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  • [Fall 2018] Currently Watching (Fall 2018 Edition)

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    The summer has come and gone, and with temperatures dropping, that means it's time for a new season, and as such a new one of these threads. Summer was a pretty disappointing season that was one of the weakest seasons in awhile, but it's now time for a brand new season, and hopefully it will be amazing as usually fall seasons have the strongest lineup.

    The link to the Summer 2018 Edition
    Fall 2018 Anime Chart
    Fall 2018 Anime Lineup Thread

    - Change the title of your post to reflect the contents.
    - Do not use the Reply to Thread button; instead, click quote on the post you wish to reply to, or on this post if you're starting a new subthread.
    - Edit down the quoted section to the relevant bits, nobody needs to read someone's epic list of watched stuff twice.
    - Be nice to one another.
    - Please discuss only what you are watching this season in this thread. Stuff watched during other seasons should be discussed in their respective threads.

    Also, I'd like to add the following. The Currently Watching Thread is mainly meant for a general overview of how you're currently feeling about shows. It is not supposed to be a replacement for actual discussion threads. Try to keep heavier discussion (if possible) in the more specific discussion threads.

    In addition, try to be careful of spoilers here. It's one thing if it's properly tagged and such. However, I don't want people to have to worry about someone randomly posting "Wow, X died in episode 17 of Y". Just a randomly made up example, but you get the idea.
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    Simulcast Interest Levels for Fall 2018

    As usual, I am starting things off with my simulcast interest list. Once again, here are the tiers for how likely I will watch certain shows this season:
    • IN: It's on the watchlist no matter what. This mostly applies to continuing shows and sequels.
    • PROBABLE: I'm checking out, and it has a very good chance of making the cut. I have dropped shows in this category in the past, so it's not automatic.
    • QUESTIONABLE: I'm checking out, and impressions will dictate its fate. Pretty much, it's for shows I have moderate interest in at the beginning.
    • DOUBTFUL: I may or may not check it out, and if I do, it must really impress me in order to make the cut.
    • OUT: I'm not bothering with it at all.
    So it's onto assessment. This season is unusual in that there are shows starting as early as September (and in the case of RErideD, it's four episodes ahead of the Japanese broadcast), all while there are two late-starting shows whose streaming rights are still to be determined. And there's Index III whose status is still up in the air as for some reason, Funimation hasn't announced it and there's no reason to believe that somebody else is getting it. So for these shows, I'm assuming that they end up with Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, or Amazon as those three places all do simulcasts, but not Netflix. As usual, I have the shows with three-letter codes to let everybody know what I'm watching in my sig.

    [BNF] Banana Fish (continuing)
    [GKY] Golden Kamuy (continuing)
    [TGL-R] Tokyo Ghoul:re (continuing)
    [FTL-3] Fairy Tail Final Season
    [SAO-3] Sword Art Online: Alicization

    [TOA-I3] A Certain Magical Index III
    [DDK] Double Decker! Doug and Kirill
    [GSY] Goblin Slayer
    [IRD] Iroduku: The World in Colors
    [MLA] Operation Hangyakusei: Million Arthur
    [SBY] Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
    [TSL] That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

    [AYL] Anima Yell!
    [MBZ] As Miss Beelzebub Likes It
    [SUA] Between the Sky and Sea
    [BIY] Bloom Into You
    [JLT] Boarding School Juliet
    [CQK] Karakuri Circus
    [MVN] Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood
    [OII] Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai.
    [RSY] Release the Spyce
    [RRD] RErideD
    [KTF] Run with the Wind
    [S4G] SSSS.Gridman
    [TNE] Tsurune
    [ULS] Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemic Knight
    [UZM] UzaMaid!
    [XYS] Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary
    [ZLS] Zombie Land Saga
    [JSY] Jingai-san no Yome
    [VFX] Voice of Fox

    [BMU] Bakumatsu
    [CCP] Conception
    [DO1] Dakaichi
    [SGB-G] Gakuen Basara
    [AKS] The Girl in Twilight
    [HMZ] Hinomaru Sumo
    [ING] Ingress
    [RAD] Radiant
    [HMH] Himote House
    [IKR] I'm Glad I Could Keep on Running
    [IDM-SMM] The Idolmaster Side M Mini
    [MCS] Merc Storia
    [OBS] Otona no Bouguya-san
    [GSH] Skull-faced Bookkeeper Honda-san

    Ace Attorney season 2
    Bakutsuri Bar Hunter
    Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis Season 2
    Gurazeni season 2
    Hey, Your Cat Ears are Showing
    Hoshi no Shima no Nyanko
    Inazuma 11: Orion no Kokouin
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
    Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan
    Oshiete, Mahou no Pendulum
    Pingu in the City
    Senrak Kagura: Shinovi Master
    Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Utawaru Yoru.​​​​​​
    Sono Toki, Kanojo wa.
    Space Battleship Tiramisu II

    Given how big this season is, I probably will be going well over my preset limit of 20 shows.
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      Buckeye's Fall 2018 Anime Viewership Plan

      As I do every season, I outline a plan for shows that I plan on watching this season. As always, this is merely tentative as there will always be shows on the list I won't get to, and shows not on this list that I end up watching. This is all post-simulcast stuff as I keep it separate from the simulcast shows. I have been quite disorganized lately in regards to this, but nevertheless I have a bucket list down. Now, I just need to watch through as much as I can get to.

      ^ indicates shows being rewatched

      From the Beginning
      ^Aria the Animation
      ^Attack on Titan season 2
      ^Granblue Fantasy
      ^My Hero Academia season 2
      Action Heroine Cheer Fruits
      The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. season 2
      Forest of Piano
      Hetalia: The Beautiful World
      Hetalia: The World Twinkle
      JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable
      Legend of the Galactic Heroes
      Lost Song
      Orenchi no Furo Jijo
      Sword Gai II
      Ushio and Tora

      Continuing Shows
      ^Seraph of the End (from episode 13)
      ^Tales of Zestiria the X (from episode 13)
      Dragon Ball Super (from episode 42)
      Future Card Buddyfight X (from episode 38)
      Gintama (from episode 27)
      Hunter x Hunter (from episode 112)
      Naruto Shippuden (from episode 215)
      Rurouni Kenshin (from episode 63)

      I subscribed to Netflix in September, so I'm prioritizing getting through those shows first. And then my plan is to subscribe again in November or December when Ingress starts coming out, but with enough time to watch the second half of Unit Pandora

      So to start off the fall season, Sword Gai II is the first things I completed.
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        Seeing that there are two shows that are going to be late to start that it's going to be awhile before I do my first impressions. In the meantime, here's an informal version. As usual, I set my list capping it at 20 atandard-length shows with up to two more should I have a hard time deciding on a few borderline shows, but given the extreme differences in the premiere dates (RErideD will have aired eight episodes before Million Arthur airs its first, for example) and me going simuldub for two shows that I'm going to be more willing to take in shows than usual.

        So let's start with the locks as Banana Fish is continuing, Tokyo Ghoul:re and Golden Kamuy are returning from breaks for the second half of their split cour series, and the sequels for Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index, and Fairy Tail are also in. In the case of Index and Fairy Tail, my plan is to wait for the simuldubs for those shows as that's how I have been watching those shows, but I'll follow the first arc of both shows as they come out in Japan before waiting and then switching to the dubcast calendar for those. So that's six shows in through continuing shows and sequels.

