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  • [Winter 2019] Currently Watching (Winter 2019 Edition)

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    The calendar has turned to 2019, which means it's onto a new year and a new season of anime. While fall didn't have many heavy hitters, it did provide quite a large number of good shows. And with that, here is the next season thread for the Winter 2019 season.

    The link to the Fall 2018 Edition
    Winter 2019 Anime Chart
    Winter 2019 Anime Lineup Thread

    - Change the title of your post to reflect the contents.
    - Do not use the Reply to Thread button; instead, click quote on the post you wish to reply to, or on this post if you're starting a new subthread.
    - Edit down the quoted section to the relevant bits, nobody needs to read someone's epic list of watched stuff twice.
    - Be nice to one another.
    - Please discuss only what you are watching this season in this thread. Stuff watched during other seasons should be discussed in their respective threads.

    Also, I'd like to add the following. The Currently Watching Thread is mainly meant for a general overview of how you're currently feeling about shows. It is not supposed to be a replacement for actual discussion threads. Try to keep heavier discussion (if possible) in the more specific discussion threads.

    In addition, try to be careful of spoilers here. It's one thing if it's properly tagged and such. However, I don't want people to have to worry about someone randomly posting "Wow, X died in episode 17 of Y". Just a randomly made up example, but you get the idea.
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    Simulcast Interest Levels for Winter 2019

    As usual, I am starting things off with my simulcast interest list. Once again, here are the tiers for how likely I will watch certain shows this season using NFL injury report statuses to categorize the shows:
    • IN: It's on the watchlist no matter what. This mostly applies to continuing shows and sequels.
    • PROBABLE: I'm checking out, and it has a very good chance of making the cut. I have dropped shows in this category in the past, so it's not automatic.
    • QUESTIONABLE: I'm checking out, and impressions will dictate its fate. Pretty much, it's for shows I have moderate interest in at the beginning.
    • DOUBTFUL: I may or may not check it out, and if I do, it must really impress me in order to make the cut.
    • OUT: I'm not bothering with it at all.
    So it's onto assessment. I used to do this before the season, but with a number of streaming services taking exclusive ownership of their show that I wait until I know where shows are going first as if it ends up with Netflix or not streamed at all (which is the case for shows Bilibili is a producer for), then it's pretty much out or unlikely to last a few episodes (though I'm making an exception for Kakegurui this season). While my opinions will change as I get a good look at these shows, this represents my interest level before watching the show (and it's not accurate anymore after getting a look). As usual, I have the shows with three-letter codes to let everybody know what I'm watching in my sig.

    [TOA-I3] A Certain Magical Index III (continuing, simuldub)
    [FTL-3] Fairy Tail Final Season (continuing, simuldub)
    [CQK] Karakuri Circus (continuing)
    [KTF] Run With the Wind (continuing)
    [SAO-3] Sword Art Online: Alicization (continuing)
    [TSL] That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (continuing)
    [DAL-3] Date A Live III
    [KGR-2] Kakegurui xx
    [KMF-2] Kemono Friends 2
    [MOB-2] Mob Psycho 100 II (simuldub)
    [FKM-2] The Morose Mononokean II
    [PNL] The Promised Neverland
    [RSH] The Rising of the Shield Hero

    [EDR] Endro!
    [GAF] Girly Air Force
    [KGY] Kaguya-sama: Love is War
    [5HY] The Quintessential Quintuplets

    [BPP-OT] Boogiepop and Others
    [DXK] Domestic Girlfriend
    [DRO] Dororo
    [GMN] Grimms Notes
    [KEM] Kemurikusa
    [MSA] Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka
    [KKH] The Magnificent Kotobuki
    [DHU] My Roommate is a Cat
    [EDK] The Price of Smiles
    [UEN] How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno (short)
    [MAF] Mysteria Friends
    [RCO-G] Rainy Cocoa Side G (short)

    [BTM] Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale
    [DHS] Dimension High School
    [MTR] Meiji Tokyo Renka
    [PTM] Pastel Memories
    [REV] Revisions
    [WIZ] W'z
    [EKC] Rinshi! Ekoda-chan (short)

    B-Project: Climax*Emotion
    BanG! Dream 2nd Season
    Circlet Princess
    Hulaing Babies
    Mini Toji
    Real Girl 2nd Season
    Rikkun in the Middle
    Virtual-san Looking

    While it is unusual that I have a non-sequel in the first list, Shield Hero and Promised Neverland are two of the most highly anticipated shows in quite a long time, and as such I am going to watch those no matter what. I plan on watching Index, Fairy Tail, and Mob Psycho on the simuldub schedule, but having just ended my Funi subscription in anticipation of their deal with Hulu that isn't in effect just yet having taken advantage of their Black Friday promotion, my plan is to binge on a month's subscription at the end of the season, and as such that will affect my season watchlist load taking that into account.
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    Watching: Machiavellism, La Verite, Shining Hearts, Buso Renkin, Toonami Stuff
    Simulcasts: FTL, TOA-I, TSL, SAO, KTF, CQK, KMF, DAL, TSH, PNL, More TBD
    The only thing better than anime is sports. Get hit hard and you got JACKED UP! Or else it's a C'mon Man!


