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  • [Fall 2017] Currently Watching (Fall 2017 Edition)

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    It's onto the fall season as the sizzling days of summer are behind most of us, and now the temperatures cool down while a crapload of new shows and sequels to old ones are now underway.

    The link to the Summer 2017 Edition
    Fall 2017 Anime Chart
    Fall 2017 Anime Lineup Thread

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    - Do not use the Reply to Thread button; instead, click quote on the post you wish to reply to, or on this post if you're starting a new subthread.
    - Edit down the quoted section to the relevant bits, nobody needs to read someone's epic list of watched stuff twice.
    - Be nice to one another.
    - Please discuss only what you are watching this season in this thread. Stuff watched during other seasons should be discussed in their respective threads.

    Also, I'd like to add the following. The Currently Watching Thread is mainly meant for a general overview of how you're currently feeling about shows. It is not supposed to be a replacement for actual discussion threads. Try to keep heavier discussion (if possible) in the more specific discussion threads.

    In addition, try to be careful of spoilers here. It's one thing if it's properly tagged and such. However, I don't want people to have to worry about someone randomly posting "Wow, X died in episode 17 of Y". Just a randomly made up example, but you get the idea.
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    Simulcast Interest Levels for Fall 2017

    Normally, I would do this before the season starts, but due to the uncertainty of where shows end up that I decided to hold off on doing this until I had an idea where all shows are headed. Anyway, nothing has changed before, and the tier names indicate how likely I am to watch a show based on anticipation and where the shows are streaming. Each show has a three-letter abbreviation that will be what I use in my signature to indicate I'm watching that show.

    In (In from the start)
    [ALT] Altair: A Record of Battles (continuing)
    [WBM] Welcome to the Ballroom (continuing)
    [B3B-2] Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond
    [UMR-2] Himouto! Umaru-chan 2
    [SOM-3] Food Wars! The Third Plate
    [KBW-A] Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series
    [3GL-2] March Comes in Like a Lion season 2
    [YYY-2] Yuki Yuna is a Hero season 2
    [AMB] The Ancient Magus' Bride
    [IDM-CGT] [email protected] Cinderella Girls Theater season 2 (short)

    Probable (Will check out, high probability I watch)
    [10C] We Have Always Been 10 cm Apart.
    [IYK] Inuyashiki
    [JBC] Just Because!
    [UQH] UQ Holder!
    [OSF] Love is Like a Cocktail (short)

    Questionable (Will check out, chances depend on impressions)
    [ISI] A Sister's All You Need
    [AGT] Anime-gataris
    [BCV] Black Clover
    [BLS] Blend S
    [CRZ] Code:Realize
    [DII] Dies Irae
    [GAR-VL] Garo: Vanishing Line
    [GLT] Girls' Last Tour
    [IDM-SM] The [email protected]: Side M
    [12T] Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
    [LUS] Land of the Lustrous
    [KHK] Konohana Kitan
    [MSB] My Girlfriend is Shobitch
    [NJU] Recovery of an MMO Junkie
    [2CR] Two Car
    [URH] Urahara
    [OYP] Onyankopan (short)
    [TCS] Taishou Mebius Line: Chicchai-san (short)

    Doubtful (May or may not check out, must really convince me)
    [CHW] Children of the Whales
    [DYC] Dynamic Chord
    [EOL] Evil or Live
    [ITF] Infini-T Force
    [KGG] King's Game
    [RBM] Robomasters the Animated Series
    [SNB] Sengoku Night Blood
    [TSP] Tsukipro
    [WLR] Love Kome: We Love Rice season 2 (short)
    [RCO-4] Rainy Cocoa: Ame-con!! (short)

    Out (Not bothering, at least during the season)
    [CFV-GZ] Cardfight!! Vanguard G Z
    [CLL-2] Classicaloid season 2
    [GIN-4] Gintama season 4
    [HZR-2] Hozuki's Coolheadedness season 2
    [LLV-S2] Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2
    [OSS-2] Osomatsu-san season 2
    [TBK-242] Time Bokan: The Villains Strike Back
    [WUG-2] Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter
    [OOM] Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji (short)

    As usual, I'm looking to watch around 18 full-length shows this season, plus shorts that don't count towards the total. Having been impressed with the prequel OVA series that The Ancient Magus' Bride is one of the rare instances where a completely new show is locked in right from the start, and it hasn't happened since My Hero Academia. I watched the first three episodes in theaters and was godly impressed by it, so no question it is on my watchlist. So with that, eight continuing shows and sequels (albeit Kino's Journey is a remake) are in plus Ancient Magus' Bride leaving me with nine shows of the full-length variety to fill up the watchlist.
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      Buckeye's Fall 2017 Anime Viewership Plan

      Now comes the time that I lay out my plan of stuff that is on my bucket list to watch this season. Normally, I do it earlier as it's almost time to do the first post-simulcast report, but it slipped from my mind. Fall season has the most uncertainty as there's the holiday sales going on and from that, I'll be getting quite a lot of stuff and only having time to watch through some of them. Anyway, this list is only tentative like always as not only will I not get to everything listed, there will be stuff I watch not on this list.

      This season, there's the holiday sale that will dictate what I watch, while I plan to subscribe to Netflix for a month sometime in late October, and to HiDive sometime in December to watch dubs of Sentai shows.

      ^ indicates shows being rewatched

      From the Beginning
      ^Flying Witch
      ^K: Return of Kings
      ^Ranma 1/2: OVAs and Movies
      ^Selector Infected WIXOSS
      ^Selector Spread WIXOSS
      Ajin season 2
      Dragon Ball Super
      Garden of Sinners
      High School of the Dead
      Little Witch Academia
      Lupin III Part 4
      M3: The Dark Metal

      Continuing Shows
      ^Seraph of the End (from episode 13)
      Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters (from episode 36)
      Future Card Buddyfight DDD (from episode 28)
      Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (from episode 9)
      Hunter x Hunter (from episode 68)
      Naruto Shippuden (from episode 176)
      One Piece (from episode 406)
      Rurouni Kenshin (from episode 63)

      And as for simulcasts, just look at the post above that assesses the preseason chances I assigned to each show in regards to how likely I watch it, adjusted for the company that's streaming it as from hereon out, that post goes in the currently watching thread instead of the season lineup thread.

      To begin the season, I'm starting off with High School of the Dead.
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        While I won't be doing my formal first impressions post until next week when I have watched at least two episodes of everything, I'll talk about it informally. I'll pretty much simplify things with this and not talk about shorts and only focus on how I fill up my watchlist with 18 full-length shows.

        So first, I have the eight shows that are continuing or are sequels (and in one case, a remake). So with that, Altair and Welcome to the Ballroom are in because they are continuing, while Food Wars! The Third Plate, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond, March Comes in Like a Lion season 2, Umaru-chan R, and Yuki Yuna are locked in for being sequels, and the Kino's Journey remake is in. The Ancient Magus' Bride is one of the rare shows that are locked in from the start as I watched the first three episodes in theaters and was totally amazed by it. So nine shows are in, nine remain.

        So to fill in the remaining spots, I apply my usual every day must have a show policy. After locking in the aforementioned nine shows, that leaves me with something to fill on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I also make it a policy to have at least two Sunday shows and so far, it only has one. So looking at the four shows that fills the spots, I break down which way I'm leaning towards.

