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    Anime adaptation of Ryūhei Tamura's manga of the same name. Get that kid some clothes, please.

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    Episode 14

    Kanzaki's figured out that Beel is the key to Oga's strength, but doesn't go about copying him in quite the right way...

    - you can't fault Kanzaki's eagerness, anyway...
    don't think a stuffed toy baby is going to have quite the same effect as a baby demon lord.
    - ah yes, I feel Oga's pain on this one.
    - sekuhara-sensei?
    - could Beel's nakedness be part of his power..? Shiroyama's about to help them find out. Until he's arrested again.
    - Kanzaki's given up. Can't say I blame him with those two trying to "help".
    -Oga, meanwhile,eventually has to take Beel out - and runs into Aya. Still hasn't drawn the connection between park-persona and school-persona. Hello? McFly!?
    - Kota's missing, and Kanzaki finds him. A genuine baby to carry on his back while fighting!
    - he eventually gets his double-heel smash off - but it all goes a bit wrong.

    As with most Beelzebub episodes, needs more Chiaki. Needs any Chiaki, actually. Still, good fun once again, reinforcing just how thick Kanzaki and his sidekicks are - but you have to appreciate their effort..!
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      Episode 15

      - Freddie is sekuhara-demon, then? Poor Furuichi.
      - Furuichi pictures Hilda in a swimsuit. I'll be surprised if she gives up her dress.
      - yay! Chiaki! Boo! Not for long enough!
      - Toji has the same tattoo as Oga. So where his demon sprog?
      - it's not just Furuichi's dreams that are ever-growing, I'll bet.
      - Freddie in a mankini. MY EYES!
      - mistaken identity sees them working in a beach hut.
      - squid-flavour yogurty. That can't taste good.
      - and here's Aya, checking up on him.
      - what the hell is that outfit. Once again: MY EYES!!
      - 17mins in and no swimsuits yet. What the heck?
      - Letter of challenge, delivered via Aya. Who was just about to tear it up.
      - he's not going to get to fight Tojo either, looking at the time left.
      - back home. And that's an unfortunate set of white bits Oga's been left with...

      Swimsuits next week, by the look of it, when we move onto a pool episode. But this week I feel decidedly cheated - no swimsuits at the beach, and the big showdown with Toji never happened. What's the point!?
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        I knew that Tojo's badass entrance was going to be censored... but to the point where they put clouds over it... oh lordy, what a mess this anime has turned out too be. I honestly can't believe they delayed Aoi's entrance by drawing out material as well as having an anime original episode before it. Any competent director/writer would've got her into the series ASAP... waiting until episode 7 is a just utter incompetence. The overuse of Beels zapping was horrendous, must have gone over really well with their 3-5 year old focal groups. And now inserting so much filler material before the first arc that actually shows how good the manga can be... all I can say is thank fuck this team isn't handling SKET DANCE, now that's how you adapt a manga... and no it's not a 1:1 adaption, they have chapter skipped a lot to put more focus on popular side characters and they also mixed chapter 3 and chapter 28 into one episode with #5. Blue Exorcist is another well done adaption....

        The Beezlebub manga while far from great is a good, enjoyable read, pity about the anime, I realize why the filler is being done, my issue is with the horrible placement of it.
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