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      Winter 2019 First Impressions

      This is very early for this sort of post, since nearly everything I have any chance of watching (the few stragglers mostly being sequels to stuff I dropped) premiered in just over a week. That does mean that there's only one episode for most of the series, but this has always been a "First Impressions" post with the understanding that my feelings will likely change significantly over the next few weeks, and that will be reflected not only in the eventual "Final Thoughts" counterpart but probably 2-3+ episodes of Fandom Post Radio.

      New For Winter 2019:

      01. Yakusoku no Neverland (A) Less than two weeks into 2019, this feels like the year's first big victory. I've read every chapter of Neverland immediately after release since it started two and a half years ago, and while I always liked it, it just got better as it went on, to the point of cracking my Top Manga list for the past few months. Given that, I was excited to hear of its anime adaptation, and as Bunny Girl Senpai progressed last season, I started to gain confidence in CloverWorks being able to give it the same treatment A-1 would, especially if Aniplex considered it a series worth dumping a lot of resources into, as they like to for high-profile A-1 productions. Leading up to its premiere, the news kept getting better and better, with it becoming the first noitaminA series to break free of Amazon's exclusive hold since they started simulcasting anime nearly three years ago, even though some of those were also Aniplex series, and even sequels to series Aniplex put through their normal process of streaming on Crunchyroll et al. Furthermore, Aniplex is giving it to literally every service that simulcasts anime except, ironically enough, Amazon, not only putting it on their usual destination of Crunchyroll and the similarly cross-company Hulu but also FunimationNow (which seems to be another destination for Aniplex simulcasts now, perhaps because of Sony but not necessarily; it has happened in the past) and even HIDIVE, despite never having had any connection to any of the Houston companies. What's even more remarkable is that, despite airing at the same time and day as every noitaminA series has, Friday in Japan and Thursday in America, we're somehow getting it on Wednesdays. I seem to remember reading that Amazon would get noitaminA episodes early in previous seasons, but I'm pretty sure all the ones I watched were still on Thursdays, certainly as recently as last season, so maybe that was only for Amazon Japan, and it actually took the shows getting off of Amazon to get Amazon's early time. I was excited enough about all of this, because I was pretty comfortable in assuming that the anime would at least be good, especially by the end of its cour (even if it's unfortunate that it's only getting one for now). But it wasn't until I actually watched the first episode that I could've hoped for such a ridiculously good adaptation. If CloverWorks proved itself to be a solid studio last season, it has already proven itself to be able to stand with the best after one episode of this season. The artwork of the manga is beautifully detailed, but this blows that away and paints every frame with gorgeous perfection and animates every movement with seamless fluidity. Director Mamoru Kanbe is a known quantity, but he has never particularly impressed me until now. This was one of the most masterfully executed horror premieres I've ever seen in an anime series, and gives me renewed hope for the genre that I never thought much of. The adaptive writing and musical score also improve upon the already excellent source material with a comparable level of deftness. And just in case everything else wasn't enough, the OP and ED are both fantastic in musically and visually. It all culminates in an adaptation that is beyond flawless and makes me anticipate new episodes of a story I already know everything about far more than I could've imagined. Or maybe everything falls apart next episode and I have a big wall of words to eat. That would suck.
      02. Mob Psycho 100 II (A-) While my attention is much more keenly focused on the return of One Punch Man next season, and particularly the hope that it won't be an utter disappointment with its far less promising studio and director, the return of Mob Psycho 100 immediately before that is pretty pure joy so far. Thankfully, this series retains the exact same lineup that worked on the first season, and that's a good thing, because while the first season of One Punch Man may be the single most sakuga-filled cour of animation in existence, Mob Psycho 100 had cuts that surpass just about everything else on the market, and since this sequel is still coming from Bones, I feel pretty confident that we'll get at least one more cut from Yutaka Nakamura, and if it's anything like his work on the first season, it could be another one of the greatest clips of raw key animation to watch over and over, a hall of fame completely dominated by Yutapon and his signature Cubes. The opening animation of this season is already enough to have confidence in the continued level of quality the series will be delivering. As for the story, I'm very curious to see where it goes this season, but even the almost entirely slice of life first episode was as funny as you'd expect from ONE but also sincere enough to show a range that extends beyond the usual comedy and action of the series.