        Now, the shows that have locked their spots essentially from the get-go. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Bunny Girl Senpai, Iroduku, Goblin Slayer, and Double Decker didn't take long to lock its spot, while I had to make a quick decision on RErideD because I'm already past the extended trial period, and while that show has lots of issues, I am deeply intrigued by the mystery aspect of this show. So adding those six shows brings the total up to 12 slots being occupied.

        And thus, the field for the remaining 8-10 spots on my watchlist are Xuan Yuan Sword, Run With the Wind, As Miss Beelzebub Likes, Zombie Land Saga, Karakuri Circus, Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood, Uzamaid!, Boarding School Juliet, SSSS.Gridman, Release the Spyce, Ulysses, Anima Yell!, and the two shows yet to begin airing in Tsurune and Million Arthur. In all, that's 14 shows total, and a few of them are just barely hanging on and with the way things are going, Release the Spyce, Anima Yell!, and Zombie Land Saga are likely casualties, while Karakuri Circus, Uzamaid!, and Boarding School Juliet are in great position. I can't say anything about Tsurune and Million Arthur as there's currently no indication one way or the other if anybody other than Netflix will get them.

        As for the shows that are easy drops, Girl in Twilight, Conception, My Sister My Writer, Between the Sky and Sea, Merc Storia, Bakumatsu, Gakuen Basara, Hinomaru Sumo, Dakaichi, and Radiant all quickly fell out of favor for me. And then there's Ingress that I might get to later, but for now it's off the list because it won't become legally available until later. So that's what is going on with my watchlist at the moment as I prepare my formal version of first impressions.

        Lastly, there are the shorts and while there were plenty in the summer, not so much this season. It's two three-minute shorts with Side M Mini and Jingai-san no Yome, and three with half-length episodes in Voice of Fox, Honda-san, and Himote House. My plan on that end is to watch Jingai-san and one of the three half-length shorts seeing that I need to cut back somewhere, and with this being a weaker than usual season for short stuff that I'm placing that limit.
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          Post-Simulcast Report: October 1-15

          Time for my first post-simulcast report of the season. Everything is the same as usual, and seeing that I want to have an organized list for my end-of-the-year master list that I'm simply listing simulcasts that finished up, while putting reviews in my simulcast review post on the previous season Currently Watching thread. In any case, it's time for my first of six of these post-simulcast reviews.


          *Dropkick on My Devil OVA: C

          *Overlord III: B+

          Sword Gai II: D+
          While the show continues to be a jumbled storytelling mess, at least this season does a better job of maintaining focus of the story at hand, all while the action is just about the only thing this show does well. It improves on a few things, but overall it continues to have some of the worst execution out there when it comes to storytelling as it fails to establish the MC while having all sorts of discord going on.

          Lost Song: B-
          This show does a nice job in establishing the characters, all while the singing is great and the plot has all sorts of intrigue. That said, the plot was too disorganized in the middle as things were quite hard to understand once the whole truth about a certain song is revealed, all while the show's storyline just doesn't flow in key spots. But in all, there was substantial character development that really made this show stand out.

          Forest of Piano: B
          This show has a great concept of telling the story of growing up through classical music. It does a great job in character development, all while the piano music is great. While the show has some great storytelling, the show is hindered by its pacing as it was really slow, and I felt that the flashback could have moved quicker, all while it spent quite a lot of time with the pianists who don't play much of a role in this story. That led to an ending that feels like not much happened, but with a second season coming, there's a chance for that problem to be addressed.

          *FLCL Alternative: B


          [DBZ-S] Dragon Ball Super (42-44)
          [GHT] Ghost Hunt (1-6)
          [HET-5] Hetalia: The Beautiful World (1-10)

          As I was subscribed to Netflix through Oct. 14 that I focused my post-simulcast viewing on Netflix shows, and now that it has ended, I now turn my focus on getting through my BD backlog that currently consists of Attack on Titan season 2, My Hero Academia season 2, Aria season 1, the first half of Re:Zero, and the second half of Seraph of the End, while my Halloween-themed show this year is going to be Ghost Hunt to continue the trend of me watching a horror or supernatural show during October. It started with Murder Princess in 2009. Since then, it was Karin in 2010, Bakemonogatari in 2011, Soul Eater in 2012, Shiki and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia in 2013, Vampire Knight and Hellsing Ultimate in 2014, Is This a Zombie? and Nura in 2015, High School DxD in 2016, and Blood-C and High School of the Dead in 2017.
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            I think there are actually enough people (not on this forum) who have some interest in my thoughts on new shows that it's worth doing one of these full posts again. Here goes.

            New For Fall 2018:

