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    Post-Simulcast Report: September 16-30

    With a few shows finishing up late that I'm starting my end-of-the-season reviews with the final post-simulcast report as I can write about those now, whereas I have to wait until the season finishes to do the final leader board and simulcast reviews post, and with Angels of Death finishing a month after the season that it's going to be awhile before those happen. I guess I can do the leader board after everything but Angels of Death finishes up. Anyway, I'm listing all of my finished shows with grades, but no reviews for those shows in this post.

    * Indicates a season simulcast that I just finished
    ^ Indicates a show that is being rewatched


    ^Ranma 1/2 Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine: C
    While Ranma is a great series, the second movie was pretty lackluster. The story concept just didn't click and the movie lacked depth that the first movie has. It still is enjoyable for the action and the bizarreness that Ranma is known for, but it just didn't resonate as well as it could.

    *Dropkick On My Devil!: C

    *How Not to Summon a Demon Lord: B

    *100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams: C-

    *Seven Senses of the Re'Union: C+

    ^Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue: B

    This show can be summed up as a tale of two halfs as the first half was rather lackluster with weak storytelling and a plot that left plenty to be desired. But the second half this show improves by leaps and bounds as the character development is unbelievable, the FC action is great, and the ending is simply amazing. In all, it's a good sports show that would have been even better had it been animated by a more reputable studio as while Gonzo did an admirable job with the animation, they still show why they are a has-been studio.

    *Harukana Receive: C+

    *Akkun to Kanojo: My Sweet Tyrant: C+

    Children of the Whales: B-
    For the first nine episode, this show absolutely nailed it with great animation, an intriguing story, and great story development. However, the biggest issue is pacing as the beginning was slow, and it felt like the animators intended to have the main conflict end the story rather than be settled in episode nine. The las three episodes just feel rushed and incomplete as a new arc should not have started to end the series. So while aesthetically great, this show just had poor structure leading to a show that felt too unpolished for it to work.

    *Cinderella Girls Theater season 3: C+

    *Free! Dive to the Future: B+

    *Steins;Gate 0: A

    Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan: B+
    Mari Okada had been in a slump, but with this show she gets back to doing what she does best and combined with stellar animation from Bones, this makes for an entertaining show. It has a nice concept, some interesting characters, and a nice plot twist there at the end to make for a good show to watch. That said, this show has some serious issues with the story structure as some of the characters were left underdeveloped in the end all while the ending just left too many things unsettled.

    Flavors of Youth: B-
    This movie is all about appreciating life for what it is, and it does a solid job with storytelling and engaging the viewers with some troubles in life. While the first and third stories were strong, the second one felt really lacking. In all, it's another find job by Comix Wave as they continue to do what they do best with emphasizing all the nuances in life. It just felt underwhelming compared to what they usually put out.

    *Happy Sugar Life: B-

    *Grand Blue: B+

    *Ninja Girl and Samurai Master 3rd: C+

    Fate/Extra: Last Encore: C
    This show is just a storytelling mess as it's so hard to understand what is going on. Not to mention, this show just likes to be roundabout not really getting to the point when it is needed. In addition, the characters just lack the appeal that the other Fate series has going for them. That said, this show excels with the Shaft-style animation that sets the mood well, all while some of the episodes were nicely written like the ones involving Nursery Rhyme and Nero's previous master. But it's just too inconsistent leading to a highly flawed product.

    *My Hero Academia season 3: A+

    *Revue Starlight: B

    *Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: C+

    *Cells at Work!: A-

    ^Ranma 1/2 Movie 3: B
    This just feels like another typical Ranma 1/2 episode as the only thing different is the screen ratio. It's a pretty entertaining movie with several dramatic moments given its run length.

    ^Ranma 1/2 OVA (4-11): A-
    This is where Ranma is at its best as the OVAs are high-quality productions. The episodes are far more entertaining than a typical TV series episode, all while several crazy moments really stand out.