        Sunday: Anime-gataris or A Sister's All You Need; Pretty much, I'll take one or the other as both aren't exactly must-see shows, but both have appeal to me. At this point, Anime-gataris has the edge.
        Monday: UQ Holder; UQH gets in by default as the rest of the day are continuing shows (Yokai Apartment) and sequels to stuff I haven't watched (Osomatsu-san and Wake Up, Girls!). While it's TV premiere is on Mondays in Japan, MMO Junkie is a Friday show.
        Wednesday: Urahara or Konohana Kitan or Shobitch; Konohana has the edge here, while Shobitch is within striking distance, while Urahara is a distant third so far. The Wednesday lineup is pretty weak this season.
        Thursday: Just Because! or Inuyashiki: Right now, Inuyashiki has the edge, but Just Because has been pretty good so far, so I'm putting the loser among the shows that are at-large.

        So after meeting the policy, that leaves me with five more slots, and I'll tier the contenders based on their chances. The shows in the second tier essentially have no shot unless the unthinkable happens.
        Great Chance: Just Because!/Inuyashiki (whichever show doesn't win the Thursday slot), Girls' Last Tour, MMO Junkie, Code:Realize, [email protected] Side M, Blend S
        Longshot: Children of the Whales, Anime-gataris/A Sister's All You Need, Konohana Kitan/Shobitch, Dies Irae, Garo: Vanishing Line, Black Clover, Infini-T Force, Two Car, Land of the Lustrous

        So with the way the season's emerging, I'll have to figure out which one of the six shows in the Great Chance tier will be the last show out. In the case of Children of the Whales, it would have been higher had it been simulcast by Netflix. Anyway, a formal version is coming next week.
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        Simulcasts: HZG, DKD, FRB, KGY, TOA-R, OGF, 8NT, ART, BNA, GLP. KKG, LSN, SKT, SBA, YFM, TOG, WLN, A3A, PCR, SHV
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          Well, at least I'm getting this out by the end of the weekend. And what a weekend we have with this season...

          I've watched every episode of everything I haven't dropped and the first episode of everything I have unless otherwise noted. For those who read the regular discussion threads as well as the posts in these threads, note that I may be reusing some of my posts from those that I feel express my thoughts on a series well enough that there's no reason for me to make a point of saying something completely different.

          New For Fall 2017:

          01. Gintama.: Porori-hen (A) Although it's the second new Gintama season we've gotten this year, the two could hardly be more different while still being distinctively Gintama. Not only the entire previous season but the last four months of its predecessor were focused entirely on big plot arcs building up to what is supposed to actually be the final arc (although we still don't know when the manga will end, so at the very least it's a very long one). Instead of continuing on the path that had been laid out, this one goes back to round up some forgotten stories that hadn't made it into the adaptation yet. This means stories lasting two episodes, and what will probably be single- or half-episodes later on, a focus on comedy, and some tender moments, but certainly nothing important enough to have been included before now. For most series the word "filler" would sound perfect here, even though these are from the manga, but this was Gintama's bread and butter for hundreds of episodes. Serious arcs were few and far between until this recent development, and we need a little more variety than constant shounen battle antics provide. Now even in its "serious arcs" Gintama always finds at least a few chances per episode to be hilarious like nothing else can even attempt, so it's not as if that's been missing entirely, and to be fair even it's more formulaic shounen action is still leagues above most series for which that has always been the bread and butter, but the classic Gintama experience still demands this occasional breather to sit back and enjoy some inconsequential entertainment before getting back to the heavy stuff. And this is almost certainly the only series I will ever say that about.
          02. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara (A-) Since the second season wrapped up its arcs pretty cleanly, this third one gets to start the next one fresh. We're not starting out with a big tournament or anything like that, but starting the season with Souma's first major moves toward challenging the Elite Ten in earnest is very exciting. It moves along very quickly to make sure we'll be getting to the good stuff before long, but all the best qualities of the series remain intact throughout that process. Of course the food porn is still the best in the business, so much that the orgasmic reactions of the characters seem completely justified. Or maybe this show has just warped me. Even so, I'm glad it did, because this season is as promising as ever, and I can't wait to see what happens. Because here's the best part, unless it proves to be untrue: word has it this season will return to a full two-cour run! Imagine the possibilities of what this show is capable of with that much material this far in the game. Given the pacing so far, I see it accomplishing a great deal.
          03. Mahoutsukai no Yome (A-) The first time I've been this positive on a brand-new show right from the beginning all year. I'm glad I got one. Granted, I did watch the prequel OVAs, I've had all the volumes of the manga that have been released in English but haven't read any of them (maybe it will be like Ballroom and I'll end up reading them now that the anime has started), and Crunchyroll has been hyping up this show like crazy, even showing the first three episodes theatrically for months ahead of time. Fortunately, it looks like it's actually living up to that hype so far, and the fact that they had the materials available that early bodes well for the production of the series going forward. It has all the marks of a high-quality series; not only do I look forward to discovering why the storytelling and characterizations are so beloved, the animation is as stellar as the series needs to be to convey everything from fantastical imagery to deep emotion.
          04. 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season (A-) Picking up right where the first season left off, this immediately comes across as the reward for all of the pain Rei had to endure throughout that first season. He started with a life of pure depression and grow so much throughout its run that we open this new season with him laughing and having fun with his friends from his new school club and running home to the sisters to share his happiness with them. Surely he'll be facing a lot more hardship, but the discrepancy between these two season premieres is a testament to how much character development this series can achieve, so with another 22 episodes so soon, there's plenty of opportunity to build a cast of complex people with deep bonds.
