. I do love Tomoko's imagination about how she would be styling with a tropical drink, with all of the hottest, nicest girls she knows. Cute imagery there overall.

                          Ultimately Tomoko decides what to do, calling Tomoki out after practice to treat him to a drink, deciding the best atmosphere is a bench at a shrine. Kind of nice how Tomoko looks to get a childhood nostalgia feel out of it that feels appropriate. They say how great it is chilled from the bag, though honestly for me I'd probably not go for it unless I was expecting to down all of the cola quickly. I'm not big on huge heapings of ice with my cola with how quickly diluted it gets.


                          • Chapter 181

                            Tomoko gets messaged to come outside all of a sudden by Yoshida, and we end up with quite the surprise here. Yoshida has already got her driver's licensed and is driving her parent's car around, picking up all of the delinquent bunch. Tomoko is seemingly impressed at Yoshida's "delinquent initative" in already accomplishing that goal. It's pretty hilarious the kind of vibes each of the girls gives off driving around wearing sunglasses. Of course Tomoko thinks it looks like she's getting kidnapped at first.

                            It's funny how I was thinking Yoshida looked rather mature with her haircut and sunglasses there, but then we have our encounters with the love hotels again. Shiki seems to know full well what the UFO is. But then they come across the castle where Anna reflects on her embarrassing story of childhood innocence where she asked her family to go there. I'm not at all surprised Yoshida didn't actually know yet. Kind of sweet how Tomoko seems to be the only one to pick up on it there and actually seems like she's a little sorry for her. Yoshida too pure yet again.

                            Besides her initiative, Tomoko is also surprised by Yoshida apparently being quite good at driving already, wondering how far back she had gone with her motorcycle riding experience. The conscientious driver image went out the window when all of the girls noticed the infamous "cunni-dog" looking at them out the window of a car and they all wanted to go tailing after the car to find out the owner. Absolutely hilarious to see poor Imae noticing she's being tailed by a rather shady looking bunch. She eventually notices Tomoko among them after they stop and get out to check, but tries to adorably hide her face when she hears all the weird misconceptions they're getting about her due to her dog. The pose only make her seem even more lewd to the curious gang.

                            A very amusing chapter overall, definitely quite curious to see how it's going down after misconceptions are cleared.


                            • Chapter 182

                              Looks like this starts out with the situation from last episode of Imae's bewilderment at being tailed has worn off and she's getting to hang out with them at the beach rather pleasantly. Well... she's still getting Maro's newfound reputation rubbed in her face (and he's continuing it too: love how the first frame of the chapter is the dog seemingly angling a view up Shiki's dress), by Anna and Rena particularly. Tomoko has to catch herself from accidentally calling it "cunni-dog" when she hears about Maro's heartwarming backstory from Imae. Speaking of which, if she's had him since finding him a stray in grade school, this has got to be a rather old dog at this point too, particularly if it was earlier and grade school and not like 6th grade. Tomoko is mad at having herself outed as nicknamer by the taunting delinquents, wanting to keep an "earnest loner" image with Imae who to her has not been as exposed to her perverted harassing ways as much (maybe kind of a juxtaposition with how Imae herself is not aware of all Maro has gotten into despite being a longtime owner). Also Yoshida does not seem to take too kindly to her friends getting on Imae about her dog's actions either.

                              Though Tomoko doesn't dare risk her image to ask, she is quite curious about what Imae thinks of sexual terminology being thrown around. She's quite unfazed by the stuff, and so Tomoko is not getting to enjoy the blush beet red trope with the class president, at least not right away... It's interesting that Imae is keeping her university a secret from Tomoko. It feels like it was not long ago when Tomoko visiting colleges and Imae had seen Tomoko coming to check out Aogaku, but looking it up, it was way back in Vol. 14. Time has been flying. But in any case cute that Imae is apparently wanting to surprise Tomoko. Going to be fun to see her reaction, if we do see it...

                              It's also quite sweet how Imae is so happy at Tomoko apparently having found something she wants to do at the culture festival, when she's curious if it's OK for them to put on a movie. They got someone with skills already right here, with Youtube video creator Shiki around. I love she immediately sticks Maro with an end credits joke.

                              Yoshida and Imae's bonding is the most interesting thing of all here, though. I was wondering about whether Yoshida really should be driving around now, even with a license, and apparently yeah, she could get in trouble for it. Imae's obviously not going to press that, though, hopefully the busybodies aren't out in force when they're enjoying their vacation. Imae seems to feel a bit of envy over them getting to have fun in this manner, since it wasn't really something she could do while being council president. It's really nice how Yoshida feels a little comfort in having someone to relate to on not really have decided on a life goal just yet. Imae kind of viewed college as trying to continue the times she had in high school. Even being one of the earlier characters in the series, there's still more to find out about her since a lot of her time at school in the manga was when she kind of on a different social plane of existence from Tomoko. It's interesting how she's getting more in sync with this group only after high school is over for her.

                              The final hijinks of the chapter is hilarious in pushing how out of her usual character they've gotten to push Imae over Maro. Tomoko the movie camerawoman gets good footage of Imae's face as Rena guides Maro up his own owner's dress. As Rena praised Maro over it, of course she has a fist from Yoshida headed right to her face yet again. It feels like Tomoko hasn't felt Yoshida's wrath as much as Rena has for a while, but even seemingly being an innocent bystander when it came to the cunni-dog teasing, I guess filming is too much for Yoshida who is probably somewhat adorably wrapped up in defending Imae's honor. I kind of wonder why Anna always seems to come out without facing the wrath herself, since she was quite an indirect instigator here. Maybe just not the kind of personality Yoshida feels like she can slug, if not some history between the two that lets Yoshida look past stuff from Anna that would seemingly aggravate her coming from someone like Rena or Tomoko. In any case, bringing back the movie ending credits on phone bit to close out the chapter is just perfect.