            01. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze (A-) This was the only series that I was particularly excited about going into this season, so it seemed like a shoe-in for the best show of the season due to sheer lack of competition. However, I was also a little worried if it would even accomplish that, since Part 5 is usually rated as the second-worst JoJo, which could be especially disappointing following up on the one always rated second-best, Part 4. Why the manga is rated so low (relatively speaking; everything except Part 1 is still rated quite well everywhere) I'm not sure if I'll come to understand, because I don't think another JoJo anime has stayed this high on my list after the first episode or two at the most. Maybe the wait since the end of Part 4 and the aforementioned lack of competition gives it more of a boost in my mind than it would have otherwise, but I can't look at what we've gotten so far in any way that depicts it as anything short of an excellent production all around. It probably helps that David Production seems to be bringing their A-game, and perhaps a stronger A-game than they've had available to them before this point, so even if the source material wasn't as strong as some of its predecessors, a fairly perfect adaptation can do a lot. The aesthetic and animation definitely seem more solid and polished in every way, and some scenes have shown brilliant direction. But beneath it all, I'm still extremely compelled by what we've seen of the new settings, characters, and abilities so far. Part 4 didn't reveal what the main plot was until well into it, so I won't pretend I know where this is headed yet, but I'm excited. And yes, OPs and EDs are an essential part of the JoJo anime experience at this point, so it doesn't hurt that those are both top-notch as well. "Fighting Gold" brings back Coda, my favorite JoJo song performer by far, set to some of the best animation the franchise has seen yet, packed with enough nuance to keep me watching it intently for every episode it runs for, especially if it ends up lasting only a single cour as Part 4 set the precedent for. And of course, Jodeci's "Freek'n You" marks such a drastic departure from previous JoJo EDs that it's hilarious at first, but is a lot of fun to listen to and surprisingly fitting in some ways. I'm sure I won't continue to love this season quite as much all the way through, but hopefully it holds its ground well enough for at least its first cour, because it's really carrying this season right now.
            02. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (B+) For brand-new series that I had no expectations going into, this one has blown me away very quickly, and has the potential to become a really great anime if it can continue to prove how much it's capable of for its full 13-episode run (plus the followup movie, but it'll probably be a bit before we get to see that). Even coming from the author of the surprisingly good Sakurasou, this is already surpassing any expectations I could've set. Similarly to Sakurasou, it comes across as something that could be a weird ecchi show, albeit one with a less squicky premise. I don't know why he insists on these kinds of bait-and-switches, but this pushes past those superficial elements much more immediately than Sakurasou. The rest is pure character psychology better than the already rather strong offerings from Sakurasou, social commentary akin to Oregairu, and creatively utilized supernatural phenomena that serve as analogues to the characters' struggles through their respective psyche and place in society. The structure of execution is very similar to another light novel series and my absolute favorite in fact, HakoMari (the fourth volume of which appropriately arrived alongside the fourth episode of this series), and to a lesser extent something like Kokoro Connect. Its concepts are not original, and can be seen in many anime over the years, but what we've gotten so far are some of my favorite ideas to see used in anime, especially when implemented this thoughtfully. The most striking parallels to other series on that level are specific arcs of Clannad and Haruhi. It would seem weird to say that this is doing a better job with them than such strong company, but they were ironically the weakest arcs of each of those series. The amount of growth that develops for the already extremely likable main characters and their relationship in just the first three episodes is remarkable, to say nothing of the cathartic emotional climax that concludes that brief arc. Moving right onto the next character(s) and their fantastical experiences, we're sure to see a lot more development and effective pathos while still continuing to see the protagonists through additional character arcs. So even with one cour, I'm pretty hopeful for what it will be able to achieve.
            03. Fairy Tail: Final Series (B+) If the manga hadn't ended a while ago, I might be a little warier of this season. Fortunately, it has, so with any luck this season will be able to adapt the big climaxes that are fundamental to the final stretch of any long-running shounen manga, and do so at an appropriate pace. Fairy Tail has never been a top-tier series and I don't see that changing now, but the possibility is certainly there for this to become the best material of the anime. The first few episodes deal a lot with getting the band back together, and using that as an opportunity to recap what brought them all to this point, but it looks like that's already transitioning into the next major arc, which sounds like solid pacing to me.
            04. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (B+) I've read what's been released of the manga in English, so I already knew what I was getting into and liked it, but this adaptation is a shockingly high-quality production for a studio that has never impressed in the past. It's already going to be two cours, so if it can actually keep this up all the way through, I will look at 8bit in a very different light. Speaking of "8-bit," this show goes as far as playing chiptunes to make it feel like a classic JRPG, and it totally works. I'm pretty sick of isekai in general, but showing the perspective of a slime, the iconic first monster of series like Dragon Quest, as it adventures through wondrous dungeons and landscapes, defeats other familiar faces, and gains exciting abilities captures what I find magical about RPGs far more than the stat-obsessed ramblings of one of the countless MMO-inspired series, whether it's about a game or not. Slime is a love letter to the joys of exploring a well-crafted fantasy world, and is just as fun to watch as those inspirations are to play. Yes, the slime does immediately become an all-powerful isekai protagonist who even spends the end of the last episode bouncing between the breasts of voluptuous women, but he really feels like he's just going through all of this as a game and enjoying himself as much as any of us, while still treating the lives around him with the utmost care. His personality is so chill yet enthusiastic and the slime design is so simplistic yet expressive that it's impossible to dislike him, even if the plot isn't especially gripping most of the time. It's a series better off not taken too seriously, which is basically how our protagonist sees his new life.
            05. Sword Art Online: Alicization (B+) So I wanted to say I wouldn't watch any more SAO after II, and I definitely won't be buying this. But for whatever reason, I checked out the hour-long premiere, and it's too good not to give another chance! I swear I'm not giving it a cent or any more of my time than it takes to watch it once, though. This season is doing something very different than any of the prior arcs, and is approaching these ambitious new prospects with a level of discretion and maturity we're not used to. It's still early, though, so I am fully prepared for it to all fall apart and devolve into the same trashy pandering that it so often becomes, especially with this arc set to run for an entire year. As long as it's avoiding those traps and delivering quality content, though, I'm on board. It's especially helpful that the entire supporting cast is absent from the story Kirito has found himself in. It would be nice if that lasted the whole time, but it seems unlikely.
            06. Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara (B-) I see the average P.A. Works original like some people have seen the average KyoAni series: beautiful but vapid. That's more or less the vibe I'm getting here, but I do think I can grow attached enough to the characters that I'll feel more invested if it plays its cards right. The element of magic has some definite promise, but only if it can be used inventively enough. I am intrigued by the initial premise, but it's presented so abruptly at the very beginning of the series that I didn't really get the chance to process what it meant. I suppose the idea is to reveal that over the course of the series. As for the visuals, they're certainly stunning, especially with the cinematographic effects that set P.A. Works apart more than their most iconic aesthetics. Strip those away and the artwork and animation wouldn't hold up to other strong productions, let alone a KyoAni, but they definitely have that component down pat. The use of monochromatic styling to tie the storytelling and character empathy into the visual presentation is the one aspect that makes it more than just the usual P.A. Works churn.
            07. Goblin Slayer (B-) It's easy to attack a show that spends most of its premiere depicting grotesque goblins viciously raping innocent girls to death, but I can accept its shock value as long as it's not the only trick up its sleeve. So far they haven't gone back to anything similar to that territory, so I think it has a little more to offer, which I appreciate. Granted, it's still a largely cookie-cutter fantasy adventure, and one of several series at this point that doesn't actually give the characters names, but at least it's not isekai! I'm always happy to explore a new fantasy world that simply exists on its own, and the gratuity of the first episode does serve to give the viewer the visceral reaction intended to understand the characters' motivations. Akame ga Kill! wasn't a great series, but at least it was a solid White Fox production without any censorship for even the most grisly material, and this seems to be following in that vein.
            08. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (B-) Production I.G sports series have a very distinctive look, and also tend to come with a Hayashi score at this point, which I'm always up for (and this one continues another trend from Ballroom with its Unison Square Garden OP, which is also very welcome). This one is different than the norm in several ways: it's based on a novel rather than a shounen manga series, it features an adult cast, and the characters don't exist purely for the sport in question. I don't love all of the characters, and the first episode cramming all of them at us right off the bat didn't do it any favors, but once we have some time to get to know them, they turn out to be a pretty fun bunch, especially the deuteragonist that cons the rest of the cast into running in the central race. I hope to warm up to more of them as the series progresses, and start to really feel engaged in their lives and drama, particularly the brooding protagonist and the group's journey to their ultimate goal. I do tend to like stories about boarding houses or dorms full of idiosyncratic individuals playing off of each other, such as Sakurasou (speaking of that), Kawaisou, and Maison Ikkoku, so that probably pushed it over the edge.
            09. Yagate Kimi ni Naru (B-) I want to love this series so I can have a great yuri series to point to that's more explicit than the likes of MariMite while not being explicit in the sexual sense. On paper it seems like a contender: the girls absolutely express romantic feelings, it's treated as legitimate rather than fetishistic, and there's no sign of assault or dubious consent. However, I haven't found myself able to connect with the characters yet, or feel their connection with each other for that matter. The idea that they could fall in love was too quick to feel natural, coming across as a contrivance to set up that kind of story instead of gradually developing. Even if it doesn't seem like it's going to be what I wanted it to be, though, it still has enough going for it to be worth continuing for now, and hopefully some of the high recommendations for it pan out as it goes on. Also, while the animation is technically very competent, I find the art, mainly the character art, rather hideous for whatever reason.