          05. Osomatsu-san 2nd Season (B+) It's funny that Osomatsu-san continues to air exclusively when Gintama is also airing, since it's basically Gintama Lite at its best. That may sound harsh or perhaps imply that it renders Osomatsu-san redundant when Gintama airs the day before and has returned to its comedy roots for this season, but a show even worthy of being compared to Gintama in a sense other than "It does everything wrong that Gintama does right" is still sure to be funny enough that leaving it out would be a great injustice to the weekly schedule of one who enjoys good comedy. Fujita directed the best season of Gintama, so it's not surprising to see him carrying the torch so well, especially with the writer also having written a good chunk of Gintama, many of which aired at the same time as the first season of Osomatsu-san, in fact. But despite all these comparisons that I feel need to be made, it's definitely its own series and in many ways is unlike anything else, in a good way. Its aesthetic is still just as intentionally ugly as ever, but thanks to the first season being such an enormous success (which this season of course references to great comedic effect), they can play around with all different kinds of animation techniques to make it look as spectacularly insane as they want and, again, not quite like anything else out there.
          06. Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (B+) Honestly, I never thought the first season was ever anything all that great. Everything about its production was solid enough to keep watching, but the storytelling was such an utter fucking mess that I could only appreciate it so much. I think I'm starting to get into that mess a little more. Without a doubt this show is still absolutely fucking bonkers in every way, but it's a hell of a ride, and I can't help but have as much fun as it wants me to. I know people are upset that Matsumoto isn't directing this season, but honestly I think Takayanagi's direction captures everything hers did and in some ways I prefer it. I know the show always looked good, but Bones is really outdoing itself lately; this animation is gorgeous. And honestly, I can't get over how good the music is. How have we not gotten Taisei Iwasaki to compose any other anime since the first season? There's no way he's not related to Taku Iwasaki, because their brilliance is too closely aligned for that to be a coincidence. A single episode is so jam-packed with insert songs that it feels like they could release an OST just from one episode. The OP and ED are also as strong as expected from this series. Unison Square Garden returns, this time for the OP, and it's a phenomenal piece both musically and visually, although I don't think it can't match just how fun their ED from the first season was, particularly for how the dancing is matched to the music. And now that Daoko is suddenly in every anime, of course she's in the ED, but with her collaborating with the guy from the Space Dandy OP, we get a unique piece different from most of her work we've gotten used to. And yeah, while the characters are hilariously written, directed, and portrayed, I still don't really give a shit about anything in the story. But hey, sometimes style over substance can be okay. It's just unlikely to produce a masterpiece.
          07. Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season (B) The first season had me disappointed after seeing the heights that the original series was able to reach, but now that we're in the equivalent to when that series was at its best, we may have some more hope. It certainly helps to not have to be introduced to nine new girls, and with the titular Love Live imminent, we can start to get to the big stakes, which demands greater emotion and the best songs and performances. Being constantly compared to its predecessor is an unfavorable position to be in, but it really did ask for it after taking so much from it. In the positive column, though, they haven't gone on about the cast of the original yet, which is a major improvement.
          08. Inuyashiki Last Hero (B) What if, before Walter White could decide to make meth, he got blown up by a UFO and the aliens reassembled him in a high-tech weapon body? That might've been what Breaking Bad would've been like if it was written by the Gantz guy. And yes, this is written by the Gantz guy. Given that, I don't know how confident I should be in it, but it sure started strong. Unlike all the shits in Gantz, this protagonist is actually a sympathetic character, MAPPA is doing a great job with the production, to the point that I'm not even that bothered by some of the CG used for the protagonist (even when he's not exploding into a mechanical contraption) and his dog, and the OP sequence is stellar, especially if you happen to also like the style of MAN WITH A MISSION's music ("DATABASE DATABASE"). Perhaps it will turn to shit because, again, Gantz guy, but hopefully not.
          09. Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series (B-) Yeah, I don't know... It's good, but I'm just not feeling it like I felt the original so far. I like the unique qualities of that old aesthetic more (other than the scan lines); this one looks good, but it feels a little too "every anime" in a way that Kino was anything but. For a remake that's supposed to be the "greatest hits" of the stories from the light novels, the first episode didn't feel like the best start, and the second episode just retold the one story that took two episodes in the first series but condensed it down to one, causing it to not resonate as strongly. It's Kino, so it's probably just a matter of getting to the really great stories, but for now I can really only see this remake as merely good.
          10. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (B-) An extremely dissonant series comprised of two girls with designs that couldn't possibly exist outside of a gag manga traveling through a postwar battlefield in a tank with absolutely no other living things in existence. With the seiyuu of the girls singing both theme songs as their characters, there's not even a single voice other than those two. And we have no idea why. We just follow a series of slice of life vignettes that fits their character designs but not the setting whatsoever, somehow feeling iyashikei despite the very bleak reality that one would imply from the situation. With some slight hints dropped regarding how this came to be, it's hard to know what to expect from its remainder, but it is rather fascinating; the dynamic is enjoyable in its own right, but the backdrop keeps a level of intrigue that wouldn't exist in a conventional setting without such a bizarre sense of mystery.
          11. Blend S (B-) The premise of a cafe filled with otaku fetishes could easily be quite gross, but this one cleverly plays with the ridiculousness of them in a fun way. It's clearly a 4-koma adaptation, so the one joke it has to tell can get a little repetitive in such constant short bursts, but so far it's been able to mix it up enough to remain entertaining. Still, the fact that this is all predicated on the idea that the main girl has a naturally sadistic look but looks exactly like every other sweet moe blob except when they have to make that specific joke does require a suspension of disbelief beyond the level needed for this concept to work at all. To round out the positive qualities keeping it on my slate, though, it's a big Aniplex production that they're putting a lot into, so it looks way better than it needs to.


