I'm not sure if this is an isolated issue or widespread, and as the MVM and Madman share discs and use NIS America's masters, I'm not sure if this affects the Australian and US releases too, but the main menu on disc 2 of the Love Live 2nd Season BD has a glitch.

When I choose Japanese audio with English subtitles, the top of the love hearts (the graphics design on the menu) disappear and you can't select anything from the options "Play, Episodes, Extras and Setup", meaning that I would have to eject the disc, and restart the disc from the very beginning. Thankfully, the subtitles and audio options are unlocked during playback and the pop-up menu during playback doesn't have this issue, so you have to play the show in English and change audio and subtitles during playback, either with the pop-up menu or the audio and subtitles buttons on your remote, if you choose to watch it in Japanese.

For reference, my player is a Sony BDP-S1700. I'm not sure if other players or anyone elses copies are affected.