            10. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet (C+) (3 episodes) If I think about what this show is, it sounds so stupid that I really should like it a lot less. It's about a boarding school with students divided into factions of "black dogs" and "white cats" that constantly fighting each other and represent the Montagues and Capulets of Romeo and Juliet, respectively. Obviously you know what that means for the protagonists, though I'm skeptical about whether they'll die in the end. Too soon? I'll try to watch my sixteenth century spoilers in the future. At any rate, that certainly sounds silly enough that I shouldn't have had to think about dropping it, but I guess I just found the protagonists somewhat endearing in their struggles and cute little awkward trysts. Apparently that wasn't quite enough to keep it, though.
            11. Zombieland Saga (C+) (4 episodes) If we could just extract Miyano's character from this series and have him around to use wherever appropriate, that would be great. This series isn't weak enough to say that his character is wasted on it, but it's such a perfect distillation of what makes Miyano unlike any other seiyuu that it was hard to let it go. But while the other aspects of the show can be entertaining and amusing at times, I find myself more and more bored as it starts to fall back on more idol tropes and not use its zombie gag as effectively as it could. It's a pretty strong production most of the time, but when it settles for CG dancing, it starts to hurt, especially since it's even worse at syncing the lip movements than some other idol shows with CG performances. I don't hate the show by any means, but let it be known that it's a solid C elevated almost to a B- by a single seiyuu performance and a character almost certainly written explicitly as a vehicle for that performance.
            12. Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! (C+) (3 episodes) This is one that can either sound sweet or creepy depending on how you portray it. On one hand, it does attempt to tell the story of a young girl whose mother has died (it's anime; go figure) and a surrogate mother coming into her life to recreate that bond. On the other hand, that surrogate mother is a lolicon, and that's really all that needs to be said to know how that goes. So yeah, it seems like another one that wouldn't have much of a chance, but it actually has some pretty funny comedy when the adult lead isn't being a full-on pedophile, and once or twice an episode it does feel sincere and sweet. But that other element is always around the corner, so to speak, and it's hard to be able to fully get behind it for that reason. The ED is a ton of fun, by the way. I might've found its animation more charming than the series proper.
            13. Hinomaruzumou (C+) (3 episodes) One of these days there will be a new Gonzo show that I love, but today is not that day. Even for a Jump series, sumo seems like a hard sell as a sports manga or anime. After all, there's a distinct disconnect between the physique of a professional sumo wrestler and the animated high school boys that sell merchandise to fund these projects. This finds itself somewhere in between the two, with supporting characters representing both the rotundness of the former and the attractiveness of the latter, while the protagonist is the definition of "stocky" and would seem more at home in a standard fighting manga from a few decades ago. Despite extolling the aspects that set sumo apart from other martial arts, it seems to ultimately operate no differently than a typical brawler, and the lack of anything new or captivating combines with the somewhat rough drawing style to keep it from landing the hook that Jump series aspire for.
            14. Karakuri Circus (C+) (3 episodes) It is instantly obvious that this is from the same people as Ushio to Tora (TV). Almost every effort is made to match that style as closely as possible, adapting another manga by the same mangaka with him co-writing the anime with the same person under the same director at the same studio (well, one of them; the lack of MAPPA is the biggest difference here), even going as far as to cast some of the same lead seiyuu, most notably the young protagonist's gruff companion matching Koyama's portrayal of Tora exactly. That's all well and good, but while some of the themes are consistent, it's hard to treat a story about using circus puppets as deadly weapons with the same level of seriousness. There are a number of things like this that make me roll my eyes just enough to take me out of the admittedly effective character drama. With Studio VOLN flying solo for the first time on a TV series, it looks better than I would expect, but still not as solid as when MAPPA was taking charge, especially when it comes to CG puppet work. The music is fairly fantastic throughout, though; not only is this another of Hayashi's THREE new series this season, the OP is from Bump of Chicken and the ED is arranged by TeddyLoid, which are both very welcome.
            15. Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (C+) (1 episode) There aren't many KyoAni series that I've dropped, but while it obviously looks very nice, that's really all it has going for it. Another sports series adapted from a novel, as unlikely as it is to have two of those in a season, this operates somewhere in the vein of Free! without the tongue-in-cheek camp that made that fun. The boys and their introductions all feel a little too rote and tepid to give any indication that it's worth watching their little archery melodrama unfold. And as KyoAni has started to surpass their own standards, something like this merely seems par for the course, rather than breathtaking in the way KyoAni shows like Violet Evergarden are. That doesn't mean it's not still prettier than most of its contemporaries, but that's not enough to instill that wow factor at this point.

            As recently as a week ago, #8-14 on this list were all above the drop line and nearly all tied, and Tsurune joined them at almost the same spot shortly thereafter. This was worrying primarily because it would've meant I'd have 11 shows between Friday and Saturday, the six on Friday night being especially alarming. But even if they were more evenly distributed throughout the week, I don't love the idea of half of my schedule being taken up by barely-passable content. So I'm glad that all but two of those series gave me weak enough episodes to make up my mind, while the other two had strong enough episodes to make their positions on the higher side of the line much more concrete. It still looks like one of the weakest seasons in a long time, but if all the sequels were removed from every season, it would probably be a lot more in line with the norm. A surprisingly strong JoJo is joined by a couple of other sequels, but the more interesting contenders are Bunny Girl Senpai and Slime, as they have a lot more potential to turn the season around than the sequels that offer some new twists but are largely predictable in their approximate trajectory.

            Everything I'm Watching:

            01. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze (A-)
            02. One Piece (A-)
            03. Detective Conan (B+)
            04. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai (B+)
            05. Fairy Tail: Final Series (B+)
            06. Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken (B+)
            07. Sword Art Online: Alicization (B+)
            08. Banana Fish (B)
            09. Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara (B-)
            10. Goblin Slayer (B-)
            11. Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (B-)
            12. Yagate Kimi ni Naru (B-)


            13. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet (C+) (3 episodes)
            14. Zombieland Saga (C+) (4 episodes)
            15. Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! (C+) (3 episodes)
            16. Hinomaruzumou (C+) (3 episodes)
            17. Karakuri Circus (C+) (3 episodes)
            18. Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu (C+) (1 episode)

            Weekly Schedule:

            Sunday (0):
            Monday (1): Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
            Tuesday (1): Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
            Wednesday (1): Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
            Thursday (1): Banana Fish
            Friday (3): JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze, Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara, Yagate Kimi ni Naru
            Saturday (5): One Piece, Detective Conan, Fairy Tail: Final Series, Sword Art Online: Alicization, Goblin Slayer

            It seemed like I was going to end up with a lot on my plate, but after six series made their way under the drop line just in time and I remembered that everything ended last season except the two eternal series and one exception, I'm left with a remarkably sparse lineup. Looking at the schedule, it's even more ridiculous, as I have virtually nothing for five days straight every week. Again and again, I have to be thankful that JoJo is so much better than I expected, and I have to hope that that keeps up, because otherwise I'd be left with no Top Anime contenders other than the omnipresent One Piece for the first time in... eight years? We'll see how that goes.
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              Fall 2018: First Impressions

              Now that I have checked out everything, time for my usual first impressions. Seeing that premiere dates this season are all over the place, some of my impressions might be influenced by what I watched recently, but for now I'm going to try and keep it based on my feelings after the first two episodes.

              As usual, the shows are tiered based on where they stand in regards to my watchlist: Red Zone means it's locked or pretty darn closed to being locked, Own 20 means I have pretty much written the show off and unless the unthinkable happens it's not going to make the watchlist for those shows I haven't dropped, and Midfield means it's up in the air, and its place may boil down to whether or not I have room for them. The shows are organized in alphabetical order, first with the continuing shows, then sequels, then all new shows of regular length, and then the shorts.