          12. Juuni Taisen (C+) Something like a Grail War without all (or any) of the explanation of what's going on, or perhaps a Battle Royale, NisiOisiN brings a zodiac-themed tale of ultra-violence, which is very well-animated and pretty fun for a pure action spectacle, but seems too concerned with being overly and neglects to actually start us off with any semblance of world-building or character motivations.
          13. Just Because! (C+) I like nostalgic slice of life, and this one looks nice enough that I thought I might be able to enjoy it. But as pleasant as it is, that's really all there is to it. For a series like this to work, you need to have characters who are instantly compelling. These kids just feel a little too boring and don't inspire me to spend a season hanging out with them. If there was some kind of conflict set up, that could work as well, but it looks like it's going for the former, and that's not working for me.
          14. Recovery of an MMO Junkie (C+) So I don't inherently dislike the protagonist, or the relationships she starts to form in the game she plays. But spending the whole damn time in that game instead of seeing any of the others behind the screen or bringing them together in the real world within the first episode is just too slow-moving for me. At the end of the day, I just don't care about MMOs enough to be engrossed by watching a NEET play one for 20 minutes, so even though they'll surely get to more of what I wanted as the series goes on, starting off with that will not get me to stick around.
          15. The [email protected]ER SideM (C+) There's always something new in this franchise, and unfortunately, I can never quite connect with the characters. This is especially sad because the animation in the main series of the franchise is always so slick. Love Live! has advanced by leaps and bounds (as with Osomatsu-san, insane levels of success help with that), but the idol show I want is still something like Love Live! with [email protected] animation. And yes, following self-made idols instead of tools for the corporate machine this industry actually is also contributes to that. On the bright side, this may be the best boy idol show yet, and it does give me some hope that there will be one I'll actually want to keep watching one day.
          16. Garo: Vanishing Line (C+) I haven't actually liked any Garo anime, so this wasn't a great surprise or disappointment. It's loaded with style, excellent animation, and literally stars my favorite male and female seiyuu, but that style eclipses its chances of substance a little too thoroughly. It doesn't have much of a chance to tell a coherent narrative, and the protagonist is too much of a hyper-masculine dudebro to really feel like a character I want leading my story. I can deal with Space Dandy because he's ultimately a scrawny loser in a wacky comedy and gets killed periodically, but when the guy is supposed to be a cool superhero in a more serious setting, it doesn't bode well.
          17. Houseki no Kuni (TV) (C) If you're going to do full CG on everything, at least androgynous gemstone aliens don't look quite as unnatural as normal humans. That doesn't mean I think they look good, though, and artistry is something that this show pretty much has to nail to succeed. Otherwise it's a very strange but not particularly interesting story of a very foreign world, and none of the elements grab me.
          18. Konohana Kitan (C) There always has to be some "cute girls and that's about it" show that's wholly inoffensive but also too bland to get me to watch more than one episode. There are some cute fox girls who work at a hot spring inn. It's pleasant, pretty, and has some sweet little yuri elements, but the fact that the OP was by eufonius, who I haven't heard in a few years, was easily the most interesting thing about it to me.
          19. Black Clover (TV) (C) I probably read the first four chapters or so when they debuted, and just as I never looked back at the manga, I won't be doing so with the anime either. The series has never seemed to aspire to be more than a collection of all the most basic Jump tropes thrown onto the skeleton of a poor man's Naruto with the superpower being from Fairy Tail (although let's be honest, Naruto is really about wizards, too). Pierrot's animation makes it look better than the manga, but having to hear this brand-new seiyuu scream literally every single line in the lead role causes your ears to take the damage your eyes were spared.
          20. Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi (C-) It's just an otome game adaptation! Yep, protagonist girl (that's you!) has a poison in her body and lost memories, so it's up to a bunch of bishounen renditions of literary characters like Lupin (the first), Van Helsing, and Frankenstein to help her restore it and... yeah, you get the idea. Someday there will be a good one of these. Probably not before there are good boy idol shows, though.
          21. Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken (C-) A show called "My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch" could do a lot worse. Even so, it's really just a string of high school sex jokes. Sometimes it actually warrants a little chuckle, but it gets old fast, and there's not enough else to the heroine's character.
          22. Imouto sae Ireba Ii. (C-) Similarly, this could've easily been... well, the worst-case scenario that it depicts in its opening scene. Honestly, this disgusting satire of siscon ecchi is almost brilliant in how over-the-top it is, but it rings a little hollow when it's so apparent that the protagonist's "little brother" is a girl and the series is destined to go down that path to some extent anyway. The first episode is weirdly uneventful, spending most of its time with the characters just sitting around playing a game to work on their creativity, none of which has much of a punchline. I get pandering to a fetish, however gross I find it, but I honestly couldn't figure out why this seemed like a good use of an opening episode in any way.
          23. Animegataris (C-) This is the kind of show I really want to love, or at least enjoy as a guilty pleasure. But as much as I want to passionately discuss anime with Kamiigusa all day, I don't really like any of the other characters, any other characteristic of her, the fact that there's apparently some fantastical components, the lousy production values, or the sudden CG idol scene that took up most of the OP for some reason.
          24. Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara (C-) Doing my best to view the show on its own without taking into account my hatred of alcohol, it's still a three-minute show that just shows a guy getting his wife drunk because he thinks it's cute. That's bad even without my bias, right? Pretty sure it is.
          25. Infini-T Force (D+) I like the idea of crossover projects like Avengers, and I wish there could be more of it in anime, but logistically it just can't work in most cases. Tatsunoko has whored their characters out to all sorts of unsavory productions, though, so bringing their superheroes together for an Avengers-style crossover makes sense. But even if I had a strong connection to any of these characters, the story of them coming together because a vaguely suicidal girl accidentally summoned them with a giant magic pencil doesn't feel like the strongest premise for one. And more importantly, when does the gameplay start, and why am I playing a PS2 game at all? Wait, this is a 2017 anime? Oh shit. Well at least it's not baby's first PS1 cel-shading like Berserk.
          26. Ousama Game The Animation (D+) The only thing this series has going for it is that it is just dumb enough to be legitimately funny to watch. It's a hideous mess of horrible violence befalling horrible high school kids, and everything is so badly written that you can't help but laugh. Oh, and the OP is by Coldrain, who I actually like.
          27. Dies Irae (D+) Adapted from a visual novel in the top 20 of VNDB, they clearly fucked something up. Or a bunch of things. The production values are bad, although not nearly as bad as the Episode 0. But the way the pieces of this story are randomly thrown together makes me wonder if anyone actually watched an episode from beginning to end before sending it off to the broadcasters. Not only are there a bunch of visual novel tropes, but Nazis, too! Because aren't Nazis just so edgy?
          28. Tsukipro The Animation (D) These are your most cookie-cutter idol boys, churned out in mass production to ensure that there's not a personality to be found in the bunch. And in sharp contrast to [email protected], this gives us some real ugly CG whenever the boys do a little dance.
          29. Two Car (D) Unlike the motorcycles in Kino and Garo, these ones don't talk! As an aside, what a weird medium this is for that to be the least common situation. Anyway, despite just being normal two-car motorcycles, I think they're still better characters than any of the humans. It's not even just "cute girls doing cute things with a backdrop of motorcycles" -- this show absolutely takes its motorcycle racing seriously, and if you happen to be a fan of both two-car motorcycle racing and cute girl anime, this might be just your show. But even with all the detail of the sport it goes into, I can't bring myself to care about any of the characters or races one bit. In the first episode, there's a single male character, but for some reason they hide his face. Now that feels like an obvious self-insert character, especially being the legendary racer that all the cute little girls look up to, but then he takes off for the rest of the series? So I really don't get the point.
          30. Evil or Live (D) This is like if you took everything bad about Deadman Wonderland and nothing good about it, amplified all that bad to be much worse, and then filled an entire series with it. And with particularly abysmal animation courtesy of our friends at Haoliners, no less. I guess some people must like having no decent characters whatsoever and just seeing everyone get the shit beat out of them constantly, but I am certainly not one of those people.
          31. Sengoku Night Blood (D-) What's worse than an otome game or a smartphone game? An otome smartphone game, and this adaptation goes so far as to have the heroine actually sucked into her smartphone to be transported to an alternate Sengoku era where all the famous warlords we've seen in a million things are not just bishounen but either vampires or werewolves, depending on their side. And wouldn't you know it, our heroine has some sort of magical blood that makes them all super horny for her. And... done.
          32. Urahara (F) I still have no idea what the fuck this was supposed to be. Utterly hideous on every level, from the mess of colors vomited up to the lazy designs to the lack of animation for most of it. Most of the episode is stuck on inane nothingness followed by an even more nonsensical attempt to have a plot, all impossible to care about and full of painfully unfunny attempts at humor. Sorry, Luna; this was not the project to make your acting debut on, although at least that means it has a competent singer for its ED. Why couldn't this be a show about Urahara from Bleach? That would've been way better.
          33. Taishou Chicchai-san (F) Some three-minute bullshit about hot samurai dudes who turn into stupid little chibi boys for some reason and I guess there's supposed to be some yaoi or something but hey, our three minutes are up before we can attempt literally any storytelling. Shucks.
          34. Onyankopon (F) Whenever I see a live-action ED sequence with the seiyuu/singers/whatever dancing some ridiculous dance for one of these acid-induced kids' shows, I weep for those poor girls. Your careers aren't worth this humiliation. That's still the most normal part of the show.
          35. Dynamic Chord (F) Think we're done with idols yet? Idol boys, even? Well I suppose these aren't exactly idol boys. They're "rock band" boys. They're not even real and you can tell that they'd be the type to be paid to stand there looking pretty and holding instruments while the recording plays behind them. What are they like? Who knows? Every time it almost seems like any story is going to be told, the show just randomly cuts to some sort of music video with Hot Topic-style "cool" angsty teen-pandering imagery, much of it just one of the "bands" performing. But these performances are not actually animated. Instead, the "animation" is simulated by sliding the body parts of the still character models around in something like Flash, and occasionally panning around with some speed lines for good measure. This literally could not look any worse. It would look better with CG. It would look better with rotoscoping (I do not say that lightly). It would look better with literally just still frames without this bullshit augmentation. Since I used my HIDIVE free trial last season and this was their only exclusive other than sequels to series I dropped this season, I actually paid money to watch this garbage. I need to rethink my life choices.

