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Black God Vol.#16

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  • [Manga] Black God Vol.#16

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    Content Grade: B
    Art Grade: A
    Packaging Grade: C-
    Text/Translation Grade: B+

    Age Rating: 16+
    Released By: Yen Press
    Release Date: April 24th, 2012
    MSRP: $11.99

    In Summary
    While the story gets more complicated with the revelations of beings older and more powerful than the Mototsumitama, it also reveals some of the Mototsumitama history. Some readers might complain that it took too long to reveal this aspect of the story, but I didn’t find it bothered me. There has been so much action and character development for the last 16 volumes that the secrets about the Mototsumitama origins and Reishin’s true plans hasn’t been needed. However, I felt the way the history was revealed was awkward and somewhat unsatisfying. It seemed short and didn’t quite explain things enough. Regardless of that, it was still a good volume and the bonus story about Excel and Mikami competing to see who can attract the most men to win a bet was playful and fun.

    The very low Packaging grade is a result of the printing for this volume. Yen Press is an awesome publisher, and I give them huge props for still printing color pages and cranking out a good number of manga every month. Unfortunately, the color page in my copy was barely glued in and cut at odd angles. Many pages are off-centered, showing white borders at the bottom of the pages. I hope Yen Press got a discount from their printers, because this is the worst manga copy I’ve seen in a long time. Then again, maybe I was just unlucky enough to get one of the bad books from this print run?
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