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    Originally posted by EmperorBrandon View Post
    Re: Episode 11

    It's amusing how the sibling are exactly the opposite on their reaction to Coraly's forms. Seiji has long been used to the cat, but still really creeped out by the angel form. Akua adores the angel, but still (even being saved from Stolas) isn't going to take that face on her precious face.
    I've always been annoyed with how grotesque he looks as a cat, and equally just as irritating the way he looks in angel form. Guri on the other hand is adorable in both forms. :D

    And I have to agree with Akane though; this isn't really Seiji's fault as much as it's Shikimi's influence/brainwashing to put Guri into that position. Sure he could've been less abrasive about it, but that's a typical reaction when emotions get the best of you, particularly when you're upset (because he really cares). I doubt he really meant that as an all-inclusive description of her; he's just lacking in sensitivity as many people would be had their child gone missing. I'd be kind of creeped out if there was an uncaring reaction, like treating a child's disappearance as casual and undeterred as if they'd return on their own (if it's known they really can't). Of course that might be an extreme example, but it seems they're treating Guri as such and as melodramatic as it may be.


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      Episode 12 (Finale)

      Love heals all wounds.

      Well, that was quite an awkward way to end this show. Seiji ended up going to a different world, but in the end he does save Guri and gets his love across to her. Seiji and Yuzu sure look great in those suits, although those horns are another matter entirely. Seeing Seiji carrying Yuzu around really is something. And of course, the craziness continues after all that. Pretty solid way to put a wrap on things.

      Overall, this show that is all about the comedy, and for the most part it was hit or miss. When it hits, it really is great as this is what really carries this show. This show has a decent story in place, while the characters are an interesting bunch. That said, this show has some serious problems with the biggest one being the animation quality as this is done by a studio that had done nothing but shorts until this. The way this show is animated just was tough on the eyes. Also, when the comedy misses, it drags the show down. That said, it was a fun time overall even if it didn't click on all cylinders in the end.

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        Re: Episode 12 (Finale)

        Yuzu wants to die over what she said to her oneesama, even if the furthest she can ever go is just calling her a "dummy". I like how Coraly gets an idea in response and how casual he is about it. Yes, that's it! Let's die! His known forms are freaky enough as it is. Makes sense that his unseen third form is so terrifying that it instantly causes death.

        So we find out that Guri has demon heritage from her mother. Not much of a surprise. She had a bit of a playful demon girl vibe from the very beginning. I wonder what her mom's current status is, as she is possibly not "dead". It's just said she divorced and has never been heard from since. Hah, and funny to hear Tamura Yukari there when I've just been hearing her as (a Pita) angel lately.

        Heh, such a blatant parody again (and Seiji calls out that face). I love the Mario-like sound effects when that pipe is revealed.

        Hell is just full of salarymen. Heh, I wonder if the author of this is trying to say something about that culture. Though it seems like the workaholic life is something Maoh forced on everyone after all of his frustrations over what happened with Mavro. And while he doesn't want that for Guri, and wants her to be like her mother, Guri proves quite defiant even to his expectations in her fallen mode. Interesting how Guri surprisingly manages to really get at Shikimi in this state too. Still feels like we're a very long way off from Shikimi even being slightly "redeemed" though there's finally a little bit of focus on why she is the way she is.

        I figured Akane was going to show up dramatically. She takes out the guard dog with ease. ^_^ Heh, and amusing how she was able to "kill herself": quite effective at inducing a shock to herself. And though she makes an attempt at bringing Guri around, I like she's not really going into it completely whole-hearted. It fits her better.

        I guess if there's one thing I like about how Seiji (inevitably) gets Guri to turn back, it's that they had to break the seriousness at least for a little bit. The manzai routine was pretty much a central part of their connection from the start. Even though they have to get into the romantic aspect too (to Akane's chagrin). Neat they did something special with the ending song this time. Had me thinking "Is that Guri's voice this time?", and yeah, looking at the credits it is her singing for this occasion.


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