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    Episode 12 (Finale)

    Will the real Negi Springfield please stand up?

    And so it ends with all 31 girls of Mahora Class 3-A making an appearance to try an bring Negi back to his senses as unbeknownst to him, genes from all of the girls are inside Tota, not just him and Asuna. In order to summon them, it required Kirie to come in and stall Ialda and company with suicide pills being ripped out of her teeth in the process. In the end, Fate and Yukihime set aside their differences to get to Negi, who tells them not to choose him over humanity, and with that attack Ialda decides to retreat. Well, I wasn't expecting much out of the finale seeing that trying to adapt all this in just 12 episodes meant a lot of rushing and corner cutting, but seeing all those girls again was a nice touch. And of course, Tota never stood a chance for Yukihime's romantic affection there at the end.

    Overall, this show is pretty much something that only Negima fans would appreciate as this show has a laundry list of problems that have dogged the Negima anime series as Ken Akamatsu can't seem to get something faithfully adapted. While closer to its original source than either of the Negima series, it still doesn't capture the full intent of the manga. Anyway, this show does have its great points as the animation quality is nice, the action is great, the story has lots of intrigue, and of course, the characters as they are an interesting bunch. But at the same time, this show has its fair share of problems with the biggest ones being the corner-cutting of the story, the amount of attention to fanservice, and the rushed pacing. It was a big mistake to have this done in only one cour given the way things play out in the manga, but they did make do with the limited real estate the show had and unfortunately, it meant not being able to tap into its full potential.

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      Why do I have a feeling that the "genes of all of Negi's students" is basically something that was made for the anime only, especially, considering how it would probably be impossible to give Touta the genes of someone who is a robot (while Chachamaru may have a soul, her body is still artificial) and someone who would require disturbing a resting place that would be at least 100 years old in order to get Sayo's genes?
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