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    It's a new year, and this started back a couple years ago, and given that an awful lot happened last year that reshaped the industry, more so than in any other year recently, that I decided to have one of these prediction threads back this year. 2017 saw lots of surprising developments from Amazon creating Anime Strike under a lot of criticism to Sentai launching HIDIVE and Daisuki shutting down. So on that note, I'm starting things off by making five predictions at this time of stuff that has a good chance of happening in 2018 and will make an impact.

    Netflix will do a simulcast for at least one of their titles.
    Netflix has always waited until the end of the airing (or at least putting things one season after they air for shows spanning multiple cours). With the amount of new shows planned for this year that is substantially greater than it has been in the past, I would have to think that Netflix could try to do a simulcast of their titles. This is their biggest criticism, so having them address it somehow, I can certainly see that happening.

    Anime Strike will change from its current form by the end of the year.
    It seems like Amazon is hellbent on maintaining this misguided add-on channel as it is right now, but after a ton of backlash and people refusing to scale the double paywall, I think Amazon is going to finally do something about it. As a reminder, it costs $5 a month to subscribe to Strike, but in order to get that you need to be subscribed to Prime, which is the part Amazon is getting a lot of heat for. Now as for what remedial fixes, I'm not saying as who knows what's going on at Amazon. They could either remove the requirement for a Prime subscription and just charge a slightly higher subscription fee for a stand-alone service, they could offer annual subscriptions, or just do away with Strike altogether. With Sentai seemingly doing away with Amazon for their shows (and the exclusiveness is a limited time deal as after a short time they get added to HIDIVE) that I think will convince Amazon to at least make much-needed changes.

    Aniplex of America will get into simuldubbing, and Sword Art Online: Anglization will get a simudub that airs on Toonami.
    This prediction has some backbone due to Funimation doing a simuldub of Darling in the FranXX, which is an Aniplex show that AoA has been promoting through social media. While it probably means Funimation has the license through Crunchyroll, there's also the possibility that AoA has the license through Crunchyroll, and that through their partnership that Funimation has the simuldub on AoA's behalf. While I can't see the latter being the case largely because of what Aniplex did not allowing Funimation to renew their expired licenses at all, AoA would not be communicating directly with Funimation as they would be going to Crunchyroll, and then Crunchyroll passes it on to Funimation. Now, as for the new season of SAO, everybody knows it's getting a dub, so it's a matter of getting the dub out sooner rather than later. This would be a great title for AoA to get into the simuldubbing business knowing that it's a popular show, the core casting is in place, and it's something that's bound to end up on Toonami because the first two seasons are there. Aniplex tried simuldubbing with Durarara!!, so I think they will try and do more simuldubs starting with the upcoming SAO season.

    Crunchyroll/Funimation will license Re:Zero and solicit it for sometime this year.
    This is a long overdue announcement as it's pretty obvious by now that CR/Funi has it and TV Tokyo is known for its gag order in regard to BD rights, though it's pretty obvious they will have it if it does get simuldubbed. That said, this show is a huge hit and I'm pretty sure they are eager to get it released soon, but there are some logistical hurdles still in the way.

    A new side story of Love Live! will be coming shortly after the movie goes to theaters.
    Love Live! is a huge franchise that has set sales records for BDs and merchandise, and while it pales in comparison to the original series, Sunshine has definitely been a huge money-maker. So to keep this franchise going just when it looks like the story is over for Aqours, all they need to do is change the location and characters, and by slapping the Love Live brand name it becomes a license to print money.
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