      03. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (B+) I feel like I'm being too positive on too many isekai shows, but maybe we're just getting a lot of good ones lately. I already wanted to like this show due to it being another Kinema Citrus series with its music composed by Kevin Penkin (the last one being Made in Abyss), but Norn9 shared not only those two but the same director as this, and that was otoge trash. Fortunately, it seems that Kevin is only getting the good stuff for now, as deserved, and this is definitely a series that is being given a lot of care from all sides. The double-length premiere certainly helped to establish a large number of elements essential to the series without rushing anything (sure, he's in the other world within a minute, but that's 99% of isekai). There are unquestionably pieces that can be controversial, but I'm comfortable with the main plot that's been set up going forward. I'm interested to see how it depicts the struggles of a protagonist dealt a much less favorable hand than most, it's a thoroughly well-executed adaptation throughout, and I want to hope Kevin can pull out at least one or two tracks on the level of his finest Made in Abyss pieces. Could it become SAO at its worst? Yes. Absolutely. But please don't. Please?
      04. Dororo (B+) I can't remember the last time I've actually liked an anime adaptation of a Tezuka manga, and despite consistently listing Kazuhiro Furuhashi in my top 5 anime directors thanks to the Rurouni Kenshin prequel OVAs and the original Hunter x Hunter anime, he hasn't impressed me since Gundam Unicorn ended in 2014. But it looks like Furuhashi is at his best working with material from the 90s, the 70s-80s, or apparently even the 60s, because this reboot of a series last animated half a century ago is off to a great start. If you only know Tezuka for his family-friendly fare, be sure you're prepared for the gruesome, because this series is not for the faint of heart, but the base character designs and mannerisms of the titular deuteragonist (an uncommon but not unheard-of practice) are still classic Tezuka through and through, always a fascinating dichotomy in his more adult works. The first episode really only has time to set the stage for what is to come, but the premise has an amazing wealth of potential and feels so remarkably fresh for a story that's been around for the better part of a century.
      05. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen (B+) This is another series for which I've heard great things about the manga, and being an Aniplex property animated by A-1, the production values are unsurprisingly exceptional, even when the subject matter doesn't seem like it would demand it. Beginning as a relatively simple gag show with a silly premise and divided into several largely independent vignettes per episode, it's naturally not going to blow me away right off the bat, but in addition to being very effectively funny from an early point, its romantic trappings are at worst cute and at best touching, and could very easily turn these comedic characters highly endearing. The over-dramatic nature in which the utterly inconsequential psychological battles is presented makes it feel like the comical side of Death Note elevated due to a complete lack of real stakes, which is exactly what it's going for. But even though it's all played for laughs so far, these facets of the protagonists' personalities speak to a more human condition of perceiving weakness from the vulnerability of letting your feelings out into the open, with the competitive nature of these characters taking that notion to a dangerous extreme. Whether it will touch upon that with any level of seriousness I can't predict, but it would be nice.
      06. Gotoubun no Hanayome (B-) If being highly positive about several isekai series made me feel weird, I really don't know how to justify genuinely liking a shamelessly trope-filled harem series. I think part of it comes from the fact that it doesn't make any pretenses of being something it's not, doesn't try to be coy about its rote constructs, and is able to have an immense amount of fun with itself thanks to that. As a result, the fun is somewhat infectious even if as nothing more than a guilty pleasure, and occasionally it even earns a laugh. The seiyuu cast is quite star-studded, and that accounts for a large part of why the show seems to be working, because everything depends on the idiosyncrasies of the characters and how they interact. These veterans are able to make up for some of the less stellar writing and really sell these dynamics, especially with some reactions that have provided probably the best comedy in the series thus far. I'm not about to tell you this will ever be any sort of masterpiece, but one episode in, I'm enjoying myself.
      07. Domestic na Kanojo (B-) I can't help but relating this to Kuzu no Honkai despite being so much tamer, probably because the idea of Japanese high school students having casual sex in television anime is so rare. Like that series, though, it presents the concept as a matter of fact and isn't using it for titillation at this point. That allows for the story to explore aspects of life that aren't present in a lot of other anime, and hopefully it doesn't turn into a eye-rolling ecchi fest. With the protagonists' teacher/crush and cherry-popper moving in with him as his new sisters, there is endless potential for it to devolve into pandering trash, but the indications so far seem to imply that to not be the intention, as admittedly contrived as its establishing twists have all been. Here's hoping it doesn't become exactly what I feared.


