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Higurashi: When They Cry #18

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  • [Manga] Higurashi: When They Cry #18

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    Content Grade: A
    Art Grade: B-
    Packaging Grade: A
    Text/Translation Grade: A-

    Age Rating: 17+
    Released By: Yen Press
    Release Date: April 28th, 2012
    MSRP: $11.99

    In Summary
    For the first time in this series, the reader catches a glimpse that the characters may realize they are living a horrible ‘Groundhog Day’ life, where many days worth of tragedy repeats in different ways, resetting after enough people have been killed. Somehow, Rika remembers every lifecycle the people of Hinamizawa are forced to live through, so maybe that makes her the equivalent of Bill Murray. But now Keiichi remembers at least one previous life. It is a horrible memory of the time he killed Rena and Mion. But that horrible memory may just allow him to talk Rena down from her murderous rampage. This is actually a very cool moment for this manga series, as it’s the first time the reader is exposed to the author’s inner designs for this series. All this really got me guessing where this series will end.

    Because of these revelations, this is easily one of the best story arcs. This arc has also been the longest so far because each volume has been long, and this final volume of the arc is a huge 288 pages. I can’t wait to read the first volume of the next arc, to see if it will continue to reveal this Groundhog Day reality to more characters, or if it will continue to follow the detective investigating Higurashi’s world 22 years later in an attempt to finally reveal the truth behind Oyashiro’s Curse and the destruction of Hinamizawa.

    Again, I highly recommend this ‘Atonement Arc’.
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