(Making this thread for sorting purposes and I might be re-reading the manga later)

This thread is for the purpose of discussing the original 4 Volume run of K-ON! which is currently licensed by Yen Press. Volume 1 and 2 have been released with 3 and 4 coming out in the future.

There will be a separate thread made for the continuation and will be chapter based. Actually, I would like for this thread to be chapter based as well if possible. Yes, the chapters are short, but it works better that way.

For now, the guidelines stolen from elsewhere....

1) Always use the "Reply" or "Reply with Quote" buttons found beneath the individual posts. Do not use the "Post Reply" button found at the bottom of the page.
2) Make sure to keep track of subject lines, and always post under the proper chapter thread. If you want to discuss a subject that may span several chapters, use the thread for the latest chapter in question.
3) Please do not post pre-release spoilers in this thread, only post once a chapter has been made available