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  • ANiUTa (anisong streaming service)

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    ANiUTa features a comprehensive library of anisongs for anyone to enjoy!

    Available from August in Google Play and Apple Store.

    All the anisongs that you have ever wanted to listen to, all in one place. This is the one and only, essential service for anisong fans! From the newest anisongs to the ones of long ago, ANiUTa is THE anisong streaming service allowing you to pick and listen to your favorite tunes! Even looking up your favorite anisong by anime title is fun in this 100% pure anisong store!


    From July 4th to the day before the official release

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    https://www.facebook.com/aniutaUS/ph...908251/?type=3 (July 24)
    Love Anisongs? Have you been wishing to create your own OFFICIAL anime playlist on the GO? Then check out our streaming service, ANiUTa, coming August 1st 2018! Learn more about our subscription package that we've just revealed! Click the link for our Pre-Launch Campaign details for a chance to win some fantastic prizes as well!!


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      Tokyo, Japan -Sept. 3, 2018- TOM Premium, a paid membership service offered by Tokyo Otaku Mode, now includes the option of unlimited anime music streaming through ANiUTa (operated by ANiUTa Co., Ltd.) at no extra cost compared to joining ANiUTa as a standalone service.

      The US edition of the ANiUTa app currently features over 10,000+ anime songs, from openings and endings to full instrumental soundtracks. New members get instant access to songs from K-ON!, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Attack on Titan, Violet Evergarden, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ghost in the Shell, The Ancient Magus' Bride, No Game, No Life Zero, and hundreds of other popular anime.

      A standalone ANiUTa subscription costs $4.99* a month. A TOM Premium membership costs the exact same (billed every 90 days at $14.99), but includes numerous other benefits in addition to full ANiUTa access?making the TOM Premium x ANiUTa package the hands-down best value for officially licensed, unlimited anime music available anywhere. And as with the standalone subscription, new TOM Premium members can experience their first 30 days of ANiUTa for free.

      *The standalone ANiUTa subscription fee is subject to change due to fluctuations in the exchange rate or in pricing thresholds set in theApp Store or Google Play.

      ANiUTa US App Features
      ● 10,000+ tracks (and more coming soon)
      ● 100% ad free listening
      ● High quality audio (320 kbps)
      ● Unlimited skip and shuffle play
      ● Easily browse by anime or season

      TOM Premium x ANiUTa Benefits
      ● First 30 days free
      ● Full ANiUTa access (at zero extra cost!)
      ● $5 instant welcome gift (TOM Shop credit)
      ● Daily free manga chapters (est. $2000+ yearly value)
      ● Daily online crane game credit (est. $800+ yearly value)
      ● Exclusive discounts on the TOM Shop & TOM Projects
      ● TOM Shop credit never expires

      ANiUTa is also available as an optional benefit for any current TOM Premium member with a US billing address. Existing members can choose between continuing to receive cash back on each membership payment, or may opt into ANiUTa in order to enjoy all its benefits with no extra fees.

      New members can sign up through the following page to immediately unlock a TOM Premium x ANiUTa 30-day free trial.

      TOM Premium x ANiUTa Details: ​https://otakumode.com/sp/aniuta


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        The @Crunchyroll Super Fan Pack is $100 in value, release date is aimed at Q4 2018! It costs $15/mo!
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        .@Crunchyroll announces the Crunchyroll Super Fan Pack! You get access to Crunchyroll, @WatchVRV, @aniutaUS, @Utomik, @MunchPakSnacks, and @jnovelclub! Along with discounts from @RightStufDeals
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