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  • Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files Discussion Thread


    A side-story of the Fate franchise featuring the former master of Iskandar from the Fate/Zero Holy Grail Wars Waver Velvet, now going by the name of El-Melloi II, who is investigating various supernatural cases all over London. This show starts off with a New Year's Eve special episode leading up to the TV series that starts this summer.

    Airs: Saturday, July 6, 2019

    Studio: Troyca

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    When Lord El-Melloi II, the former Waver Velvet, gets asked to claim his inheritance over Adra Castle, he travels there with his apprentice Gray to do so. But they are not the only ones called that way. The will of the previous owner states that the assembled contestants?including Luviagelita Edelfelt?must compete in a game of wits to win the castle.

    As usual, please try to follow these three easy forum courtesy habits when replying:
    1) If you're the first person to post about an episode in any given week, please respond to the root post (this post) and indicate in the subject line which episode you're posting about.
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    For more guidelines please refer to this thread.
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  • Buckeye
    Episode 0

    There's no such thing as truth.

    It's hard to believe that Waver used to be quite a naive boy back in Fate/Zero, but now he has become a man who means business, and Iskandar is a big reason for this transformation as he's much more aggressive and demanding now than back then. So it begins with a lecture to a bunch of Lords who are just in it for themselves, a black cat getting roadkilled, and a car chase to apprehend the perpetrator. Pretty much this episode just sets things up and gives a taste of what to expect for the upcoming TV series. Knowing what this manga is all about, it's probably going to be a case-of-the-week type of deal, but I'll find out for sure come July.

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