    *Hanebado!: C+


    [FCB-4] Future Card Buddyfight X (31-37)
    [HXH] Hunter x Hunter 2011 (109-111)
    [JUP] Last Hope (7-13)
    [NAR-S] Naruto Shippuden (215-222)
    [OPC] One Piece (569-574)
    [PKM-SM] Pokemon Sun and Moon (61-68)

    MyAnimeList | Avatar: Violet Evergarden of KyoAni's Violet Evergarden
    Watching: Kyo Kara Maoh, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Toonami Stuff
    Simulcasts: FTL, FRB, KYB, FGN, MIX, FIL
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      Summer 2018 Simulcast Rankings: July

      Now that I have finished watching everything this season with Angels of Death running late, it's time I do my final leader board for the summer 2018 season. Same drill as usual, and the

      Home Run
      Attack on Titan season 3
      My Hero Academia season 3
      Steins;Gate 0
      Cells at Work! (Promoted)

      Base Hit
      Banana Fish
      Grand Blue
      Overlord III
      Free! Dive to the Future
      Asobi Asobase
      Encouragement of Climb Third Season
      Revue Starlight
      How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

      Happy Sugar Life
      Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World
      Seven Senses of the Re'Union
      Harukana Receive
      My Sweet Tyrant
      Ninja Girl and Samurai Master 3rd
      Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
      Angels of Death

      Dropkick On My Devil!
      Cinderella Girls Theater season 3
      100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams

      One Room 2nd Season


      Cells at Work! - The final two episodes were simply amazing as the guys at DavidPro really made it stand out.

      Happy Sugar Life - The ending was nicely done as it did justice to everything that has happened when it looked like they could have gone the easy way out instead.

      Attack on Titan season 3 - This first half ended with quite a bang as big things went down that will shake everything.


      Steins;Gate 0 - The ending just felt incomplete. Everything had been perfect up until that point.

      Hanebado! - Ayano's character transformation was just depressing and cringeworthy to watch, and that's the result of bad writing down the stretch.

      Angels of Death - Simply put, the show has been plagued by slow pacing, and the special puts that on full display.
      MyAnimeList | Avatar: Violet Evergarden of KyoAni's Violet Evergarden
      Watching: Kyo Kara Maoh, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Toonami Stuff
      Simulcasts: FTL, FRB, KYB, FGN, MIX, FIL
      The only thing better than anime is sports. Get hit hard and you got JACKED UP! Or else it's a C'mon Man!


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        Summer 2018 Simulcast Reviews

        As I prepare to do my Fall 2018 simulcast reviews, I forgot to do them for the Summer 2018 season as I need to go back and do them in preparation for the my end-of-the-year simulcast rankings. As always, it's a copy-and-paste job for the most part with edits to remove potential spoilers from the review as they are allowed in the show's threads, but not so much here.


        ​​​​​Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World: B-
        This show was made mainly as an advertisement for food, all while pretty much taking the concept of Restaurant to Another World to do it. Where this show falters the most is that things just get repetitive where in some way, shape, or form, the episodes are the same just changing the characters and food items. That said, where this show excels are with the characters as they are not just one-offs, all while they get some pretty nice development despite the show's structure. And then the Nobu Plus segments really help make it clear that this show is all about the food. In any case, this show was a pleasure to watch in spite of these obvious faults.

        Dropkick On My Devil!: C
        This show does a great job with the comedy and characters as those things made the show worthwhile to watch. In all, it was fun, but not very substantial as this show is bogged down by two critical drawbacks. First of all, the animation quality is pretty iffy as the studio just doesn't have a good reputation, and the artwork of this show doesn't do anything to change it. And second of all, this show just gets uncreatively repetitive. The show isn't groundbreaking by any means, but it does just enough to keep me watching it.

        How Not to Summon a Demon Lord: B
        This show takes a concept that has been done over and over again leading to a show without much expectation for, but it ended up being a pleasant surprise. In particular, there;s the MC that isn't just a straight-up overpowered guy as it drew the line pretty well between the weak player and the overpowered avatar. And then there are the girls that have a lot more to offer than those from a typical harem. That said, this show still suffers from its reliance on cliches, all while the plot tends to get repetitive. Even so, it ended up being better than expected.

        100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams: C-
        This show is the standard otome game adaptation, which is not exactly a good thing. The story is just lacking and the animation quality is typical of this low-budget studio. Not to mention, it focused more on showcasing the pretty boys to the fujoshi fanbase than putting together a good story. But at the very least it was watchable as the lead is stronger than the typical otome game heroine, all while character development was decent making her more interesting than what boys in these kinds of shows usually are. It's pretty clear that there was a specific audience in mind when this show was made, and it does the job in catering to them. In the end, it's another generic otome game adaptation that at least does a few things better than than what most of these kinds of shows do.

        Seven Senses of the Re'Union: C+
        This show has some great things going for it with its concept of combining Sword Art Online with Anohana, great character development, good drama, and an intriguing story. However, this show has some pretty major issues with pacing being the biggest one as it dragged out in the beginning, while rushing towards the end. That led to all sorts of consistency issues with the story. Also, the animation could have been better as Lerche is certainly capable of better things. In all, this felt like a show that needed two cours in order to make substantial progress, and that led to compromises being made in order to tell a complete story with just one cour to work with.