      08. My Roommate is a Cat (C+) (1 episode) This series is completely harmless and adorable, but so far from compelling that I can't find enough value to watch more of it. I think an individual's enjoyment of it comes down almost exclusively to how much of a cat person they are, so while I can appreciate how cute cats -- and, by extension, this show -- are, I'm not so in love with them that I feel like watching any more of this.
      09. Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) (C+) (2 episodes) I really wanted to like this show. Madhouse is my favorite studio by the hugest margin, Kensuke Ushio is one of my favorite composers, and the director and the writer come from one of my favorites of not just Madhouse but anime in general, One Punch Man. And yet, I don't care for the animation. I don't care for the music. I don't care for the direction or writing. I never read or watched any Boogiepop, but I love series it's compared to like Lain, and I'm fine with piecing together a challenging story. But there's just nothing about this series that particularly worked for me in its first two episodes, and unless I hear extremely positive reactions to it as it goes on, I don't feel the need to watch any more of what those first two episodes gave me.

      If Fall 2018 was quantity over quality, I feel like the opposite is true for Winter 2019. It doesn't have an overwhelming deluge of new titles, but it has a surprisingly high percentage of promising to downright stellar series at a first glance, especially with only one sequel I'm watching. Neverland alone would've made me happy with the season as a whole, not to mention Mob Psycho 100 coming back in full force, but there are three other series that I'm already pretty excited about. Hopefully I don't end up too disappointed, but with that kind of lineup, I think I'm safe to assume I'll have a few strong titles by the end.

      Everything I'm Watching:

      01. Yakusoku no Neverland (A)
      02. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze (A-)
      03. Mob Psycho 100 II (A-)
      04. One Piece (A-)
      05. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (A-)
      06. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (B+)
      07. Detective Conan (B+)
      08. Dororo (B+)
      09. Fairy Tail: Final Series (B+)
      10. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen (B+)
      11. Sword Art Online: Alicization (B)
      12. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (B)
      13. Gotoubun no Hanayome (B-)
      14. Domestic na Kanojo (B-)


      15. My Roommate is a Cat (C+)
      16. Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) (C+)

      Weekly Schedule:

      Sunday (0):
      Monday (3): Mob Psycho 100 II, Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, Dororo
      Tuesday (1): Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
      Wednesday (2): Yakusoku no Neverland, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
      Thursday (1): Gotoubun no Hanayome
      Friday (2): JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze, Domestic na Kanojo
      Saturday (5): One Piece, Detective Conan, Fairy Tail: Final Series, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen, Sword Art Online: Alicization

      Saturdays still rule, but this is a slightly more balanced schedule overall. Mondays are a little tight now, being workdays with three series including one I'm reviewing, but it's far from unmanageable.
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        This is what I am watching for Winter, ranked in order of interest:

        1. The Rising of The Shield Hero
        2. Dororo
        3. Domestic Girlfriend
        4. The Promised Neverland
        5. Space Battleship Yamato 2202
        6. Mob Psycho 100 II
        7. Real Girl 2
        8. Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō
        9. The Magnificent Kotobuki
        10. Fairy Tail
        11. Boogiepop and Others
        12. The Quintessential Quintuplets


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          Buckeye's Winter 2019 Anime Viewership Plan

          As I do every season, I outline a plan for shows that I plan on watching this season. Like always, this is merely tentative as there will always be shows on this list I don't get to, while there are going to be shows not on this list that I'll watch. This is for shows that have finished airing, and as such there will be no simulcasts on this list.

          From the Beginning
          ^Megalo Box
          Sirius the Jaeger
          Nobunaga the Fool
          Dog and Scissors
          The Anonymous Noise
          Armed Girls' Machiavellism
          Hanaukyo Maid Team La Verite
          Shining Hearts
          Buso Renkin
          Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
          Star Blazers 2199

          Dragon Ball Super (from episode 66)
          Hunter x Hunter (from episode 119)
          JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (from episode 13)
          Naruto Shippuden (from episode 226)

          As this is the winter season, I have my usual bingefest to mark a lot of one-shot shows as completed. But with that list quickly dwindling that this is probably the last season for this. Most of the stuff here are Sentai shows as I just dropped my Funimation subscription, but I plan to subscribe for a month to finish the current season's simuldubs right around late March, which is timed in conjunction with the release schedule for A Certain Magical Index III. So far, I have a pretty short list as I'm still trying to figure out what I want to watch.

          My first post-simulcast report is due, and in any case Sirius the Jaeger is the first show watched as I needed to watch that show before my Netflix subscription ended.
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          Watching: Machiavellism, La Verite, Shining Hearts, Buso Renkin, Toonami Stuff
          Simulcasts: FTL, TOA-I, TSL, SAO, KTF, CQK, KMF, DAL, TSH, PNL, More TBD
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