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    Re: Episode 23

    Interesting reveal that Ursula was unintentionally data mining for Croix. Never would've thought Ursula was duped into stealing dreams for Croix's experimentation purposes; it's no wonder she's depressed into believing she can't do anything for Akko. Diana is just as disappointed, showing disgust in Ursula for giving up and contradicting everything both her and Akko believed in as impressionable children idolizing their role model.

    Definitely nice to see Diana reassuring Akko that her magic can be restored. Even more generous of her giving up the most precious article that kept her motivated in following the path she adored. Akko can now consider Diana no longer a rival, but a true companion who shared the same passion. Kind of amusing how she opens up and reveals the exact same infatuation of Shiny Chariot in front of the store clerk.

    The one thing I found strange and somewhat cheap was the history behind Chariot's performances. Honestly feel the script could've been done differently- where we would instead see Chariot operating independently; no need for that producer guy managing her shows. All this time I thought she was performing ad hoc, by her own means, despite maybe showing a conflict of interest between the school. Making it look like she was being used by some agent somewhat downplays her honest dedication she spent convincing people to watch her shows. She did it in the past with only one other person (supposedly in front of Croix in those flashbacks), so I can imagine showing her rise to fame (without some 3rd party that disrupts and cheapens the image of her sincerity and commitment), could've been possible.

    Other than that minor detail, I like how all the other girls are brought back into the picture. Definitely a smooth transition getting them possibly involved once again, instead of a sudden appearance where everyone and their sister come out of no where just to fight the boss character. Should be fun seeing how this concludes; and with the last word still remaining to activate, I'm wondering if it'll involve Akko individually, or all the other girls in concert. If the latter, than inducting Nine NEW witches would make it more fitting.


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      Episode 24

      Shocked Croix is shocked. All her efforts for activating Grand Triskelion and the world reconstruction magic were nothing like she expected. Though throughout the entire time she's moping in denial, she didn't realize the cubes sent a possessed ICBM into space. Curious what the purpose for that is (the antri-construction magic to Akko's releasing of reconstruction magic?), maybe another moon incident just like what happened to Chariot, only this time Earth is the target? Seems plausible enough, and reason why all the witches will team up, including Croix to stop it. She'll probably convince herself that her delusions were all for the wrong reasons. Having Chariot 'never abandoning her' is solid proof she'll need to give up her fight and join the rest before the world ends.

      Loved the group hug at the end; with nearly everyone (Diana was too late :D ) getting a piece of Akko before Jasminka smothers them to the ground. Their reactions were gold, notably Sucy's and Constanze's faces right as they're crushed by the rest.

      Akko was too adorable with her childish naivety, immediately asking Diana what's up with the stick everyone was befuddled by. Lotte's immediate interjection couldn't be any quicker and Akko doesn't even hesitate before acting on the smart suggestion.

      But wow did they make the ending ominous in a disheartening way. Framing Akko's smiling face staggered to the death toll of the missile alarm felt so different for this series. Probably one of the more emotional cliffhangers this series had. Wondering if we'll get some screentime with the Nine Old Witches making some kind of appearance before the newer, Nine Witches replace them. Hopefully it doesn't involve them sacrificing their lives to do so; that would be quite a twist, which I'm sure would receive a lot of criticism if it ends up being true.


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        Re: Episode 24

        Hah, I was kind of hoping Croix would whip out her own magic lightsaber so they could have a duel. Though she obviously had more effective tricks up her sleeve against the weakened Chariot. Senior teachers finally get involved, way too late...

        Croix at first welcomes her magic going unexpectedly out of control. And with all that power, she unseals the Grand Triskelion like she always wanted... It was priceless to see her reaction to what she got. She thought the reconstruction magic was going to be something grand and all-powerful, but what she got looked like something to celebrate a kid's birthday party with. This was all about the simple wonder of magic: something Akko was well-suited to obtain, but what Croix never really was. We see later even the well-researched Diana had no idea what the reconstruction magic would look like. And then Croix's magic goes even more out of control, this time finally getting her reflective on it (though fittingly for her, there's some anger at first, feeling her own magic has betrayed her in the end too). Even after all she did, Chariot is not the kind of person who would abandon an old friend.

        Akko and friends come in to save the day. She gets her sweet fated "reunion" with Chariot, activates the final Word, and uses some of the reconstruction magic. Things all seem pretty happy there with her and the precious bonds she's formed with her friends, but... Yeah, I figured they were going to have a crisis on their hand with what's left of the mess Croix created. Very curious to see what's gong to go down for the finale.