          While this season may not have a brand-new show as good as Made in Abyss ended up being, it's a much more promising start than last season. For the most part, 2017 has been a year of good sequels and not much else, so having a non-sequel A- to start this last season of the year is a very welcome sight, and unlike last season, this one gets back to being packed with those great sequels that you can't go wrong with. And perhaps more importantly, it's the polar opposite of last season in terms of streaming availability, with only a few lower titles from the non-dropped section on Anime Strike and the rest on Crunchyroll. That's the kind of victory we should really be celebrating. Overall, Crunchyroll definitely reclaimed their throne this season, and hopefully that's a sign of things to come.

          Everything I'm Watching:

          Here's everything, including everything listed above. This is here to show the overall ranking (and movement for end-of-season posts) of everything in relation to everything else.

          01. Gintama.: Porori-hen (A)
          02. One Piece (A-)
          03. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara (A-)
          04. Mahoutsukai no Yome (A-)
          05. 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season (A-)
          06. Detective Conan (B+)
          07. Osomatsu-san 2nd Season (B+)
          08. Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (B+)
          09. Ballroom e Youkoso (B+)
          10. Dragon Ball Super (B)
          11. Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season (B)
          12. Inuyashiki Last Hero (B)
          13. Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series (B-)
          14. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (B-)
          15. Blend S (B-)


          16. Juuni Taisen (C+)
          17. Just Because! (C+)
          18. Recovery of an MMO Junkie (C+)
          19. The [email protected] SideM (C+)
          20. Garo: Vanishing Line (C+)
          21. Houseki no Kuni (TV) (C)
          22. Konohana Kitan (C)
          23. Black Clover (TV) (C)
          24. Code:Realize: Sousei no Himegimi (C-)
          25. Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken (C-)
          26. Imouto sae Ireba Ii. (C-)
          27. Animegataris (C-)
          28. Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara (C-)
          29. Infini-T Force (D+)
          30. Ousama Game The Animation (D+)
          31. Dies Irae (D+)
          32. Tsukipro The Animation (D)
          33. Two Car (D)
          34. Evil or Live (D)
          35. Sengoku Night Blood (D-)
          36. Urahara (F)
          37. Taishou Chicchai-san (F)
          38. Onyankopon (F)
          39. Dynamic Chord (F)

          Weekly Schedule:

          Sunday (1): Gintama.: Porori-hen
          Monday (1): Osomatsu-san 2nd Season
          Tuesday (1): Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
          Wednesday (0):
          Thursday (1): Inuyashiki Last Hero
          Friday (2): Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
          Saturday (9): One Piece, Mahoutsukai no Yome, 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season, Detective Conan, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond, Ballroom e Youkoso, Dragon Ball Super, Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season, Blend S

          Okay, Saturdays. I get it. You can stop now. This is getting a little too ridiculous to take. I'm glad to have so many good shows, especially with most of them on Crunchyroll, but fucking spread them out a little! I don't need my entire week on one day. So yeah, I'll have to figure out how to make that work. But otherwise, it's a season I can be fairly pleased with, while not necessarily that surprising.
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            Post-Simulcast Report: October 1-15

            Here is the first of six post-simulcast reports for the Fall 2017 season. So far, only one show and one movie has been watched to the end, but the next one will have quite a lot.


            Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View (Movie 1): B+
            This movie is the first of the Type Moon movie series, and it makes a great first impression introducing the character and tipping off what the franchise is all about. It wasn't quite as deep as I was expecting it to be, but nevertheless it sets the table for the other movies in the series to build on it.

            Amanchu! Special: B-

            High School of the Dead (1-12, OVA): B-
            This show has great action and drama, as well as a solid storyline and concept with the zombie apocalypse. And in particular, I like how this show is not just a simple survival show as there are lots of evil plots going on in this show. That said, this show overdid it with the fanservice to the point where it totally distracts from the thrill, all while the character designs were too over-the-top with the girls having big busts. The other major problem is the pacing as it just went too slowly that not much was accomplished by the end.


            [BLC] Blood-C (1-6)
            [FLW] Flying Witch (1-8)
            [FCB-3] Future Card Buddyfight DDD (28-30)
            [HXH] Hunter x Hunter (68-70)
            [M3S] M3: The Dark Metal (1-14)
            [OPC] One Piece (406-425)
            ^[WIX] Selector Infected WIXOSS (1-5)
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            Simulcasts: HZG, DKD, FRB, KGY, TOA-R, OGF, 8NT, ART, BNA, GLP. KKG, LSN, SKT, SBA, YFM, TOG, WLN, A3A, PCR, SHV
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              Buckeye's Fall 2017 Anime Viewership Plan: First Impressions

              Alright, I meant to have written these first impressions this weekend, but that slipped out of my mind. Anyway, here it is and like always, I have three tiers that indicate how likely the shows are going to make the final cut. Red Zone means I pretty much have locked the show onto my watchlist and unless the show suddenly tanks within the next episode or two, it is going to make the cut. Midfield means it's pretty much a coin flip and the next episodes will really determine whether it makes the watchlist or not, and Own 20 means it either has been dropped and if not, it will have to really impress the hell out of me in the coming episode or two to make it (one show to date has made it after being placed in this tier, so it's not impossible). So with that, here are my first impressions.

              Red Zone
              Altair: A Record of Battles - Continuing from summer. While the show still has its flaws, it has gotten much better after stumbling out of the gates. Character growth has been tremendous, but the storytelling definitely could have been executed better as it does a poor job in handling a large cast.
              Welcome to the Ballroom - Continuing from summer. This show continues to do what a top grade sports anime show is supposed to do. The characters can be a handful to deal with, but overall it has been staying on course.
              Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond - While it has been mostly episodic, this show never fails when it comes to amusement. The characters really get a chance to shine this time around after a first season that really only focuses on the MC. I like that the rest of the Libra characters are getting plenty of exposure.
              Food Wars! The Third Plate - This show continues to be everything that has made Food Wars so great. Not much more to add to something that's already so perfect.
              Himouto! Umaru-chan R - Just like the first season, this show is carried by its comedy. It manages to keep the jokes fresh time and again despite the show's structure.
              March Comes in Like a Lion season 2 - Character development has been some of the best in all of anime, and this season is off to another promising start.
              Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World, The Animated Series - This is a remake of the original Kino's Journey, and it retains all the atmosphere as the original series while improving the animation quality.
              The Ancient Magus' Bride - Everything about this show is amazing from the animation to the story. Character growth is so powerful in this show, all while the characters are a great bunch. Production values just couldn't be any better for a show that is all about incorporating the supernatural and turning a negative perception into a positive one. It definitely has justified its hype.
              UQ Holder! - Seeing that this is the only Monday show that I can watch this season that this show makes it pretty much because of that, and also because it's tied to the Negima series that I'm a fan of. That said, while it is entertaining with the action and comedy, it suffers from being yet another unfaithful adaptation to Ken Akamatsu's work, though this one isn't as messed up as with the Negima series. The show's pacing is just too fast, but in all it still has its charm that made Negima what it is.
              Inuyashiki Last Hero - This is a totally genius story concept in making the two MCs polar opposites of each other while becoming cyborgs. An old man, hero of justice, and someone without any friends up against a young man, villainous serial killer, and with a bunch of friends. And then there's the action and the insane plot that has me eagerly anticipating every episode.
              Konohana Kitan - The show has cute fox girls that make this show stand out. The stories are decent while it's all about being a feel-good show. The characters are great, and the atmosphere makes for a decent time to be had. But that is just about the only good thing about the show.
              The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls Theater (short) - This continues to be every bit as good and not-so-good as the first season. It's a short for those who are into Cinderella Girls and for everybody else, not much to look forward to.
              Love is Like a Cocktail (short) - For three minutes, this show does a nice job in being amusing and entertaining even though it follows the drink-of-the-week format with the MCs essentially doing the same thing every episode. Even so, it works as a short.