              Red Zone
              Banana Fish - Continuing from summer
              Golden Kamuy - Continuing from spring
              Tokyo Ghoul:re - Continuing from spring
              A Certain Magical Index III - This show continues to do what the Index series has been all about, though it continues to be very formulaic. That said, this show doesn't skip a beat after a long layoff.
              Fairy Tail Final Season - This show had a long layoff, and it means the rest of the manga can get adapted the right way, and so far it's doing just that.
              Sword Art Online: Alicization - This season has a much different feel from the first two, and while it isn't as impactful so far as the first half of the first season, there's none of the cringeworthy stuff that had plagued this show since the ALO arc so far.
              Double Decker! Doug and Kirill - While not as great as Tiger and Bunny (then again very few shows are), it is entertaining and full of action and backstories. The show's storytelling hasn't been the best, but the action and other stuff has been done nicely.
              Goblin Slayer - It's all about the story as this is quite intense and nicely done. It is not afraid to go above and beyond the realm of what's disturbing and it does so with a purpose.
              Iroduku: The World in Colors - While P.A. Works can be hit or miss, so far it's shaping up to be the former as it has a nice story shaping up. Of course, it's all about the animation as this studio pays great attention to detail when it comes to colors, which is a prominent theme in this show.
              Karakuri Circus - This show does a great job with the action and drama, and while the story isn't up to snuff just yet, it should step up its game seeing that it gets three cours to work with.
              Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai - This show has one of the best stories of the season so far as it has been all about character development, and well-done at that. The characters are great, there's so much supernatural intrigue, and there's never a dull moment.
              That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - This show has everything going for it from great characters to solid humor and a well-constructed story. While isekai shows usually involved a MC that's OP, this show does a great job in making sure it doesn't dominate the story that other shows tend to make the big mistake of doing.
              Jingai-san no Yome - Not much substance in this show, but it has interesting characters and creatures to make it something I can handle with its short length.

              As Miss Beelzebub Likes - This show is all about fluff, in more than one way as this show is full of cute moments and amusing stuff. It's lacking in story while the animation is certainly noteworthy, but it makes for a fun show if nothing else.
              Bloom Into You - This is simply beautiful and a well-constructed romantic drama. The story is dragging so far, but it does so while building character.
              Boarding School Juliet - While this show throws a lot of the typical harem tropes, it does so making the characters likable and the comedy enjoyable. But above all, it takes the whole Romeo and Juliet premise and turn it into an entertaining show with a solid story and great comedy.
              Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood - This show is cute and it has amusing moments. Not much happens in this show, but it makes for a heartwarming slice of life.
              Release the Spyce - This show has cute girls and solid cation. It's a fun show, but at the same time it's a show that fails to stand out aside from its gimmick of little girls being spies.
              RErideD - This show has a really intriguing mystery going on. That said, this show has problems with the way info dumping is handled as there's a lot going on that isn't easy to understand, all while the story has a hard time flowing.
              Run with the Wind - Things start out slow out of the gate as it tries to do too much, but it does so in building an intriguing story. IG is known for doing a great job in their sports anime, and this is shaping up to be another one of them.
              SSSS.Gridman - Trigger is at it again as they are known for doing a lot of nonsensical things. It happens again in this show as it's keeping me in the dark about the overall story all while proving some great action. While the technical aspects are great, the story is simply hard to make sense of, all while the monster-of-the-week stuff is starting to get stale.
              Tsurune - This show's story is slow to develop, but KyoAni delivers again with the animation quality. That said, it feels too much like a carbon copy of Free! swapping swimming with archery.
              Uzamaid! - The good is that this show's comedy is amazing, certainly some of the best this season. On the flipside, some of it is in poor taste and repetitive. But even so, it still makes for some great laughs, all while some solid character development is happening.
              Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary - Being of Chinese origin, I wasn't expecting much out of this show. While the story is just totally lacking as I don't know what's going on, the characters are interesting and engaging, all while the animation is quite good for such a show.
              Zombie Land Saga - This show is all about being crazy, and so far it has delivered in that aspect. Not so much with the other stuff, but its main gimmick it does very well.
              Skull-faced Bookkeeper Honda-san - The show does a great job with the jokes, but it tends to get repetitive, and the animation is pretty ugly. That said, it's one of the better shorts in a season that's lacking them.
              Voice of Fox - This short has a pretty interesting premise and a decent story to go along with it. But of course, it's of Chinese origin, which is usually a bad thing and in this case it means ugly animation and a story that's too simplistic.

              Own 20
              Anima Yell! - The show is cute and it has some intriguing elements to it, but for the most part it's just for those who appreciate these kinds of shows, and doesn't really do anything to stand out.
              Bakumatsu - This is another one of those fujoshi shows that was created to advertise an otome game (without a female MC in this show), all while the plot just is a big head-scratcher. Definitely not my cup of tea with the way the show is presented.
              Between the Sky and Sea - While this show has a great concept and well-designed characters, it totally drops the ball with the story as it makes the big mistake of making the characters generic as hell with a MC whose reckless attitude is simply irritating.
              Conception - I knew that this show was going to be bad, and indeed it's so messed up as it does everything wrong from the premise to the story, the characters, and the animation.
              Dakaichi - This is another show made for the fujoshi fanbase, and it's quite an intense show. While it does a better job than most other shows of this kind, there's just nothing about this show that appeals to me. It doesn't help that it has such a weak story concept that other BL shows like Super Lovers and Hitorijime My Hero have.
              Gakuen Basara - This show is for those who are into the Sengoku Basara series, and seeing that I haven't seen anything from this series that there's no reason for me to put up with a show that was just boring and uninnovative to watch.
              The Girl in Twilight - While the whole otherworldly stuff has some interesting aspects to it, unfortunately it is plagued by unappealing characters and terrible animation quality.
              Hinomaru Sumo - This show has a pretty decent story building up. That said this show just failed to capture my interest as I wasn't a big fan of the concept of high school sumo wrestling.
              Merc Storia - It's another anime intended to advertise, and it's simply too boring to watch.
              My Sister, My Writer - Usually, when there's a title with imouto in it chances are it's going to be trash. Everything about this show is wrong, and while the concept was an interesting one I can bet behind, it's bogged down by execution as there's so much cringeworthy content. But above all, the lazy animation makes this show an absolute mess.
              Operation Hangyakusei: Million Arthur - The show has great characters and amusing antics, but overall it's mostly designed to advertise a smartphone game from the first episode. But while it figures to be something I will enjoy, the fact it's here has more to do with the fact that it's not streaming anywhere at the moment.
              Radiant - This show might have had a chance to be good if it had followed the source material, but sadly it doesn't. The story is just boring, the characters are unappealing, and there are much better fantasy shows this season.
              Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemic Knight - This show has just been rushed all while it makes a lot of jokes and stuff that feels out-of-place. A decent concept this show has, but the execution is another matter entirely as it has been bad in that regard.
              Himote House - Contentwise, the show has some amusing moments. However, the animation is just so bad that it's too unbearable to watch as this is by the same studio that did Naria Girls, which has some of the worst animation in all of anime.
              The [email protected] Side M Mini - It's pretty much like Cinderella Girls Theater, but this is nowhere near as engaging or amusing as that. Not being into the Side M portion of the franchise makes it not worthwhile for me to watch.

              So by my count in regards to standard-length shows, that's 12 (plus a short) in the first tier and 12 (plus two half-length shorts) in the middle tier. Seeing that I set the limit of 20 with up to two more that it means 2-4 shows are out from the middle tier. But given how packed this season is, I'll probably be going with the full 22.
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                Post-Simulcast Report: October 16-31

                Time for another post-simulcast report as it's now November, and that means the second of six of these bi-monthly reports. I watched quite a lot of stuff here seeing that I wanted to get in some Halloween-themed stuff in this time around.


                Orenchi no Furo Jijo (1-12): C+
                For a short, there is some solid humor to be had. The humor is nice, the characters are interesting, and the concept is pretty solid that works for a short. That said, this short suffers from the usual problems from poor animation quality, a lackluster story, and the tendency to get repetitive with the only thing different being the introduction of new characters.

