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    Re: Episode 11

    Ah, quite the sendoff to Yakumo in the afterlife, getting to see and talk to the people he most wanted to, and his experience in limbo reaches its climax with rakugo as it should.

    Going by the next episode preview,

    Spoiler ->it looks like we've got quite the timeskip ahead with what looks to be Konatsu's children having gotten older. Interested to see what's come of everyone.


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      Episode 12 (Finale)

      Rakugo without borders.

      And so it ends with 16 years having passed since Yakumo's passed away and a lot has happened. Shinnosuke has a little sister in Koyuki who is curious about Yakumo seeing that she was born sometime after he died, Konatsu has become the first female rakugo storyteller, Yotaro has changed his name from Sukeroku III to Yakumo IX to carry on the family legacy, and the burned-down theater has been rebuilt with Yotaro and company performing to celebrate its grand reopening. After everything that happened, not only is rakugo alive and kicking, but it's better than ever. That was a perfect way to end this show, especially with Yotaro's best performance ever with that moment of silence to surprise the audience. So with that, it's curtains for this show that has been an amazing journey.

      Overall, this is one of the best shows out there as it does everything right. The story is well-written, the characters are well-developed, the voice acting is off the charts, and everything in this season is intuitive, all while this show does an excellent job in maintaining its focus on what this show wants to be about with the theme of life and death prominent through everything that happens. With the stench of the terrible first episode long gone that perfection is reached in this season. And of course, the best part is the rakugo so masterfully done by Akira Ishida and Tomokazu Seki going to show why for a long time they are the two of the best in the business.

      MAL Rating: **********
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        Re: Episode 12 (Finale)

        Hah, it's fun to see how much Koyuki takes after her dad in personality. She's practically a Yotaro-schoolgirl. Shinnosuke has become quite like Yakumo in being an angsty pretty boy. It seems there may be more to that than just his obsession over what he knew of and learned from Yakumo.

        In some ways he's the same as always, but it's pretty cool to see how much Yotaro has matured, getting to have became a bit of a real leader in the rakugo world. I figured his Shinigami would get intense enough to summon the spirit of Yakumo.

        I was really happy to see Matsuda pop up around when I was expecting him too. I thought he would not be one to pass on just yet even now. He's the last one to link to the days of Yakumo VII who he had tried to apprentice under as a young person. Some poignant visuals there with him.


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          Re: Episode 12 (Finale)

          We go forward to the future of probably just a few years ago now to finish things off. The only original character is of course Matsuda since, as I've been saying all along, he is most definitely immortal, even able to visit the world of the dead -- and remembering it -- and come back to continue serving what would eventually become the third generation of Yakumo under his care.

          This rakugo family has continued on the legacy of those who have passed while innovating in ways that would have never seemed possible in previous generations. To coincide with the reopening of the classic theater, our little Yota has become Yakumo himself, his wife has rightfully become the first female rakugo performer, appropriately taking the name of Kosukeroku, and their child leads off the ceremony as the new Kikuhiko, which is more fitting than we would've imagined before learning this latest shocking truth of his birth. Finally, the new Yakumo is powerful enough in his tribute to see his fallen master.

          Perfect finale.
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            Re: Episode 12 (Finale)

            It was simply a beautiful ending to a beautiful show. Not really much more to say than that.

            I had long suspected that there was a deeper truth to Shinnosuke's parentage, since Yakumo VIII had that talk with the Gang Boss where he thanked him for a favor that would be hard to ever repay. It was obvious to me, right then, that the Gang Boss was not Shinnosuke's father. But last week, when we saw what grown-up Shinnosuke looked like, it was clear who his real father was.

            I don't use the word often because I think it cheapens it to do so, but this show, taken as a whole from start of season 1 to finish here, is a masterpiece.
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