        Harukana Receive: C+
        This is a solid sports show that does something different in that it is all about maintaining a positive outlook as opposed to dealing with frequent adversity that makes it different than the usual sports show. While the show does a nice job in developing the main characters, the supporting cast, not so much as it simply introduces them and then not really doing too much with them afterwards. And then there's the animation that just doesn't look crisp, and the show has long stretches of stuff that just feels dull. But in all, it was certainly a solid show to watch for the volleyball action and the whole friendship circle stuff going on.

        Akkun to Kanojo: My Sweet Tyrant: C+
        Overall, this show is pretty much what I was expecting out of a short. It has fun characters, solid humor, and decent animation quality for a short, which made it worthwhile for its run length. The biggest issue this show has is its repetitive humor as the show just didn't have the variation all while relying on overplaying some of its cards. But in all, it's something that made it worth putting up for three minutes a week.

        Asobi Asobase: B+
        Overall, this show is comedy gold doing an excellent job in not only making the jokes and stuff funny, but keeping it fresh, creative, and never going stale. The characters are a quirky bunch and are fitting for all the crazy stuff that goes on in this show. Just about the only issues I had with this show are the animation, which is not exactly for everybody, and there were a few of the segments where things just fell flat. In any case, this is certainly one of the best comedies out there.

        One Room 2nd Season: D
        This season is pretty much more of the same as the first season in that watching this can be disturbing and make someone like me feel dumb with my actions in the show. That said, this season is a mild improvement over the first as the animation quality is better and the girls are less annoying than in the first season, but at the same time the I don't like that I'm still acting like a creep.

        Encouragement of Climb Third Season: B
        This season pretty much continues to do all the things that made the second season so great in that it's character-focused and educational, all while providing lots of cute moments. While this season doesn't do as much mountain climbing as the second season, the theme has been to make memories, and it accomplished that in a big way this season. I didn't exactly like what happened towards the end of this season, but overall it still is every bit the enjoyable and relaxing show that it has always been.

        *Cinderella Girls Theater season 3: C+
        Pretty much, everything that was good and not so good about the previous two seasons applies here as this was designed for those who enjoy the Cinderella Girls incarnation of this franchise. The characters are cute, the humor is nice and sometimes it's not, and having it be a short makes it easier to watch. Nothing stands out more positively or negatively compared to other seasons.

        Free! Dive to the Future: B+
        Overall, this show continues to do all the great things that makes Free such a wonderful show with great characters, awesome development, amazing swimming action, and top-grade animation by KyoAni. Just about the only major fault I find with this series is that character development didn't leave as big an impact as it did in Eternal Summer as things just didn't go deep enough in comparison largely because of all the character shuffling going on. But that's understandable because of the number of new characters, and this show did a nice job at that in spite of this obstacle.

        Steins;Gate 0: A
        This show continues to do everything that made the original season so great with well-rounded characters getting developed, great drama, intriguing mysteries, and a plot that was well laid out. Unlike the first season where it takes awhile to settle in, this one establishes itself much earlier so that the series would take off and get to the serious issues at hand in a more orderly fashion. That said this show kind of dropped the ball with the ending leaving things without much closure, all while not featuring Kurisu as she is what made the original series so great. In any case, it's a step down from the original series, but still a worthy successor on its own merits.

        Happy Sugar Life: B-
        This show has a great concept that it stuck to well leading to some great drama, mystery, and character development as all of those made for an intriguing show. That said, this show is certainly not for everybody, and it was hindered by two major issues in the animation quality and the characters being so unlikable. In any case, this show set out to make the ultimate yandere, and it accomplished that making the show worthwhile to watch for the drama and romance more than anything.

        Grand Blue: B+
        This show was fun to watch for the quirky characters, the humor, the scuba diving stuff, and the good times as every moment of the show was fun and enjoyable. That said, I felt that it went way too overboard with the crazy college life and drinking antics, all while the frequent stripping and crazy behavior wore on me seeing that it meant taking away the attention on scuba diving that should have gotten more focus than it did. But in all, the show certainly delivered on the comedy, all while doing a solid job with character development.

        Ninja Girl and Samurai Master 3rd: C+
        While the overall product of this season is pretty much the same as the first two seasons, this show does a nice job in having things take a dark turn going to show that history wasn't so kind, all while things changed up quite a lot with the characters facing adversity for a change. Besides that, it's still has all the good and not-so-good things as previous seasons of this show in that the humor is nice, the characters are interesting, and the animation quality is what I have come to expect out of a short.