              Girls' Last Tour - Pretty amusing show this is, but what makes this show really stand out is the environment and making those amusing things work in this setting. That said, this show has some problems in that it's making no serious attempt at crafting a story, and in a setting like this I would like to see some semblance of that.
              Blend S - This is one of the funniest shows of the season as the characters are great, and the comedy is even greater. The jokes just crack me up, and the setting is nicely established for things to work the way it's going.
              Code:Realize - Seeing that this is adapted from an otome game that I didn't have any expectations coming in. However, this show is turning out to be better than expected largely because the MC is a headstrong girl who is always trying to be proactive, rather than being the helpless, romantic rag doll that she usually is. And then there are the boys that are all interesting people. So far, the story has been slow to settle in, but nevertheless those other things are what's keeping my interest in a genre where they quickly strike out.
              Recovery of an MMO Junkie - I like how this show does something different with MMORPG-based games in that this one is all about an adult woman who is using it as a means of reinventing her life after her real world one has fallen into disrepair. The MCs antics are amusing, all while a nice story is developing where two adults are building up chemistry so that things take off when they realize they know each other from the gaming world. The animation and the fact that it's rushing through stuff in order to get it all in ten episodes are the biggest gripes I have so far.
              Just Because! - So far, things have been slow to develop and it has been a challenge to keep the characters straight. That said, this show has potential to be great with the story concept being all about moving onto the next stage in life, which is graduation from high school here, and so far it has been engaging, albeit not to its full potential.
              The [email protected]: Side M - It pretty much has all the charm of the original [email protected] series, only having the cute girls replaced with attractive bishonen. That said, this show doesn't exactly do much to stand out from the rest of the idol shows.
              Anime-gataris - This show is just harmless fun. It doesn't amount to anything substantial as it's only focused on one thing, and it does that pretty well. And that is to make comedy out of anime references. Pretty much, that is what carries an otherwise unremarkable show and if it weren't for that, it pretty much be just another generic slice of life comedy.
              A Sister's All You Need - It's another one of those shows about a guy's dirty siscon fantasy being played out. The show is a mess at the beginning with the pedo vibes, but the show eventually settles down and focuses more on writing a story. Still, not exactly must-see material.
              Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan (short) - It's amusing and the boys there do crazy things in this short. It's nothing substantial, but still decent enough for its short run length.
              Onyankapon (short) - Lots of things are wrong with this show from the awful CG animation, the repetitive nature, and the girls doing stupid things. But it's still worth watching for the songs, so it's not a total loss.

              Own 20
              Children of the Whales - This has mostly to do with the fact that it isn't available on Netflix. So far, it is a show with great visuals and a slow-developing story that has lots of intrigue. The pacing and the characters are things left to be desired, though.
              Juni Taisen: Zodiac War - This show gets off the wrong foot with the show being all over the place and not really settling in, all while the subpar animation quality makes things worse. It does improve once it is settled leading to what should be some intense drama, but nevertheless I just wasn't feeling too into this show.
              Land of the Lustrous - Here is another show where its first episode is a total disservice to this show, but the next episodes are much better. This is a show about girls (actually genderless, but they look like girls) made out of gemstones battling some alien species out to harvest them. While I'm not big on CG usage, it works well as it allows the gems to shine. That said, the plot has been a mess so far.
              Garo: Vanishing Line - This has all the charm of Garo that I remember, which isn't exactly saying much as I never made it through any of the Garo series. That said, it looks like it's more on par with the first season rather than the mess that Crimson Moon was as it looks like some interesting story is developing. However, it has only been a Horror-of-the-week type of deal, which isn't exactly setting itself apart.
              Infini-T Force - I like that Tatsunoko brought in all of the famous superheroes from their works for this, and it does a nice job to stand out from other shows. That said, the CG just looks wrong and the story just doesn't feel like something worthwhile for this kind of mishmash. Not to mention, the MC could have had some stronger characterization seeing that she's just someone who is forced into big things because of her connections with some mad scientist.
              Black Clover - It's another generic Shonen Jump show, and the MC is pretty much all other Shonen Jump protagonists thrown together to form this guy who is pretty irritable. It might become something special, but I'm just not feeling it.
              My Girlfriend is Shobitch - It's a guilty pleasure that is all about fanservice, and not much substance beyond that. The comedy is solid, while the characters can be amusing under the right situation, but for the most part it's another one of those generic ecchified comedies.
              Urahara - Things are just all over the place in this show. The animation is messy, albeit it fits in with what the show is all about, the characters are shallow and generic, and the story is just repetitive as in every episode, essentially the same thing happens.
              Dies Irae - This show just is tough to understand what to make of it. While it has an intriguing setup, it does a poor job with the setup opting to go all-out with the action, while dropping the ball on the story.
              Two Car - It's another one of those generic cute girls show where the only difference maker is that the show has these girls pairing up to do sidecar racing. The show gets off on the wrong foot by doing two things at once in having a race and telling the backstory of the MCs, which is constantly interrupted and just fails in a big way.
              King's Game - Just a mess of epic proportions this show is. It's handled by a studio that is doing its first full-length production ever, and one with a poor reputation for their animation as well. Then there is the story that while it's good in concept, it's awful in execution. And the characters just are unlikable that adds fuel to this dumpster fire.
              Evil or Live - Another Haoliners mess this show is as I have come to expect. Again, it's a show that had a great story concept coming in that could have worked, but because this is Haoliners that of course, it's going to be a mess. The animation is terrible, the characters outside the main cast are irritable, and worst of all the story is just non-existent.
              Sengoku Night Blood - While it has a solid concept, it suffers from the usual problems that otome game adaptations tend to have in that the MC is irritatingly helpless, the boys have aggressive personalities, and it's making a poor attempt at crafting a story. And then there's the animation quality that doesn't do this show any favors.
              Tsukipro - I didn't like what I saw with Tsukiuta, and this one isn't much better as it's all about telling the stories of so many characters that don't have any standout qualities.
              Dynamic Chord - It has a poor excuse for a story and the CG usage for the performances is absolutely atrocious. Nothing but a waste of time this show is.

              So as usual, narrowing the field down is the easy part, but figuring out which is the last show to get in is always the tough part in this selection process.
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                Post-Simulcast Report: October 16-31

                Here is my second post-simulcast report of the season. For now, I'll just put this post in before I forget, and then edit it to include my final thoughts at a later time.


                ^Flying Witch (9-12, Petit): B+
                This show is a nice way to relax as it does everything right that a laid-back show is supposed to do. The characters are great, the atmosphere is inviting, and the antics are amusing. The story is pretty weak as there's not much plot advancement or character development, but it's a greatly enjoyable show.

                M3: The Dark Metal (15-24): C-
                This show was just a mess at the beginning where there's so much confusion going on and the plot was all over the place. While Junichi Sato is a credible director, he was going out of his comfort zone and it shows as there are too many gaping holes in the story with the biggest ones happening between episodes. The story was interesting, but it didn't get that way until late in the series. That said, the concept and animation are solid while the drama was solidly done that salvaged this series.

                Blood-C (7-12): D+
                This show was just a storywriting mess of epic proportions. The show has great animation and action, but the show is just wrong on so many levels. All of the characters are unlikable and forgettable while the story was poorly constructed, from the Elder Bairn-of-the-week stuff in the first half to the awful ending. The plot twists are just poorly executed and there's just so much inappropriate stuff going on.

                Blood C: The Last Dark (film): B-
                While the TV series was a disappointment, the movie cleaned up a lot of stuff. The production values are way better, while the movie has a focus and maintains it. Still, the show suffers from some pedestrian execution as the final scenes just felt discordant and going against what the show was building up to be. That said, it was a satisfactory follow-up to the TV series as it did fewer things wrong.

                Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War (1-4): B
                This is pretty much just an OVA as all it does is transitions into the next saga coming in the sequel. The characters do fun things while the stuff that goes on is amusing. But once again, it's just something to get amused about as it only serves as a transition.

                Little Witch Academia (1-25): A-
                The show is highly entertaining, and just about everything was clicking with the crazy animation that Trigger is known for, interesting characters, and a nicely laid-out story that took awhile to establish before it got going. This show stumbles out of the gate with the MC's personality really being irritating and being put on full display. But the show gets much better in the second half as it stops being random and starts being intuitive towards the story.


