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  • [JP BD] TIGER & BUNNY [EngSub]

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    Tiger & Bunny Limited Edition Blu-rays

    Volume 1 LE
    Volume 2 LE
    Volume 3 LE
    Volume 4 LE
    Volume 5 LE
    Volume 6 LE
    Volume 7 LE
    Volume 8 LE
    Volume 9 LE

    from Amazon product description for volume 1 le


    Drama CD, Booklet “Monthly Hero” (12 pages), unaired pilot video, trailer #1

    *This Japanese product comes with a sleeve case illustrated by Masakazu Katsura, and a special jacket by Kenji Hayama (Character Designer)

    *This Blu-ray disc is region-free and includes English subtitles
    I've pre-ordered these.

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    Place your bets that whoever gets the R1 release rights (Viz?) will be releasing DVD-only.
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      If they even release the entire series....


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        Originally posted by maehara View Post
        Place your bets that whoever gets the R1 release rights (Viz?) will be releasing DVD-only.
        I wouldn't put past Viz not releasing it at all.


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          Originally posted by WTK View Post
          I wouldn't put past Viz not releasing it at all.
          Mmmm. Was very surprised when they picked up the simulcast rights - it's quite a high-profile show, and given they see DVDs as little more than a hobby it's hardly a fit for them. If it was just 12 episodes that they could release in one set, that would be one thing, but with 9 volumes solicited it's clearly going to run for longer than that.
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            If the JP side can release it in English both competently and completely, it might be best for them to do it alone, with VIZ not touching it at all.
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              Wow. So this is the first title that get English subtitles on the single release. I really wish I could support it, as I'd love for more anime to include them. But it's just not my kind of show. That said, I'm sure it will attract a few buyers, given the type of show it is.
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                I would enjoy having this show on BD. Visually, it's quite a stunner. But I'll be honest. I don't think my entertainment budget can afford a Japanese import right now. There are too many other shows of higher priority. So I'll keep hoping for a US release although it seems unlikely now.
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                  It would be nice if the series could get released here. Maybe this once Viz will actually take note of how good it's doing streaming? Maybe?
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                    Re: Tiger &amp; Bunny [Eng Sub]

                    I received the first two volumes of Tiger & Bunny today, and have watched the first. Menus are totally in English, and the subs sound like they were written by an English speaking person (didn't watch the streaming version, so I don't know if they're the same). Video quality is flawless, as you'd expect from a Honneamise release of a new production.

                    It's a digi pack with the BD and a cd audio drama. The booklet is English on the cover, but all Japanese inside.
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                      Re: Tiger &amp; Bunny [Eng Sub]

                      Amazon Japan listings:
                      - Special Edition Side Bunny: LE / Reg
                      - Special Edition Side Tiger: LE / Reg

                      6300yen each for LE; 5040yen each for Reg. EngSub not listed.

                      Tiger & Bunny Special Edition Side Bunny - 12/21
                      - http://product.bandaivisual.co.jp/we...m_no=BCXA-0632
                      - http://product.bandaivisual.co.jp/we...m_no=BCXA-0631

                      Tiger & Bunny Special Edition Side Tiger - 1/29
                      - http://product.bandaivisual.co.jp/we...m_no=BCXA-0634
                      - http://product.bandaivisual.co.jp/we...m_no=BCXA-0633

                      via ANN
                      Tiger & Bunny Gets Special Edition Compilations
                      posted on 2012-08-06 01:00 EDT

                      2 90-minute compilations with some new sequences, narration by Barnaby & Kotetsu

                      The official website for the Tiger & Bunny franchise confirmed on Monday that, similar to other Sunrise projects, Tiger & Bunny will have "Special Editions" — Blu-ray/DVD releases that compile the television series into two 90-minute volumes. Both volumes will feature some new sequences and new narration.

                      Tiger & Bunny Special Edition Side Bunny will compile the first 13 episodes with narration from the viewpoint of the character Barnaby. Side Tiger will compile the last 12 episodes with narration from Kotetsu.

                      The two volumes will ship on December 21 and January 29. Each one will have a limited first edition with an exclusive book-style case illustrated by original character designer Masakazu Katsura, a special CD with audio drama and cast discussion tracks, an exclusive 16-page Monthly Hero booklet, video extras, and a jacket cover illustration by character designer Kenji Hayama.
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                        [JP] Tiger &amp; Bunny -The Beginning- [EngSub]

                        via Amazon Japan | Release date: February 22nd. EngSub listed for DVD and Blu-ray.

                        Neowing series page
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                          Re: [JP] Tiger &amp; Bunny -The Beginning- [EngSub]

                          Originally posted by WTK View Post
                          Cover art


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                            [JP] Tiger &amp; Bunny (TV) DVD-Box

                            Tiger & Bunny (TV) DVD-Box

                            Amazon Japan link

                            12600yen, January 29th. 25 eps. No EngSub.


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                              Tiger &amp; Bunny -The Rising- [Eng Sub]

                              Tiger & Bunny -The Rising- | EngSub listed for BD and DVD.

                              Amazon Japan links | http://www.bandaivisual.co.jp/?act=newsdetail&id=345

                              - BD LE: 9240yen
                              - BD Reg: 5040yen
                              - DVD LE: 8190yen
                              - DVD Reg: 3990yen


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