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    Re: Episode 9: Beware X of X Prisoners

    The candle challenge! Gon, will you choose the right one?
    Gon got an oil-soaked candle! No problem Gon has the solution! Way to go!
    Majitani VS Kurapika!
    Are you really thinking Kurapika maintain a though guy ACT??? You’ll be surprised!
    Fits battle!
    The tattoo of the spider 12 legs….Kurapika personality change completely….there is no doubt…
    The real Kurapika have now been discovered! And it was just a warning!!! Don’t use a fake tattoo like that anymore!


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      Episode 11

      Killua is one brutal motherfucker. Sure, that's been very clear for a few episodes, ever since he killed a couple of guys who pissed him off, but I loved the whole exposition about this mass murderer who crushed hundreds of random victims with his bare hands and got almost a thousand years in prison, only for Killua to immediately walk up and casually snatch his heart out of his chest. Then the talk of mass murderers being amateurs, and nothing compared to a former professional like himself. And that his father wouldn't have let a single drop of blood out. Oh boy... I do not want to get on that family's bad side.
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        Episode 10: Trick x To The x Treat

        - - Knock out doesn’t count he need to be killed!!!!!
        - - We need to wait for Majitani to wake up, let’s hope it won’t be too long…
        - - That was an easy win for Hisoka... and he passed the third phase quite fast. No surprises here!
        - - Way to go Leorio! A doctor is always useful!


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          Re: Episode 11: Trouble x With The x Gamble

          - I forgot to mention it before, but Leroute sure is one rare female character on this series...

          - Now…Leorio did something great last episode, but something quite bad this one… Kurapika is so right… at least we didn’t saw that, but let’s say it hurts just imagining it.
          - Leorio lose…well, that was expected. He his just useful for things related to his doctor ability
          - Now, they have less than 10 hours left.
          - Killua VS Johness
          - This will be a great fight! More of Killua dark side!
          - He did give the heart back, after Johness his dead but that’s just a detail!
          - 50 hours penalty in a small room. Is there any animes there?
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            Episode 12: Last x Test Of x Resolve

            - The waiting room for Gon’s team sure is better than the room for those who pass the phase!
            - Gon, you should perfect your aim with the skateboard!
            - The eyecatch says that Killua is bored, I’m too watching this episode…
            - Third phase end!


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              Episode 13

              Oh good. A recap episode. I certainly can't keep track of 12 episodes of a shounen action show. Well, nothing to see here. But hey, Merry Christmas!
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                Re: Episode 13 Letter x From x Gon

                Well...a recap episode...why so soon... I always don't like recap episode, but this soon? Please...

                And we have to wait an extra week for another episode...


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                  Episode 14: Hit X The X Target

                  - Finally back to the main story!
                  - Well, Hunter & Hunted!

                  - Poor Gon, he has the tag 44…
                  - I wonder who is 199… Anyway…I would not like to be 199. Or anyone else, that Killua may think be 199.

                  Well, that was ok. I hope they will switch to someone else next week.


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                    Episode 15: Explosion X Of X Deception

                    - Finding Hisoka with the butterfly can take a long time…
                    - Ponzu a female character! They are so rare!
                    - Leorio was so easily trick… oh well…
                    - Kurapika is here to help him…You are so lucky Leorio!
                    - I’m not surprised that Killua didn’t hide his tag!
                    - Gon gets a hair cut!

                    Well, this was a nice episode! And it looks like the next one will be a good one as well!


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                      Episode 16: Defeat X And X Disgrace

                      - Now Hisoka is “all tingly”... I’m not sure I want to know how he will calm it…
                      - I bet the next person Hisoka sees is 100% sure to be dead...
                      - You have to calm down Gon! That’s it, conceals your presence!
                      - Poor nobody, you have no chances against Hisoka!!!
                      - Congrats Gon! Well done! Nice scene!
                      - Gon is down…
                      - Of course Hisoka kills the guy who attacks Gon! And he gives back both tags to Gon, including his!
                      - Gon don’t want Hisoka’s tag but he is force to take it!

                      Well, that was a nice episode!


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                        Episode 17: Trap X In The X Hole

                        Like any number of those losers could ever add up to be a match for Killua. He seems to be in a good mood, though, since he lets them all live. He doesn't give back the tags he doesn't need, though, instead throwing them absurdly long distances to all but ensure they won't be getting them back. He even manages to troll the bald guy who was watching from the trees, causing him to chase after the wrong one.

                        The rest of the crew isn't so lucky. Gon leads Leorio (and Kurapika) to his target, but once he goes in the cave, he gets attacked by poisonous snakes that will stop anyone from leaving, and their master is dead, leaving them without any reason to stop. Now Gon and Kurapika are right there with him. Pretty intense, but I imagine they won't be that hard to deal with against these guys.
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                          Re: Episode 17: Trap X In The X Hole

                          I really get caught up in this show, I'm surprised. I find myself having "BUT HOW WILL THEY GET OUT OF THIS ONE??!!?!?!" reactions when it's plainly obvious they *will* get through the snakes - the next episode isn't even called anything to do with snakes.

                          But then again, I'm terrified of snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?


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                            Re: Episode 17: Trap X In The X Hole

                            - The guy who wants to attack Killua definitely knows nothing about him… He doesn’t even have a chance in a million.
                            - I guess the 3 dumb brothers are useful since they will be easy points for Killua…
                            - Yup and one of them was 199 the tag Killua was looking for.
                            - You fail Hanzo!
                            - Ponzu was found thanks to Gon!
                            - Well, Kurapika, Gon and Leorio are now trapped… by snakes…and the master of the snakes his dead.

                            Well, that was a slow episode… I miss Hisoka!


                            • #29
                              Episode 18: Big X Time X Interview

                              - Way to go Gon, you found the antidote! Now they need to escape…
                              - Gon…you can hold your breath for over nine minutes… That’s just…
                              - Well, Ponzu won’t pass…Oh well… It was just impossible for her to pass…
                              - So nine applicants passed the Fourth Phase! And six of them are rookies!
                              - Time for next Phase!
                              - So what is exactly the plan of Netero for next Phase?


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                                Episode 19: Can't Win X And X Can't Lose

                                - So that is the kind of tournament it will be. You need to win only once and you pass. And some have more chances for that win.
                                - So it's a "surrender" only...but Gon will never surrender!
                                - Three hours? Gon sure can endure it…
                                - That was the best thing to say Gon! Hanzo…even if you say that you would cut off the legs of Gon, it won’t make him surrender, so you fail!
                                - Gon wins…but that is the kind of victory he hates the most…


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