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    Episode 7

    Haruto is still in the dumps over how his work's anime adaptation is being receiver. No surprise the criticisms continue with the second episode. Itsuki has heard before how Haruto wanted to do a tabletop RPG after the anime was finally behind him, and I like that how he wants to cheer him up by going ahead and having some fun with one now.

    I've never done a tabletop RPG myself, so it's interesting to see how the process plays out here, particularly with our quirky characters putting their spin on it. Haha... Nayuta is really out of control with the ways she wants to take things in a perverted direction. I love how GM Haruto steps in with the fantasy RPG world equivalent of the police at one point. Miyako does so well in being a cool big sister. Maybe it's hindsight bias, but I feel like I was getting Misaka vibes even before she showed off her abilities. It's fitting when she's the big sister not just one but several imouto. It's fun how they even acknowledge how they're blatantly ripping off their abilities too (at one point, Itsuki has to stealthily change the name he's calling out when he about doesn't go with the copyright-friendly modification). Hah, and Itsuki gets to be a rather sexy badass this episode. It's fun how Miyako's choice of character gets him thinking for the first time about how he's never thought of the role of BEING the little sister himself, though turns out he is not completely turned off when it comes to him. And Chihiro gets to play as her assumed real gender role, and interesting to see how she and Itsuki feel on it. Still rather curious what's up with her.

    Heh, and I love how Itsuki being very familiar with Haruto's works has him appropriately cautious and predictive of what's going to happen to him. As much as GM constantly tries to sly away from it, Itsuki ends up being right, with perverted tentacle shenanigans and the last boss twist reveal on the Princess (actually there is a lot in how they were originally approached there that reminded me of a certain fantasy LN adaptation: maybe not a coincidence given the callouts). Also, it's fun how Haruto voices all of the side characters (which appears quite amusingly in the ED credits). Hino Satsohi really gets to show his range here, which reminds me of how he stretched his voice in Overlord.

    Even with all the fun we had of that, it's nice that it also gets Haruto thinking seriously about the team effort put into making his anime adaptation. It was interesting as I was just thinking at the beginning of the episode about how Haruto seemed to be down on himself with no acknowledgement of the people adapting his work. It's a rather sweet scene to not only finally get to see a positive angle to what's happened with the anime adaptation but show some of that acknowledgement for the hard work the others put into it.

    Miyako was keeping up the empathetic feelings for Haruto's situation even in her TRPG character situations. I can't say it's too big of a surprise Haruto is falling for such a sweet, wonderful person. Miyako seems set on Itsuki, though, so I'm not sure if we'll see her reciprocate in that regard. Very interesting to see what this will bring to the group dynamic.
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      Episode 8

      I love how Itsuki is completely up front about how his "romcom" writing doesn't mean he actually knows what to do in the real world when it comes to things like giving a gift to a girl. The blatant wish fulfillment, that the heroine would be happy with literally anything, is openly admitted. Itsuki unknowingly took the conversation in an awkward direction while he happened to be eating a partially brown-colored meal.

      It's so danged sweet to hear how Nayuta puts her feelings for Miyako, both when they're thinking of preparations and in front of Miyako herself. She really loves that empathetic, caring side of her. The fact she's one more year into her adult years gets Miyako airing some of the things she's most self-conscious about, even outright admitting her "lie" to Nayuta, and Nayuta is so danged heartwarming in her response. Her gift was something quite special too. That novel was quite something, though it does kind of getting Miyako feeling self-conscious again. Nice how Haruto gets a chance to respond to that later.

      I like how the theme park being crowded not only points out again how the situation doesn't play out like a romcom LN author would think, but also shows how completely unaware they are in their work of just when "holidays" are coming up. It's the busy Golden Week season and they didn't even realize. Hehe... Itsuki's reaction to the rides are fun too as it's kind of relatable to me. I've had the "what was I scared of?" feel before growing up when I had fun on a ride I was scared to try years before. And while Itsuki has been reluctant on some things Nayuta drags him into, with this it looks he's rather enjoying what he's getting to experience with her.