                [AJN] Ajin (14-15)
                [FCB-3] Future Card Buddyfight DDD (31-34)
                [JBA-SC] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (9-10)
                [OPC] One Piece (426-436)
                ^[WIX] Selector Infected WIXOSS (6-9)
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                  Fall 2017 Simulcast Rankings: October

                  The season is now a month old, and that means it's time that I release my first month simulcast rankings leader board. As always, I take the shows and put them into one of five tiers and with this being the first of the fall season, football terminology will now be used instead of baseball, but their meanings are the same. As usual, continuing shows are ranked based on what happens in this season's episodes only, meaning that Welcome to the Ballroom and Altair both get their rankings based only on the content since the start of October and everything that happened previously does not factor in.

                  With this being the first ranking of the season that all shows are included and dropped shows will not take part in the next two rankings. Shows that I am watching are in black, shows I ended up dropping are in red, and shows that I am still deciding on are in blue.

                  The Ancient Magus' Bride
                  Food Wars! The Third Plate
                  March Comes in Like a Lion 2nd Season
                  Welcome to the Ballroom

                  Field Goal
                  Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond
                  Inuyashiki Last Hero
                  Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World -The Animated Series-
                  Girls' Last Tour
                  Children of the Whales
                  Blend S
                  Himouto! Umaru-chan R

                  First Down
                  Recovery of an MMO Junkie
                  Yuki Yuna is a Hero Washio Sumi/Hero Chapters
                  Altair: A Record of Battles
                  Just Because!
                  The [email protected]: Side M
                  Juni Taisen: Zodiac Wars
                  Garo: Vanishing Line

                  Land of the Lustrous
                  Konohana Kitan
                  Love is Like a Cocktail

                  UQ Holder!
                  Black Clover
                  A Sister's All You Need

                  Cinderella Girls Theater 2nd Season
                  Infini-T Force
                  My Girlfriend is Shobitch
                  Two Car

                  ​​​​​​Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san
                  Dies Irae
                  King's Game
                  Evil or Live
                  Sengoku Night Blood

                  Dynamic Chord

                  Summer was a pretty weak season, but this one is shaping up to be a much better one. At this point, I have decided all but one of my slots and it's between three shows (and it was two previously, but Land of the Lustrous is making a late charge). Anyway, Ancient Magus' Bride is definitely a must-watch show for everybody, while Food Wars continues to be awesome. I generally crowd the middle tier seeing that there are shows that have my attention, but have yet to do anything that warrants a higher ranking.

                  And like always, rankings are not indicative of which shows I choose to watch. The shorts have a much lower threshold, while Konohana Kitan and UQ Holder made it because I always make it a priority to include at least one show each day, and Children of the Whales, I decided to just wait for it to come on Netflix.
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                    Buckeye's Summer 2017 Anime Viewership Plan: Finalized Slate

                    I have figured out my watchlist for the season, and this time I'm finalizing it without going into extended trials. Once again, I post my watchlist in this, and sometime later I will explain how I arrived at it. The shows in the first list are in order of when they secured their spots (full-length shows first, then shorts), and for the second list the order is how likely I'm going to revisit in the future.

                    • Altair: A Record of Battles
                    • Welcome to the Ballroom
                    • Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond
                    • Food Wars! The Third Plate
                    • Himouto! Umaru-chan R
                    • March Comes in Like a Lion season 2
                    • Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Washio Sumi and Hero Chapters
                    • Kino's Journey -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series
                    • The Ancient Magus' Bride
                    • UQ Holder!
                    • Inuyashiki Last Hero
                    • Anime-gataris
                    • Konohana Kitan
                    • Girls' Last Tour
                    • Blend S
                    • Code:Realize
                    • Recovery of an MMO Junkie
                    • Just Because!
                    • The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls Theater (short)
                    • Love is Like a Cocktail (short)
                    • Taishou Meibusline Chicchai-san (short)
                    • Onyankopon (short)
                    • Chilrdren of the Whales
                    • The [email protected]: Side M
                    • Land of the Lustrous
                    • Infini-T Force
                    • Garo: Vanishing Line
                    • Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
                    • A Sister's All You Need
                    • Black Clover
                    • My Girlfriend is Shobitch
                    • Two Car
                    • Dies Irae
                    • Urahara
                    • King's Game
                    • Evil or Live
                    • Dynamic Chord
                    • Sengoku Night Blood
                    • Tsukipro the Animation
                    I'll explain my choices in another post, but basically the process started with the sequels and continuing shows locking their spots, Ancient Magus' Bride clinching its spot well before the season as I saw the first three episodes in theaters, then satisfying the minimum daily requirements, and then it came down to deciding the last five shows between six shows. So to break it down by day (first number is total number of shows that day, second number is the number of shows standard-length episodes only):

                    Sunday (2): Anime-gataris, Himouto! Umaru-chan R
                    Monday (2/1): UQ Holder!, Onyankopan
                    Tuesday (3/1): Cinderella Girls Theater 2, Food Wars! The Third Plate, Love is Like a Cocktail
                    Wednesday (1): Konohana Kitan
                    Thursday (2): Just Because!, Inuyashiki
                    Friday (6/5): Girls' Last Tour, Chicchai-san, MMO Junkie, Kino's Journey, Yuki Yuna 2, Altair
                    Saturday (6): Code:Realize, March Comes in Like a Lion season 2, Blend S, Ancient Magus' Bride, Welcome to the Ballroom, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond

                    This season is packed on Saturdays, while Friday has a number of shows, while it's slim pickings for the rest of the week, especially for Mondays and Wednesdays as the former had a lot of sequels to shows I haven't watched in addition to a continuing show that I dropped, while the latter had nothing good to offer. And then there's Thursday where thankfully Inuyashiki is a very good show seeing that this day has been getting increasingly empty with only one TBS show (which is a delaycast) and all but one of the time slots on Tokyo MX are filled with shows that aired earlier in the week on AT-X.
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                      As I promised, I will now explain how I arrived at my final watchlist for the season. First, I assign a limit of 18 shows with full-length episodes every season. First, I locked in the sequels and continuing shows, and this season there are seven. Continuing are Welcome to the Ballroom and Altair, while the sequels for Food Wars, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Umaru-chan, Yuki Yuna, and March Comes in Like a Lion are automatically in. And while it's a remake of the original series, there was never any doubt that Kino's Journey was making the cut. Lastly, Ancient Magus' Bride was in from the start due mostly to the OVA series, but having watched the first three shows in theaters pretty much sealed the deal. So nine are in with nine more to go.

                      Next came with filling in the days with at least one show, meaning something for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. For Mondays, UQ Holder! was in by process of elimination as I dropped Yokai Apartment, while I didn't watch Osomatsu or Wake Up Girls. The Wednesday lineup is pretty abysmal this season, and taking only one show this season, Konohana Kitan was the only show that didn't stink. And then for Thursdays, Inuyashiki pretty much made it in from the start as it's just totally compelling. I also generally enforce having two Sunday shows a season, and thus I could only watch one or the other between Anime-gataris and A Sister's All You Need, and I went with Anime-gataris because I love the parody and the humor involved in that show. So with that, 13 shows are in with five more slots remaining.

