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Ultraman USA (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins) [EngDub]

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  • [JP BD] Ultraman USA (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins) [EngDub]

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    Amazon Japan listing (includes Amz JP exclusive)

    BD: 7800yen + tax. September 26, 2018.

    cover art



    Tsuburaya Productions has announced the anime film ULTRAMAN USA (ウルトラマンUSA, Urutoraman USA), a co-production with the American studio Hanna-Barbera, will be released on Blu-ray in Japan on September 26. The disc will also include the English language version, ULTRAMAN: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS.

    ULTRAMAN USA was also released on Japanese VHS on September 29, 1989, and laserdisc on July 25, 1991. ULTRAMAN: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS was released on American VHS on June 2, 1993. The film was never released on DVD in either country.

    Twenty-five years after the last home video release, ULTRAMAN USA/ULTRAMAN: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS finally returns in a remastered Blu-ray edition featuring a new high definition transfer from the 35mm negative film. Bonus content includes a digital gallery and the ULTRAMAN KIDS interstitials from ULTRAMAN TOURNAMENT.

    Main Feature Running Time: Approximately 153 Minutes (Japanese Version 75 Minutes + English Version 78 Minutes)
    ● Extras Running Time: Approximately 6 Minutes
    ● Japanese Version Specs: 4:3 (1080p High Definition) / Linear PCM (Stereo) / Removable Japanese Subtitles
    ● English Version Specs: 4:3 (1080p High Definition) / Linear PCM (Monaural) / Removable Japanese Subtitles
    ● Extras: Digital Gallery, ULTRAMAN KIDS Short

    Bonus Content: 8 Page Reference Book
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