      And on that note, back on Haruto... poor guy... he's finally hit with the realization rather deeply over where Miyako's interest really lies. He feels he's being cruel continuing on the same path he took this episode of having Itsuki helping him, when it just puts Miyako in more situation where she longs for Itsuki and feels she can't have him as Nayuta is there. Will be interesting to see if any breakthroughs happen with any of them and how they move forward with it.


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        Episode 9

        Last we saw Itsuki and Mikuniyama meet, they seemed to be a good match for each other in terms of their little sister interests. But at the end of the last episode, we got hints from Toki that Itsuki wasn't going to take well to something with regard to the manga. Given the way Itsuki is, I felt it had something to do with the way the ecchi scenes were handled, and sure enough... Heh, it's not that Mikuniyama is necessarily being a prude with them. Oh, not at all... She's quite the over-the-top pervert, but in a way that really clashes with Itsuki's vision quite directly. Sure, some of it's for fanservice, but I really love the way Mikuniyama doesn't back down from her position being challenged and really proves herself with her abilities. She gets in the appropriate mode for it too... Was absolutely hilarious the reveal we get with the hair bow she had been wearing the whole time, morphed into headgear that is SOX-approved. Itsuki is so used to being around Nayuta that he can't think of it as weird at all.

        And speaking of Nayuta... while Mikuniyama did get to bring Itsuki halfway to her point of view... I figured Nayuta would come into the equation. It's not that she just likes nudes in her works, but she practically lives the nudist way her life wherever she can. It was a foregone conclusion they were going to be butting heads in some way, hah, and poor Miyako is stuck in the middle trying to affirm her normality. You'd have wonder if even Mikuniyama is a match for the ever aggressively assertive Nayuta, but oh she is... The results have to be just as aggressively censored. And in the end, even Nayuta proves to be no match for Mikuniyama. Well, in this case, Nayuta is able to "lose" in a way where she actually "wins". Them meeting each other halfway in the happiest of compromises was the only way to end this, and the results are quite pleasing for what Itsuki gets in his final draft of the manga. If only he knew who the model for Hilde's wonderful breasts was...

        I continue to really love the fun things the show does with the OP. First we end with a nude-Itsuki variation on the OP, and then in the ED, as we're treated to Mikuniyama's glorious finished product, we get to see which faction each person in the entire staff is with.


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          Episode 10

          It was about time Chihiro got some focus. Heh, and I just love that it comes about with her working for the playfully fun Ashley. I liked getting to see what her abode was like. The front office is presentable, but anything she doesn't have to present... Chihiro is right into the cleaning, though. And we finally get a direct reveal of her gender to someone else (love how Ashley is right to sharing a bath as soon as she finds out ). So Chihiro somehow keeps this up only around Itsuki's circle. At school and to the rest of her family she is a girl. There's still the pressing question of "why" she thought it necessary, and how Itsuki has managed not to find out. We do get the issues with his family here, so of course that's got to be some part of it. It's nice to see they got a bond even though Chihiro came with the remarriage that Itsuki feels so bitter about. We're undoubtedly going to be touching on that situation more as we get to the end of the season.

          Itsuki is still on a mission to gather material for his latest story. Heh, I like how the zoo just ends up being a good time out, complete with Nayuta's ecchi weirdness, that gets him really no ideas for his story. No usable ones at least: his imagination was fun there. And out with Chihiro at the aquarium, Chihiro shows a quirky side too in not really viewing the fish as they're supposed to: only thinking about good meals they would make. Kind of making me think of Yuuri from this season. Chihiro does seem to be showing some envy of the vibe Itsuki has going with Nayuta. Guess it remains to be seen whether we get any untoward progression out of that, but of course hoping we get something good that's not.

          I guess this is a "3D little sister" episode in general. Haruto's sis has some nice sweetly tsundere focus over how she feels about the anime in the post-credits. I'm hoping he pulls through and gets to seeing a better adaptation of work eventually too.


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            Episode 11

            Hah, Itsuki is back in sleepless trying-to-meet-a-deadline mode. Interesting what Miyako happens to experience of Nayuta's editor while dropping off something for Itsuki. There's quite a contrast with what we see of Itsuki and Toki, but in that way a fascinating different look at another connection between editor and author.