        My Hero Academia season 3: A+
        This show continues to maintain the high standards set by the first two seasons as the storytelling continues to be great, the action is the highlight, the animation is top-notch, and the characters all continue to grow in tremendous ways. About the only complaint with this season is the placement of the filler episode. Aside from that, this show continues to really click on all cylinders.

        Revue Starlight: B
        This show is entertaining to watch as it's strong with the visuals, soundtrack, drama, intriguing characters, and a grand concept that was nicely constructed. It's the duels where this show really stands out as being something by a director who learned under Kunihiko Ikuhara. However, the storywriting was inconsistent as it was weak in some areas all while some of the supporting characters didn't get developed enough. In all, this show does a great job with the technical aspects, but it was lacking with consistency in the storywriting as it is just inconsistent with some of it good, other parts not so much.

        Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: C+
        This show should be thought of as a guilty pleasure and when seen in that scope this show is certainly worthwhile. This show pretty much is a clichefest of stuff that makes up a typical harem show with a supernatural twist to it. But in all that, the show ends up being really entertaining as the comedy is good, the characters are great, and the supernatural stuff is all nicely handled. This show makes no effort whatsoever to craft a story, but it was focused on doing those other things, and it does them well enough.

        Cells at Work!: A-
        This is one of the most educational anime shows out there as it's just great to watch for the characters, the antics, and above all I learned quite a lot about the human body watching this show. The show does an excellent job with the portrayal, and the characters are very interesting. The only major negative I can say about this show is that the quality of episodes are inconsistent across the board with some episodes standing out while some of them felt underwhelming. That said, it's a fun, feel-good time to watch, all while taking in the great educational value this show has.

        Hanebado!: C+
        This show started off strong, but the show became all sorts of cringeworthy to watch in the second half with the direction of the character development that was questionable at best leading to some bad storywriting and characters becoming too unlikable to rally behind. But in the end, the show was still entertaining to watch for the badminton action and the intrigue that the characters brought out.

        Overlord III: B+
        This season continues to do everything that made the first two seasons good and not so good. It as great animation, a strong story, and intriguing characters all-around, all while inconsistent pacing is what hurts this show the most. However, this season's direction was questionable as while it made for some great drama, at the same time it meant adding so many cringeworthy aspects. That said, while it does a great job in the MC's character development, at the same time it spends too much time away from him making him seemingly irrelevant. In any case, it's a story that just continues to build on itself, for better or worse.

        FLCL Alternative: B
        This season is a huge improvement over Progressive as unlike with that season, this season is much more focused on accomplishing what it sets out to do in developing the characters and showcase the theme of growing up, and not littering the show with nonsensical randomness like Progressive. While the storywriting is good, it kind of gets away from what made the original season special by backing off on the supernatural aspect, and the show's appeal suffers from it. So in all this season does a solid job with storywriting and character development, but not so much with the supernatural aspects making it not that much different from a typical slice of life show.

        Angels of Death: C+
        While this show has entertainment value, it greatly varied from episode to episode. The show has great drama, a nicely-done mystery, impactful suspense, solid animation, and intriguing characters. That said, this show gets decimated by its awful pacing, weak direction, roundabout plot, and cringeworthy moments with the characters, and in particular the sluggish pacing is something that's going to really push a viewer's patience to the limit. In all, it's solid entertainment with a good concept, but fails to reach its full potential because of the pacing and direction.


        Attack on Titan season 3: A+
        This show just keeps on delivering with the best arc of the series so far adapted very nicely. Above all, the growth of one of the characters is so well-done that she could even be a lead. In any case, this show does a great job taking titans mostly out of the equation and focus on fighting between humans, which was due at some point since it's not a simple matter of humanity surviving against the titans. And as usual, the action remains top-notch, and the story is full of well-executed drama.

        Banana Fish: B+
        This show has does a great job with storytelling and drama, and it helps that the manga is all finished to allow for this to be adapted without any need to hold back. This show has been carried so far by the drama, the mystery, and the interesting characters, but one aspect that hasn't been up to snuff are the character relationships.
        MyAnimeList | Avatar: Violet Evergarden of KyoAni's Violet Evergarden
        Watching: Kyo Kara Maoh, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Toonami Stuff
        Simulcasts: FTL, FRB, KYB, FGN, MIX, FIL
        The only thing better than anime is sports. Get hit hard and you got JACKED UP! Or else it's a C'mon Man!


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