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General Anime Discussion Thread FAQ (2017)

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  • General Anime Discussion Thread FAQ (2017)

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    New forum upgrade; change happens. As some functions may have changed since these guidelines were first written, we're updating the FAQ for 2017.

    The major change is to how former episode subthreads are now dealt with. Other basic discussion guidelines have not changed. New user or old, please take a moment to review them.

    Please reply to this thread with any questions or feedback on these guidelines, or General Anime forum issues.


    Q: Are these guidelines, or are these a part of the actual rules?
    A: These are guidelines. You will not get banned if you accidentally do something wrong. However, the way in which spoilers are governed is addressed in the global Fandom Post Forum Rules (Sec. IV-E). If you place unmarked spoilers in an Official Discussion Thread, Moderators may, at their discretion, edit your posts to either indicate spoilers or to add spoiler tags. Repeated, deliberate use of unmarked spoilers may encourage further moderation action.

    Q: What is an Official Discussion Thread?
    A: "Official Discussion Thread" refers to a thread to provide a place to discuss a show, normally on an episode by episode basis. These can be based on shows currently airing in Japan, and/or streaming online, or any older title.

    Q: Is there anything special about discussion threads?
    A: Yes, they have a few extra guidelines that we ask people to follow, as a way to help keep the discussion organized and flowing, and help people avoid spoilers.
    • In a discussion thread, each episode is commonly discussed separately. To insure that people can discuss one episode and not another, and find them in the discussion, we ask that the episode number that you wish to talk about is included as the first line of your post.
    • If you wish to begin discussion of a new episode, please first check to see if a post has already been made. Include the episode number as the first line of the post ("Episode 1"). You may include the episode title if you like.
    • If you wish to reply to a post about an episode, you will need to either quote its first post or any subsequent post labeled for it, or indicate it at the top of your post ("Re: Episode 1").
    • Posts for an episode can contain unmarked spoilers for that episode or any previous episode.
    • It is preferable that you not mention events from later episodes, even within spoiler tags.
    Q: I want to discuss several episodes at once, can I do that?
    A: You are not required to post on every episode if you don't want to. If you would like to discuss the events of several episodes, or the entire series thus far as a whole, just include the episode number of the latest applicable or most recent episode as your first line, or quote an applicable post. You may also talk about a range of episodes in this way ("Re: Episodes 3-5"). Episode-by-episode posting is something many prefer, but you do not need to be held to it.

    General comments on the show, or any aspect of it (streaming/broadcast questions or comments; general staff comments; etc.), as a whole can be made by not including an episode disclaimer on top of your post, but we ask that spoilers in such posts be especially avoided.

    Q: I read the manga/played the game/read the novel the show is based on, may I make comparisons in the thread?
    A: Knowledge of the source material can be a contentious issue. You should take into account that many posters will not have the same knowledge you do and wish to experience the story the first time through the anime. Please do not volunteer answers to speculation, even when spoiler tagged. Speculation is just that, even if you know that they are barking up the wrong tree, don't feel compelled to correct someone if your information is only from events that have not been shown in the anime.

    However, if someone specifically asks for a comparison with the original source, feel free to respond, though please use spoiler tags when you do so.

    Q: I want to discuss a currently airing anime, but it doesn't have a thread. Can I make one?
    A: Certainly. When making the thread, make sure you tag it with the proper season prefix from the drop-down box. Then put in the full title in either English or Japanese (or both, if you'd like) and end it with "Discussion Thread". In the first post, you can provide a brief description of the show if you'd like, plus links to the ANN entry, official site and any official stream, and premiere date. We also ask that you include this disclaimer at the end of the post.

    As usual, please try to follow these three easy forum courtesy habits when replying:
    1) If you're the first person to post about an episode in any given week, please indicate in the first line which episode you're posting about.
    2) If someone has already posted about an episode before you, please quote that post (or a relevant reply to that post), or include the episode title in the first line. ("Re: Episode 1")
    The only thing that should not be in the first post is actual discussion of the show. Once you've made the post, you may respond to it and create the necessary episodic discussions. If the show has been airing for a while, do not feel compelled to "fill in" for previous episodes. Go ahead and begin with a later episode if you wish.

    Q: I want to discuss a show that has already finished airing, do I have to use this format?
    A: No, this format is designed for the discussion of shows as they are airing in Japan. If you wish to make a generalized discussion of a series that has finished airing, you are more than welcome to do so. In fact, we highly encourage it! Just make sure that if you plan on discussing the entire show, you mention in the first post that the entire thread will contain spoilers.

    Q: I want to make a thread about a show, but not in the "Official Discussion Thread" format, is there anything I should keep in mind?
    A: When making a thread, put some thought into what aspects of the show you are discussing, and how much you have seen, if you have not finished it yet. If you want to make the thread free rein for spoilers from the show, please make sure to indicate as such in your first post. You can say something to the effect of "This thread will contain spoilers for the entirety of <insert show here>". Or if you are only partway through a show, and do not want spoilers for the rest, you could put "Please no spoilers after episode 14 of <insert show here>".
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    To all discussion thread starters, note the newly truncated "Note" section. C'est la vie to subthreads.

    The major changes to the above FAQ are in the third and fourth questions. Please review and offer feedback if necessary.
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