                Hetalia: The Beautiful World (11-20): B
                While not as funny as the previous Hetalia series, this season of Hetalia continues to be funny and crazy. It still remains one of the better shorts as it does a great job in making sure that all of the characters get their chance to shine, and not just the main characters as indicated by the season title. In all, it continues to adhere to the show's core strengths.

                *Angels of Death: C+

                ^Seraph of the End (13-24): B+
                This show starts off presenting itself as a carbon copy of Attack on Titan, but it's a show that does an excellent job with character development, and doing so in a way that's so unpredictable that it's intriguing. Not to mention, the drama and misdirections that happen in the second cour leads to some really great storytelling. This show also has strong action to go along with everything. That said, this show is hindered by slow pacing inconsistent storytelling quality (most of the problems coming in the second half of the first cour) to keep it out of elite company.

                The Testament of Sister New Devil (1-12, OVA 1): C
                This show stumbled out of the gates pretty badly with the erotic themes, the generic setup, and subpar animation going to show that this show is not for everybody. That said, this show gets better as a meaningful story is established and characters get pretty good development in spite of its fanservicey gimmick. That said, this show overdid it with the erotic scenes that had me testing my patience, and they were just happening too frequently that it drags down the overall quality of the story.

                ^Attack on Titan season 2 (1-12): A+
                While a bit of a dropoff in storytelling from the first season, this one does an excellent job in maintaining the high level of intensity, action, and drama that makes this show so amazing. There just was never a dull moment to be found in this show, and while it chose a rather awkward point to stop this season, it does a great job in setting the stage up for big things to go down in season 3.

                Ghost Hunt (1-25): B-
                This show does a great job with the drama and mystery aspect as the cases are pretty interesting and so full of intrigue. While the storytelling is good, the biggest problem with this show is the characters as they are pretty shallow and they don't really get a lot of meaningful development through the course of the series.


                [ACF] Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (1-4)
                [DBZ-S] Dragon Ball Super (45-46)
                [FCB-4] Future Card Buddyfight X (41-43)
                [JBA-DU] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (1-4)
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                  Fall 2018 Simulcast Rankings: October

                  Now that the new season is a month old, time for me to make my monthly simulcast rankings list. Now that it is fall, the tier names now switch to football terminology, so that means "Seeya!" for Home run, Base Hit, Walk, Flyout, and Strikeout, and in come Touchdown, Field Goal, First Down, Punt, and Fumble. As this is the first ranking of the season, all shows are included in the rankings and only those that made the watchlist will be part of the leader board moving forward. As always, the rankings reflect only the episodes that air this season, hence the show's final grade may not be reflective of its position on this list. Once again, I color code the shows to indicate its status on my watchlist:

                  Black indicates show has locked in its spot
                  Red indicates show has been dropped for the season
                  Blue indicates that I'm still deciding on it.

                  Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
                  Fairy Tail Final Series
                  That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime

                  Field Goal
                  Banana Fish
                  Iroduku: The World in Colors
                  Golden Kamuy 2
                  Sword Art Online: Alicization
                  Karakuri Circus
                  Run With the Wind
                  Goblin Slayer
                  A Certain Magical Index III
                  Bloom Into You
                  Boarding School Juliet

                  First Down
                  Double Decker! Doug and Kirill
                  Zombieland Saga
                  As Miss Beelzebub Likes It
                  Dakaichi: I'm Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year
                  Hinomaru Sumo

                  Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood
                  Release the Spyce
                  Operation Hangyakusei Million Arthur
                  Skull-faced Bookkeeper Honda-san
                  Voice of Fox

                  Tokyo Ghoul:re
                  Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary
                  Anima Yell!
                  Jingai-san no Yome
                  Merc Storia
                  The [email protected]: Side M Wakeatte Mini
                  Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight
                  The Girl in Twilight
                  Between the Sky and Sea

                  Himote House
                  Gakuen Basara
                  My Sister, My Writer

                  This is shaping up to be quite a solid season, a far cry from the summer season that was just full of duds (at least among the stuff we could watch as Netflix took some of the best shows for themselves). However, while there are more good shows than last, this season is lacking in top-shelf material (though it only seems that way as I haven't caught up on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to watch Golden Wind). In any case, there are so many good shows that have something to offer for me making it tough to fit it all in. And in case you are wondering why Tokyo Ghoul:re is in the Punt tier, this season has simply been poorly adapted as it's overdoing it with the action at the cost of telling a meaningful and clear story, which is great in the manga, but the anime has failed miserably to capture that, at least in this season.
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                    Fall 2018: Finalized Watchlist

                    So after thinking about it a bit and going into overtime to figure out what I'm going to watch this season, I'm ready to finalize my watchlist for the season, and it was quite a difficult process for this season as there were just so many great shows this season. It's lacking in the top shelf department, but there are plenty of enjoyable stuff. With this list, the first list is roughly in the order it locked into my watchlist, while the second list is in order of when I dropped the show with the final drops listed at the top.

                    • Banana Fish (continuing)
                    • Golden Kamuy (continuing from spring)
                    • Tokyo Ghoul:re (continuing from spring)
                    • Sword Art Online: Alicization
                    • A Certain Magical Index III (simuldub)
                    • Fairy Tail Final Season (simuldub)
                    • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
                    • Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
                    • Iroduku: The World in Colors
                    • Goblin Slayer
                    • Double Decker! Doug and Kirill
                    • RErideD
                    • Bloom Into You
                    • Karakuri Circus
                    • Uzamaid!
                    • Boarding School Juliet
                    • Run With the Wind
                    • SSSS.Gridman
                    • As Miss Beelzebub Likes It
                    • Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood
                    • Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary
                    • Zombie Land Saga
                    • Jingai-san no Yome (short)
                    • Skull-faced Bookkeeper Honda-san (short)
                    • Tsurune
                    • Operation Hangyakusei Million Arthur
                    • Release the Spyce
                    • Anima Yell!
                    • Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight
                    • Between the Sky and Sea
                    • Merc Storia
                    • My Sister, My Writer
                    • The Girl in Twilight
                    • Hinomaru Sumo
                    • Radiant
                    • Dakaichi: I'm Being Harassed by the Sexiest Man of the Year
                    • Gakuen Basara
                    • Conception
                    • Bakumatsu
                    • Voice of Fox (short)
                    • Himote House (short)
                    • The [email protected]: Side M Wakke Mini! (short)

                    I'll explain how I came up with my list some other time as usual, but in putting the finishing touches, it was basically down to Ms. Vampire, Xuan Yuan Sword, Zombie Land Saga, and Tsurune with one of these four being the final cut, and in the end I opted to put Tsurune on hold largely because I'm having a hard time keeping track of the characters that makes it more worthwhile as a marathon than a weekly watch. Million Arthur would have also been in the mix had it gotten a streaming deal somewhere, which for some reason hasn't happened yet.

                    So breaking down the week:

                    Sunday (2/1): Double Decker, Honda-san
                    Monday (3): Slime, Golden Kamuy, Xuan Yuan Sword, Fairy Tail (simuldub)
                    Tuesday (3/2): Tokyo Ghoul:re, Jingai-san no Yome, Run with the Wind
                    Wednesday (3): RErideD, Bunny Girl Senpai, Miss Beelzebub, Index III (simuldub)
                    Thursday (3): Karakuri Circus, Zombie Land Saga, Banana Fish
                    Friday (6): Ms. Vampire, Bloom Into You, UzaMaid, Juliet, Iroduku, *Index III
                    Saturday (4): Goblin Slayer, SAO Alicization, SSSS.Gridman, *Fairy Tail

                    It's a fairly balanced week except that Fridays are heavy and Sundays are light. That said, Index III and Fairy Tail, I will be watching on the simuldub schedule for those two shows as I previously had watched those shows dubbed, but I'm going to wait until the first arc end for their respective shows before switching (it has already happened with Index, while Fairy Tail there should be one or two more episodes before the Avatar arc wraps up). Once again, I will explain everything in a separate post.
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                      Post-Simulcast Report: November 1-15

                      It's the second half of November, so now that means I list, summarize, review, and evaluate what I watched these past 15 days.