            Those storytelling games are so still so fun too. Nayuta succeeds in turning it in an outlandish pervy direction to an even greater degree than she's done before. Interesting how Chihiro clashed with Nayuta in what she did with the little sister role, though they were all overpowered by Nayuta's vision. Her nude advocacy is rampant this episode. While Miyako is very embarrassed about what point she has to take up the story, it's nice that with Miyako's bonding with Nayuta earlier in the episode, she seems quite used to the mode of hanging out alone with her friend.

            Haruto is rather persistent, perhaps to a somewhat flawed, selfish degree (since he knows it would be painful for Miyako if Itsuki and Nayuta move into a relationship), but he at least doesn't want to sit back doing nothing. And dang, does he get quite the interesting reveal out of Itsuki on how he feels. And it feels quite right that their difference in status as authors is the big thing holding him back, given how much this has been so central to the series. On her personality, Nayuta seemed quite charming and likeable despite how far she goes with her eccentricity at times, so it would be surprising if Itsuki wasn't into her on that level. Though as he says of this, Nayuta seems to actually be hearing it... (that was quite the adorable visual reveal) Going to be really interesting how she acts now knowing this.

            And just as Itsuki is talking about one of the big milestones he wanted to hit, it happens! An anime is coming! I assume things are perhaps going to go differently than what we got of Haruto. Undoubtedly this is going to be a rough ride, if maybe in different ways. Is Itsuki going to be too pressing in his privileges as the original author with the anime staff, given the emotional situation he's experienced with Haruto and his anime adaptation? Though if this turns out to be a decent or even good adaptation, it may cause some drama by stirring feelings of inadequacy from Haruto. And all of this ties right into Itsuki's goal of being the "protagonist" with Nayuta, so probably will be some heavy focus on her, and how Miyako is feeling about it (inadequacy from that direction too).


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              Episode 12

              Interesting to get a look into Itsuki's backstory, and not necessarily his family life as I expected. Well, I suppose it is in a way, since the girl who he was crushing on was the daughter of a housekeeper and had got to thinking of him as a kind of little brother after hanging out. Given we've seen or heard nothing of this girl throughout the whole series, I could only expect there was going to be some kind of bitter end to this. Poor Itsuki, though he was kind of emotionally forced into what was likely the worst time after he had finally gathered up the courage, it was unlikely to have gone well for him regardless. It's interesting we see deep down he'd thought of being an author during his initial lonely period of taking in light novels, but he felt it would be something out of reach. We get to see where Itsuki's "not being a protagonist" feelings that are holding him back from Nayuta were born, and also how that finally propelled him, despite his feelings of inadequacy, to go forward. Neat to see what we get with the title drop. I'm quite curious if we'll ever get to see this Kasuka person who wrote it.

              The series has kind of revolved around these storytelling and/or author kind of games since it's begun, so it feels appropriate to go out on one, and nicely meta with it being about the careers of light novel authors. Haha, and I love how danged bitter the author of the game seemed to be about it. The only winning move is not to even start being published. I liked the bit about Miyako being confused she's actually losing points over getting a light novel adaptation. Feels like the author of this series is getting in a dig at that live-action Haganai adaptation he allowed.

              Speaking of adaptations, Itsuki may be happy about his anime adaptation going ahead, but he seemed to be that mood even in the face of what Toki presented to him as rather grim prospects of success. I'm hoping it will be something like a scrappy animation team that has some enthusiasm for his work, and while far from being something great, will be see as modestly enjoyable and boosting the original work. Getting to feel meta in that sense too, as now I'm rather interested in the novels to get further than we got here (EDIT: I didn't realize it, but the novels are licensed by Yen Press with first volume coming in May. Yay!). The note dropped on Chihiro seems interesting: feels like the biggest drama we could get of it is that Itsuki will somehow feel he won't have the enthusiasm for the material having an actual little sister. I had decent expectations since this was from the author of Haganai, but this turned out to a fun, enjoyable series and one of my favorites of the seasons. Another season may probably be way too much to hope for, but I'd be quite thrilled if it happened.
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