                              • Chapter 183

                                The time for the anticipated meet up for the culture fest is here, though it begins with Tomoko and Nemo calling it off because a typhoon is coming. But someone is still coming despite it being called off. I love how Tomoko seems to relish the chance to try out a famous anime-style gag as she shuts the door on Yuri as she suddenly shows up. Yuri has figured since it's not raining yet, there's no reason she can't still come over despite the group being called off. Of course, she's going to be stuck there due to the storms finally coming later and end up staying the night. Really happy to finally see Tomoko hit this milestone of a close friend hanging out and sleeping over.

                                It's an amusing little revelation how Tomoko is seemingly so surprised Yuri, and Katou before her, is able to show up so suddenly just having her address. Tomoko has had such little social interaction her life that her mind is seemingly behind the times as far as the fact people can just use the GPS on their smartphones to get around without specific directions.

                                While Tomoko thinks of them studying together as planned, Yuri has brought some movies she likes to help prepare for the culture fest on Nemo's suggestion. It's nice to see there how Nemo and Yuri have connected a little bit. And it leads to some interesting times as Tomoko gets to discover the rather reclusive Yuri's taste in movies. The thoroughly hopeless story is a bit much for even Tomoko, that she's thankful they hadn't watched with the whole group. Yuri wasn't really planning to watch with anyone but Tomoko, though, and honestly feels a bit moe there how Yuri is slightly disappointed in that she was hoping to watch with someone who would understand. Tomoko gets them outside for some air and a visit to the convenience store to diffuse the awkward situation.

                                The weather finally starts to intensify when they're at the convenience store, which gets Tomoko asking Yuri to spend the night. I like how one of the first things Tomoko asks is if she needs to buy a change of panties for Yuri. So like her. But pretty amusing that Yuri was already prepared "just in case". I feel like she was kind of wanting this to happen. But the really heartwarming piece to the store visit is when Yuri attempts to buy a packaged bentou, feeling like she needs a meal staying over but nervous about eating with the family. It's really nice here how Tomoko can understand how Yuri feels, but gently dissuades Yuri from getting it. She does ultimately get to eating with Tomoko, Tomoki, and mom at the house here, and that scene makes me even happier than I would expect. I love how mom is happy to have some conversation at the table when Yuri is trying to talk, because unsurprisingly mom notes they don't really have a very talkative dinner table with this family. It's something Yuri is comfortable with and is like her family, when she was expecting other families were a bit more boisterous. It's nice to hear a bit about Yuri's family life since I feel we haven't heard much of it (but makes sense we haven't with the way she is). Getting Tomoki to pass her the cheese shaker was a low key cute bit too. I guess they may be a little over the oddities of their original meeting.

                                Going back to the other part of the convenience store planning, while Tomoko doesn't need to give Yuri a change of panties, Yuri does get fit into some of Tomoko's clothes after taking a bath. While Yuri says they're not too tight (no surprise Tomoko asks since she appears to be a small one compared to may of her friends: I pervertedly did notice Yuri seems to be filling it out a little bit in the chest...), I love her getting her jab in there "But the lameness is hard to take". Yuri looks nice with lameness though. And speaking of perversion again, Tomoko's obsession with pubic hair strikes again. She's disappointed she didn't see any in the bath after taking one after Yuri.

                                As a response to Yuri's musical offering, Tomoko gets to showing Yuri a musical-related anime of her own. Soon as that castle/love hotel was mentioned, I knew exactly what they were watching and feeled me with a good bit of glee, since I really adore Anthem of the Heart. Coincidentally (or maybe not: wouldn't be surprised if the authors intended to connect to it), I was thinking exactly of that movie just the chapter before last when Anna talks about the love hotel she thought was a real castle as a kid. Given thematically what Tomoko and friends and planning to do, coming together to make something for the culture fest, it really fits the mood so perfectly, though. And of course Linda Linda Linda and the famous anime scene it inspires in one of Tomoko's old favorite anime adds on top of it. When they talked about not having plans for the culture fest set in stone, the imagination of the yakisoba/takoyaki stand was a fun one. The most amusing part there was how they fit Mike into the picture. Food illness to the unfortunate victims to their stand incoming... (now that it gets me thinking about it, I wonder if Mike was secretly responsible for the bad takoyaki Tomoko had back at her first year culture fest)

                                It's nice that in between movies and discussions, Tomoko and Yuri doze off for a little bit before waking back up in the middle of night, and staying at it more than they though when the caffeine keeps them up. This chapter was such a wonder of nice low-key moments that suit those two on one of their biggest bonding milestones. The rare smile of Yuri's in the last panel says it all. Two fantastic chapters in a row, and ending summer break at that. Thinking how the previous summer breaks have gone, I like how there's a huge difference and progression between almost all of them. Tomoko's original summer ended with just a whimper of lazily gotten through it among a few small incidents. She actually got to go out with old friends in her second summer, despite some of her old habits showing still. But here her circle of friends she gets to see has increased exponentially, and she's working towards things.


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