                      The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst (5-10, OVA): C+
                      While the first season had so much unsettling stuff, this season is much more focused leading to a better overall story. While the story concept and plot are better, the progression is a step down from the first season as there was a lot more fanservice and erotic stuff and with this season, a good amount of it felt forcefully implemented whereas at least it was meaningful in the first season. Other than that, it is on equal footing with the first season, more or less.

                      ^Aria the Animation (1-13): A-
                      This show focuses on being laid-back and it does a nice job establishing itself. The characters are nicely developed within the frame of this season all while the adventures are pretty amusing. While the story was strong, it does have some shortcomings that make it a chore to watch for those who aren't accustomed to Kozue Amano's style as the story moves really slowly, and the animation is not exactly top-notch. But it does a great job settling the foundation all while the characters are great. And this show gets much better in the second half of this season.

                      ^Magical Girl Raising Project (1-12): C+
                      This is a show that makes its mark through the drama as that is nicely done for an entertaining show to watch. The animation is solid and the action is nicely done. However, the story was not really executed well as the lack of cohesion and the approach were just off making it feel like several things are going on and the lack of focus on the big picture just made things not click the way it could have been.


                      [ACF] Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (5-7)
                      [HXH] Hunter x Hunter (114-118)
                      [JBA-DU] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (5-12)
                      ^[MHA-2] My Hero Academia season 2 (14-33)
                      [NAR-S] Naruto Shippuden (223-225)
                      [RFL] The Reflection (1-4)
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                        Fall 2018: Explaining My Finalized Watchlist

                        Time for me to explain my choices as it was quite an exhaustive process with this season being deeper than usual. Not many heavy hitters, but plenty of very good and at least entertaining shows for me to choose from this season. As such, I set the usual limit of 20 simulcasts, but I went two over as I permit myself to do every season, all while the extreme differences in premiere dates made things quite difficult for me to figure out. Anyway, onto my explanations and as always, I bold shows at the point they enter the watchlist.

                        First off are the continuing shows and sequels that are automatically in. Banana Fish is continuing from the summer, while Golden Kamuy and Tokyo Ghoul:re are continuing from the spring after taking the summer off. Sword Art Online: Alicization, A Certain Magical Index III, and Fairy Tail are sequels, and while those shows are locked in, I decided to go to the simuldub schedule for Index and Fairy Tail since I had watched those previous seasons in English. But I would do so after the first arcs of those shows so that I can get re-acclimated to the show, and then start over. So that locks in six shows right off the bat.

                        Next are shows that didn't take long to lock in their place on my watchlist. Double Decker!, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Iroduku: The World in Colors, and Goblin Slayer all impressed me off the bat and it didn't take long for me to lock them into my watchlist for the season. And then the shows that took awhile for me to be convinced but ultimately were not in any serious danger of being dropped are Run With the Wind, Karakuri Circus, Bloom Into You, Uzamaid, Boarding School Juliet, and SSSS.Gridman. And with me having to make a quick decision on RErideD that I decided that since I was already on extended trial period before some of these started that I decided to continue on with it since I was planning to watch a couple of shows on the simuldub schedule. So five more secured their spots pretty much from the start, and then seven more were locked in, but took awhile to convince me, for a total of 18 shows.

                        That left me with only two more spots, but up to four should I decided to use my two show excess. Before I get to the rest of the field, I can cross off these shows as they weren't anything good or interesting, while there are a number of shows I won't mention because I didn't check them out. These are Anima Yell, Million Arthur (which is mostly because it's not streaming anywhere), Girl in the Twilight, Bakumatsu, Conception, Dakaichi, Gakuen Basara, Hinomaru Sumo, Merc Storia, My Sister My Writer, Radiant, Between the Sea and Sky, and Ulysses, and while some of them lasted through the trial period, it was pretty clear that all of them were on the outside looking in. So after crossing out those shows, that left me with a decision to choose 2-4 more between Tsurune, Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary, As Miss Beelzebub Likes It, Zombie Land Saga, Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood, and Release the Spyce, meaning two more are dropped at the bare minimum. Zombie Land Saga improved by leaps and bounds by the time I got through the extended trial period, while Miss Beelzebub kept getting more and more enjoyable to watch. And then I decided to go with Xuan Yuan Sword and Ms. Vampire as the latter had interesting characters and this would add lots of diversity to my viewing slate seeing that this is better than most stuff that originates from China, while Ms. Vampire gave me the satisfaction that comes from a cute girls doing cute things show the best. Release the Spyce, while fun just didn't win me over, while I was having a hard time following Tsurune, and with this show getting simuldubbed that I decided to just marathon it when the dubcast is finished.

                        Lastly, the shorts as after the summer had a great shorts lineup, this season, not so much. The only under 5 short I was really into is Jingai-san no Yome, so that stuck. Then there are three half-length shows under consideration between Honda-san, Himote House, and Voice of Fox. Himote House was written off because of the awful animation that it became too much of a distraction. It was a tough call between Honda-san and Voice of Fox, but I went with Honda-san as the humor is simply amazing, all while I learn quite a lot about bookstores in watching this.
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                          Fall 2018 Simulcast Rankings: November

                          The fall season is 2/3 through, which means it's time for another simulcast rankings board. As usual, only shows that are part of the season watchlist take part at this juncture, all while I list three shows that improved and three that are not doing so well compared to a month ago.

                          Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
                          That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime
                          Fairy Tail Final Series

                          Field Goal
                          Banana Fish
                          Run With the Wind
                          Iroduku: The World in Colors
                          Golden Kamuy 2
                          Sword Art Online: Alicization
                          Karakuri Circus
                          Zombie Land Saga (Promoted)
                          A Certain Magical Index III
                          Bloom Into You
                          Goblin Slayer
                          SSSS.Gridman (Promoted)
                          Boarding School Juliet

                          First Down
                          Uzamaid! (Demoted)
                          Double Decker! Doug and Kirill
                          As Miss Beelzebub Likes It
                          Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood
                          Skull-faced Bookkeeper Honda-san

                          Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary
                          Tokyo Ghoul:re

                          Jingai-san no Yome (demoted)

                          The top tier remains largely unchanged, but the second tier is getting even more crowded as a couple of shows that didn't start out well have since improved greatly. This season is lacking in the heavy hitters, but more than makes up for that with a much larger quantity of shows in the second tier down.


                          Zombie Land Saga - This show has improved quite a lot now that it's starting to get to the characters, something that should have been done a lot sooner. That said, all the episodes that explain how each of the girls died are beautifully done as it makes for some great character development. The beginning felt way too gimmicky and with no clear vision, but things have since improved.

                          SSSS.Gridman - After a slow start with a bland and repetitive story, this show has shifted gears in explaining what the heck is going on, and that has just been an amazing development. This show has me invested in the characters a whole lot more than in the beginning where this show was just trying to be another one of those monster-of-the-week shows that made for quite an underwhelming beginning.

                          Run With the Wind - This show didn't start out the best out of the gates with a couple of slow episodes, but this show has made a great impression over the past few episodes as it's all about building chemistry, and that it does with gusto.