                      I'll explain later how the last five shows were chosen, and pretty much I had six shows in mind for which five were chosen. After adding Girls' Last Tour, Blend S, Code:Realize, and Recovery of an MMO Junkie, there was one spot remaining and it was between Just Because! and [email protected]: Side M. In the end, I went with Just Because as that show has intrigue, while I didn't feel as compelled with Side M. So that's how my finalized watchlist was determined and I'll add some more details with the final five sometime later, as well as the selection process for the shorts this season.
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                        Post-Simulcast Report: November 1-15

                        It's almost the end of November, but I have yet to do my post-simulcast report for the first half of the month. I got sidetracked by the Thanksgiving holiday, the Black Friday shopping, football, and all sorts of other things that I didn't realize that I had to do this, until now. Anyway, here it is.


                        Berserk (movie): A-
                        This is definitely not for the feint of heart, especially the last of the movie trilogy that retells the first TV series. The visuals are really nice, and the impact is definitely felt in a big way. That is well-constructed and efficient going to show just how low Griffith's character could possibly go, and how misguided Guts really is. And that rape scene is the must gut-wrenching part of it that will really test your mind. In any case, the remake hits its mark telling a condensed story that hits all the key points of the manga.

                        Blame! (movie): B-
                        This show has some nice animation with great action and an interesting story setup. That said, the plot was passably told and could have been done much better, all while it was kind of hard to follow. Nevertheless, it's an enjoyable movie that will satisfy those who like these kinds of movies where action is what drives things.

                        ^Selector Infected/Spread WIXOSS: B
                        This show does something that generally doesn't happen for a show based off a card game as it involves a lot of psychological trauma and serious personal consequences. The show really stumbled out of the gates in a big way by emphasizing the card game too much and not really getting to the heart of the matter until midway through the first season. Once all of those traumatic things start emerging, that's when it became the kind of drama Mari Okada is known for making. While the story's execution wasn't the best it could be, it had lots of drama and intrigue, and that is what keeps me wanting to watch.

                        Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Will of Fire (movie): B
                        It's your typical Naruto movie, and it satisfies the Naruto fan like what it is supposed to do. That said, this movie is one of the better ones as it involves everybody in the Leaf Village, all while going to show that it's best to approach problems with companions rather than to go at it alone. That is what stands out about this movie over the others when it is all about helping a new ally realize that the person had been trusting the wrong people and they help Naruto and company defeat the ringleader. Not so much with this one.

                        Ajin (16-26): B+
                        This show is a nicely-constructed drama with great action and lots of things going on that question what the characters are all about. That said, while the show excels on action, the plot could have been executed better seeing that one important character in the first season doesn't really do anything in the second half, all while there are lots of loose ends that were left. Nevertheless, the action and drama are both top-notch, while the animation does a great job to support that in spite of the story not really presenting things the best it can.


                        [FSN-A] Fate/Apocrypha (1-12)
                        [FCB-3] Future Card Buddyfight DDD (36-37)
                        [HXH] Hunter x Hunter (71-72)
                        [ID0] ID-0 (1-6)
                        [OPC] One Piece (437-452)
                        [PKM-SM] Pokemon Sun and Moon (22-23)
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                          Fall 2017 Simulcast Rankings: November

                          It's about a week late, but nevertheless here is the updated set of rankings for this season through November 30. Seeing that I was trying to put some movement that I wanted to find a way for that to happen, which is not exactly easy to do for this season as shows that were good remain good, and shows that are not good remain that way. Like always with the second month of the season, dropped shows are not a part of the rankings, and I indicate which shows are getting better and worse by color-coding them, green for stock up, and red for stock down.

                          For the time being, I will just list the updated rankings since I want to put these down before I forget.

                          The Ancient Magus' Bride
                          Food Wars! The Third Plate
                          March Comes in Like a Lion 2nd Season
                          Welcome to the Ballroom
                          Inuyashiki Last Hero (Promoted)

                          Field Goal
                          Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond
                          Girls' Last Tour
                          Blend S
                          Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Promoted)
                          Himouto! Umaru-chan R
                          Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World -The Animated Series-

                          First Down
                          Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart.
                          Yuki Yuna is a Hero Washio Sumi/Hero Chapters
                          Just Because!
                          Altair: A Record of Battles

                          Konohana Kitan
                          Love is Like a Cocktail

                          UQ Holder!
                          Cinderella Girls Theater 2nd Season

                          ​​​​​​Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san
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                            Post-Simulcast Report: November 16-30

                            To end November, here's my next post-simulcast evaluation. I know I have been procrastinating on these, but I'm not quite sure what I want to say in these evaluations.

                            Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower: B
                            This is one of the better Naruto movies, and in particular what is nice about this movie is that Naruto goes back in time to meet someone important to his life who he never met. And of course, the action is great like always. I just like the way the movie shows the impact of community. Unlike the other movies where it's just Naruto teaming up with a movie-only ally to fight a movie-only enemy, this one is more complex than that.

                            ID-0 (1-12): C
                            While the show has an interesting premise and a solid story with lots of twists, the story's execution just is lacking, all while the CG usage was counterintuitive. Still, it has interesting characters and a lot of intrigue to it, but the way the show was put together could have been better than what it ended up being.

                            The Moment You Fall in Love (Movie): C+
                            This movie is part of the Honeyworks series that focuses on Hina, Koyuki, and Kotaro, and these characters are far less interesting than Natsuki and Yu from the first movie. The development just wasn't as deep and intricate as it could have been, while it was a bit cringeworthy to see those characters acting like fools. Nevertheless, it's a movie worth watching for those who are into the Honeyworks series as there is plenty going on with the other characters in this.


                            [FCB-3] Future Card Buddyfight DDD (38-43)
                            [HXH] Hunter x Hunter 2011 (73-74)
                            [JBA-SC] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (12-13)
                            [NAR-S] Naruto Shippuden (176-177)
                            [OPC] One Piece (453-477)
                            [PKM-SM] Pokemon Sun and Moon (24-27)
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                              Post-Simulcast Report: December 1-15

                              It's almost the end of 2017 as here is the second-to-last post-simulcast report of the season. As the simulcasts start to finish up, once again I remind that while I will post simulcasts in these reports, I don't review them here. Those will come in a separate post for simulcasts.


                              Sorcery in the Big City (special): C
                              This show is solid entertainment with a decent story and entertaining action, all while having it set in New York City made for something that stands out. But beyond that, there's not much that is worthwhile about this show.

                              ^K: Missing Kings (movie): B
                              This is pretty much setup for the sequel as it builds off of the ending of the first season to lead to a game-changing event. It's a very nicely presented movie that utilizes all the strengths of the first season and is relevant in order to watch the second season.

                              *Recovery of an MMO Junkie: B+

                              ^Overlord (1-13): B+
                              This show does a nice job in mixing in action and light comedy, as well as to tell a well-constructed story. While it borrows from other shows with characters trapped in a MMORPG, this one establishes its own identity well by having only one player trapped. The animation is another great job by Madhouse, especially with the action stuff. And then there are the characters that are well-established and interesting. That said, this show does have its issues, with the biggest one being that the story isn't deep and that the way the story progresses can be slow at times.

                              ^K: Return of Kings (1-13): B+
                              This season picks up right where the first season and movie leaves off, and it continues very entertaining. The story is full of intrigue, while the battles are nicely animated to go along with that great soundtrack. However,the biggest fault of this season that I found is that it spent too much time info dumping and chatting much more than it should, all while the pacing was just too slow. But in any case, this show continues to be great to watch for all of the twists and turns that go on.


                              [DBZ-K2] Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters (36-38)
                              [FCB] Future Card Buddyfight (44-46)
                              [HXH] Hunter x Hunter (75-76)
                              [NAR-S] Naruto Shippuden (178-181)
                              [OPC] One Piece (478-492)
                              [PKM-SM] Pokemon Sun and Moon (28-31)
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