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          Originally posted by EmperorBrandon View Post
          Re: Episode 24
          Very curious to see what's gong to go down for the finale.
          Let's see: Some crazy magic missile which will undoubtedly lead to no good is flying, riots are getting out of control and threatening to topple the government, it could even lead to war as that idiot minister wants to use the chaos to mess with their rival country. What to do? Pffft! Easy! Send in Akko and her friends, with a likely assist from Andrew, who will finally show his Dad he has what it takes, and the day will be saved! Probably it will involve employing "make everyone happy" magic like Chariot used to do, but with out the magic stealing part of course.

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            Episode 25

            To be honest most of this episode felt like it was there not to make LWA a better narrative, but to check off a list. The missile stuff went on twice as long as it should have. Still the stuff near the end is nice.

            Hidden inside LWA is a stronger one cour series that was weakened into a 2 cour series. ok, a 2nd cour isn't automatically bad, but sometimes the 2nd cour should be the start of a new story rather than the current story dragged out a bit.

            Akko is over all a nice protoagonist except when she feels more like a box of motivation than a character which sadly is a common trait for a lot protagonists. Even more so when they the plot will work out how they need it to.

            In any case, for me Ursala was the best character, still is.
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              Re: Episode 25

              So Akko does enthusiastically run with the idea there are "nine new witches" here, though the battered Chariot and Croix can only give the rest a powerup (complete with cool color change to their uniform), and it's up to ragtag bunch of students to take on the epic missile chasing duty. While only Akko and Diana are able to stick around up to the final confrontation, I like how they all show their particular specialties and styles as they each give the team a boost. And then the rest of the boost comes from being broadcast to the world, as more and more people start believing in them.

              Well, the government of course was going to try and bring the missile down themselves. Was to be expected that a magic-infused missile wasn't going to take conventional attacks, though. I love how it shifted its shape to evade. Haha. Even though Hanbridge (only exceedingly slowly) thaws to the situation on the witches, Blackwell is a slimy cynic to the bitter end. I like how the prime minister is actually a reasonable guy who accepts Andrew's position. Andrew is probably going to be moving up in his career for defying his father's initial wishes rather than the other way around.

              And Akko and Diana hold hands (hnnnnggg...) as they deliver the big final blow, complete with a big smiley-faced cloud in the explosive aftermath. I guess magic allows them to breathe in space.

              It feels like Croix was going to be left off easily despite all she's done. Chariot and Holbrooke are rather forgiving types after all. But Croix is going to atone in trying to reverse what happened to Chariot's ability to fly. And speaking of ability to fly, nice that they do finally give Akko a victory there. A small one, but one Akko and her friends are unreservedly happy for. Even though they were not a part of the missile-chasing, I love how Hannah and Barbara have a part in mingling with the whole group of friends now. Particularly warms my heart to see Barbara reading Night Fall with Lotte. Constanze and Sucy's game playing was cute too.


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                Re: Episode 25

                Despite some minor setbacks, this was definitely some wonderful eye-candy. Was grinning the entire time at how beautiful the animation and action was, though typical of Trigger excellence.

                Couldn't have imagined how the girls constructed their multi-staged magic rocket, which was brilliant in itself. Loved Sucy and Lotte's tandem, making for an awesome, final boost.

                I was a bit worried Akko's inability to fly would remain permanent, but happy to see they didn't make that error, which would've defeated the entire point of her 'believing heart' being her magic, especially after what she had just accomplished with Diana. Got a laugh from Amanda being smug about the continued failure right before Akko, (unaware of her newly acquired ability) manages to fly on her own.

                In the end, the series was highly enjoyable despite some of the minor issues with the pacing and character development. While Akko is a bundle of hyperactivity, she doesn't stray from 'being herself'. I didn't expect a major character shift to happen, and I'm glad none of the other characters changed beyond their stereotypes either.

                This is a simple, straightforward show, almost like a SoL with an extended, workable plot. Nothing deep, nothing groundbreaking, but amusing and entertaining nonetheless. It's cute and that smiling face that encompassed the whole area after the missile blew up, is reflective of what this show was all about. Got a good laugh at that silliness, but it's a genuine, feel-good silliness, which the show predominantly took itself to be. One of my few favorites of the season, and I hope we'll see more in the future, since I'm pretty sure they could followup with Barbara and Hanna, as well as Frank and Andrew seeing how they are all closer to the witches than ever before.


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