                          RErideD - After an interesting premise was established at the beginning, the story has just been a rush job. It moved way too slow at the beginning, and in order to fit everything into one cour it had to rush things at the end leading to a story full of underdeveloped characters and seams in the storyline.

                          Jingai-san no Yome - This is just another one of those shorts. I was hopeful for some decent developments, but that clearly isn't happening, all while the substance just keeps on going down.

                          Uzamaid! - The show had started off strong, but the comedy is starting to taper off. While the character expansion is nicely done, at the same time I felt that the it's trying to fit a square peg in a circular hole in introducing characters and establishing connections. Still, the comedy carries this show, but the other aspects need to step up with it.
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                            Post-Simulcast Report: November 16-30

                            Before I lose my history on MAL, I was able to retrieve it and thus, brings me to my next post-simulcast report that covers the latter half of November. I need to do this before I move onto the next post-simulcast report that is coming up soon. As a reminder, no reviews are given to OVAs associated with TV series, but they will get grades, as well as simulcasts (indicated with an asterisk) as those reviews are coming in a culmination post. Speaking of which, I need to go back and do ones from the summer season, which is mostly a simple copy and paste job, but I forgot seeing that one show ended a month later than everything else, and it slipped out of my mind.


                            ^My Hero Academia season 2 (34-38): A+
                            This season is an improvement over the first season, which is saying quite a lot seeing that the first season is awesome in it of itself. The biggest problem with the first season is the slow start as it took a long time to set up the story and meet the majority of the cast. With the story fully established coming in that the show can get into the great stuff right off the bat. The sports festival arc is as perfect as it could have possibly been as the action is great, but above all it does an excellent job in telling the backstories of all the critical characters. Then the other arcs are a result of applying what was built up in the sports festival arc and utilizing it nicely to make for one of the best shows out there. With that, I look forward to season 3 with all the built up chemistry. It definitely is a masterpiece and a show that everybody must watch.

                            No Game, No Life Zero (movie): A-
                            While this movie pretty much is background information, it's nicely done to explain how the world came to be. It has great animation, interesting characters, nice development and plot progression to make it a worthy prequel to the main show. Just about the only gripe I have with this movie is the plot progression as I felt that it didn't exactly do the best job in tying things together, but the overall impact is tremendous.

                            The Reflection (5-12): D
                            This show simply feels unfit to be an anime as it feels more like reading a comic book than watching an anime show. While I understand that it's a tribute to Stan Lee's legendary career as a comic book artist, that's just about the only thing this show has to offer as the story is absolutely a joke, the visuals are just too tough on the eyes with the animation style, and the way the show ends just simplifies how much of a train wreck this show is. That said, this show has some redeeming qualities as the dub is excellent (and in particular, I like the decision to keep the original voices for the 9nine girls), the soundtrack is amazing, and the show has some solid storytelling when the focus is on the villains. But in all, this show simply fails in a lot of ways, and completely if Stan Lee is taken out of the equation.

                            *RErideD: C

                            Accel World EX (1-2): B

                            ^Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (1-12): B-
                            This is a satisfying side story that will please SAO fans as it gets all the entertainment aspects down with great characters, nice animation, incredible action, and decent character development. Above all, most of the aspects that dogged SAO after the first half of the first season are largely absent. Unfortunately, the show is far from polished when it comes to the more critical aspects of the show as the story was just silly in structure and doesn't add up to anything substantial, all while this show feels like it was catered more towards fans of the franchise. In all, it was an entertaining show to watch and definitely worthwhile for fans of the franchise even if it is somewhat lacking in substance.


                            [ACF] Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (8-10)
                            [DBZ-S] Dragon Ball Super (47-61)
                            [FCB-4] Future Card Buddyfight X (44-47)
                            ^[REZ] Re:Zero (1-12)
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                              Post-Simulcast Report: December 1-15

                              Here's my second-to-last post-simulcast report of 2018.


                              Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (11-12): C
                              This show does the typical cute girls doing cute things stuff, and on that end it gets the job done. There is nothing that really stands out about this show, but for the audience this show is designed for, it does a solid job. The drama is decent, the characters are interesting, and the stage play was nicely done, but in the overall scheme of things, this show is just full of recycled ideas.

                              Hero Mask (1-15): C
                              To sum things up about this show, it started off slow, hit its stride towards the middle, and then totally dropping the ball with the ending. The show does a nice job with the mystery, drama, animation, action, and character development. However, the execution of the story is just inconsistent as it ranges from good to excruciatingly sloppy, and it's the most evident towards the end when the two leads just disappear for the last two episodes, all while some of the burning questions were never addressed. That said, it was really entertaining when it was good, but unfortunately the show's storywriting just doesn't cut it.

                              Accel World: Infinite Burst (movie): C-
                              This movie starts off being a recap for the entire first half, while the second half is full of spoilers for those who only watched the TV series while not adding much to the story that it could have. Just about the only thing going for this movie are the characters as they all come back and show how great they are. The story was simply nonexistent even if it is non-canon. Pretty much, this movie goes to show that Sunrise didn't really care about this franchise anymore as they have been working only on Love Live! since sales are unlike anything seen in anime, which is the reason why it hasn't gotten its long overdue sequel. All Sunrise really did was animate an OVA and made it long enough for a movie with that recap portion.

                              ^Granblue Fantasy (1-13): C+
                              This show has some good things going for it with interesting characters, a great soundtrack, good adventure, and animation that fits the show's atmosphere. However, it is hindered by a poorly-written story as it was intended to advertise the game more than anything, all while the show mentions things that are supposed to be important and ends up being ignored. In all, certain elements of this show are good that make for a bunch of feel-good moments, but in the grand scheme of things the story goes to show that it's more about advertising the game than actually telling a meaningful story.

                              Fate/Extra Last Encore (11-13): C-
                              While this show had a decent concept, this show was just full of cringeworthy content. The show's story was simply way too confusing, the show is way too roundabout with its storytelling, the characters just lack the appeal that the other Fate shows have going for them, and thing just don't mesh very well. That said, this show has some well-done episodes, all while the Shaft animation does a nice job in emphasizing the mystery aspect of this show. But in the end, being too complex for its own good is what hurts this show that is clearly attempting to cash in on this megafranchise.

                              Future Card Buddyfight X (48-52): C
                              While this series is a huge improvement over DDD, but still falls well short of being as good as Hundred when this show was at its peak. The new characters in this series are better, while the whole Overdrive concept adds an interesting wrinkle to the story. That said, while Batzz is a huge improvement over Bal, he still can't replace Drum as the lead buddy, all while things were really slow to develop in this season leading to problematic pacing. But in the grand scheme of things, it fixes a lot of the problems DDD had, but just doesn't go far enough with the new battle mechanics.

                              Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel: I. Presage Flower (movie): A
                              This movie is the Fate franchise at its finest as all the things that made Unlimited Blade Works so great is made even better in this the first movie of the Heaven's Feel trilogy. It is designed to give Sakura more attention, and so far it is doing quite a nice job in that regard. I especially like the fact that it doesn't spend too much time setting things up that were already done in the other Fate/Stay Night series and getting straight to the heart of the matter. And the ending was quite a cliffhanger there to have me eagerly anticipate the next part.


                              [SIK-2] The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. season 2 (1-10)
                              [DBS] Dragon Ball Super (62-65)
                              [HCB] Hayate the Combat Butler! (1-18)
                              [MSG-IBO] Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans season 2 (26-32)
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