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    Episode 11-12

    Ah, it's summer festival time now. Momo-kun is another one for the green pepper-hating alliance this season. Naturally Kurihara already knows and has an idea what he'll like much more (with Momo-kun still being perplexed on her happening to know everything...) Heh, and Momo-kun is so adorably self-conscious of the fact it's Kurihara taking the lead everyone, thinking that he's eventually going to get little-brother-zoned. But we know that's not how Kurihara is and he has nothing to worry about. And then, as the opening segment hints, they fall prey to dreaded couple-separating festival crowd.

    Heh, I love how Momo-kun is so worried about Kurihara being hit on, and it ends up being he himself who actually has that problem (later Kurihara is worried about a kidnapping and it doesn't really seem farfetched with these three oddball girls about to whisk him away...) Rio has come as a handsome guy to assure the safety of her two friends, though it's ultimately Momo-kun she has to swoop into protect. And the three quirky girls are still quite happy to get their apparent BL scene. I also like Usami gets some fun moments there. She seem quite excited for Rio being in handsome mode. Ah, and chastising Momo-kun on what he could have done with the crowd scenario.

    But the biggest development this episode is with Rio and Kurihara. As the former ends up having the only avenue to contact her after the separation, and they get to have some pleasant moments with Rio trying to talk about her feelings with her. I really like how this ended with Rio getting to think Kurihara is a good person and not kind of suspicious of her as she has been up to this point. I was going to be a little disappointed if they played an "Oh no, she's being weird again" joke right after that, but nah, seems like some solid development. The only joke is that Momo-kun is feeling a little left out with them being so chummy after he had a "lame" moment where they both swooped in to help him.


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      Re: Episode 11-12

      Originally posted by EmperorBrandon View Post
      The only joke is that Momo-kun is feeling a little left out with them being so chummy after he had a "lame" moment where they both swooped in to help him.
      It was pretty funny, though a good number of guys would love to have this kind of "problem."
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        Episode 13-14

        Heh, Momo-kun's friends love to tease. They're fully aware that Momo-kun's insecurities don't really put off Kurihara's feelings for him. But this is just so much fun for them. And Kurihara is quite appreciative of Rihito's efforts. Even if she knows Momo-kun didn't send those messages, she can still enjoy thinking it being said in his voice.

        Haha, love "Momo-kun's bare skin" flashing through Kuri's mind. Already making up for not getting to see the swimsuit. Kuri holding back for once on taking a sleeping Momo picture (and you can feel a kind of guilt in her face, with Momo-kun suffering from fever right in front of her) was kind of sweet. She's getting to realize the Momo she sees from her stalking camera habits isn't everything. There's more to learn from Momo, what he think and dreams, in getting be more of a romantic couple. Heh, do love that visual with the rocket blasting off, and it ended up being said to be her sense of reason. Ah, and Momo-kun has a moment where he almost starts to do something we'd expect more of Kurihara and goes "What am I, a pervert?" You have no idea that you've got a long way to go to match your girlfriend in that regard.

        I guess the question of whether they're going to be on a consistent Shinya and Yuki basis with each other is deferred for now, over their extreme embarrassment. Wonder if it will just start happening, or we'll have to wait a while for a major turning point.


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          Episode 15-16

          It's interesting to see how much Norika has become part of the circle of Momo's friends. She gets to interact with Yuzuki and Rihito a good bit. Nice swimsuit for her as well. And speaking of swimsuits, Kuri finally gets to enjoy Momo's. And also has quite dirty mind with him blowing up the ball. Heh, but it breaks. "It wasn't tough": well, it's hard to withstand the force of Momo-obsessed Kuri.

          "Kurihara-san gets so assertive sometimes." Haha, yeah, "sometimes". But now Momo-kun finally gets a moment to show himself as assertive, and it really gets Kuri spinning in circles, quite literally. Norika's visit was a lot of fun. After eyeing a really suspicious cabinet (love how Kurihara immediately teleports in front of it :D ), it gets to the breaking point with Norika in which she can no longer overlook Norika's hoarding of useless Momo-kun paraphernalia. Her trash bags are coming out. But Norika does have something important to do beyond that: like how she notices how things had seemingly gotten shaken up, due to the earlier assertive Momo moment (though she doesn't let out what the exact cause was). Wonder how we'll see things settle down there.


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            Re: Episode 15-16

            So Kurihara got to wear the bikini she so wanted to wear before. Lol she got depressed after the ball bursts because all of Momo's precious air went to waste. Poor Kurihara. Well, at least she got the ball as a souvenir lol. Momo should have asked her what kind of a souvenir is a deflated ball.

            Hilarious seeing Kurihara being caught off guard by Momo trying to show the powers his Y chromosome has bestowed upon him. He is showing Kurihara that he has a Y chromosome and should be called handsome and not cute.

            And I really wonder what kind of questionable things were on the shelf behind the curtains. Those things were so questionable that they couldn't be shown on television and had to be censored. Well at least Norika is taking care of her weirdness in a good way lol.
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              Episode 17-18

              Heh, at first I was wondering if Kurihara was starting to rebuild her Momo-kun collection, but it looks like it may have even managed to be spared. Interesting to see the connection between Norika and Sawaguchi as their friends' chief observers/supporters. Get to find out a bit what Sawaguchi knows. Heh, but when it comes to Norika herself, Sawaguchi's perception seems a bit limited. "Her expressions are hard to read" Hehe, and he hasn't caught on to why she's interested in Rio.

              Kurihara lucks out that Momo-kun has reasons to be rather genuinely appreciative of her photo efforts. I do wonder about that mention of his dad in Kurihara's thoughts. Is he a photographer or something? Feels like something going to come up later with that (same thing with Rio's family).

              Kurihara reacts rather awkwardly to Momo-kun attempting to hold her hand as they start their amusement park date, and I love her reaction of complete satisfaction with just that even though "nothing has happened yet". The bar to satisfying her is quite low, but there was still much better to come for her. She kept laying out her haunted house plans as if we could expect something to go wrong with that.. It already seemed at the start like we were going to be set up to have Momo-kun being the one scared. But they manage to avert that quite interestingly, and it did end up turning out rather romantically. None of Kurihara running away as with the swings, and they both seem happy about it.
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                Episode 19-20

                Interesting how there's a twist on the culture festival thing, in that this school rotates out with a music festival. I guess this is a somewhat musically-inclined school. We do see Norika on the piano in the OP. Though there's a costume costume and of course that's where all the focus is at, with Rio being the representative of coolness (and dang does she look plain awesome as a vampire) and Momo-kun of course reluctantly representing cuteness. Kurihara again shows that by her nature she's impervious to that misunderstanding drama that almost always creeps into these situations in other romantic anime. But coupled with some of Rio's words to him, this is really starting to get Momo-kun really insecure in how Kurihara sees him. Of course we all know she's watching him closely... but as Rio noted earlier, these two are an airhead couple and it's never going to get out to each other without them saying it. And Kurihara ends up going all out on revealing her quirks @_@. Going to be curious what comes of that as we end with Momo-kun's initial reaction.
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                  Episode 21-22

                  So it seems Momo-kun is taking Kurihara's revelations just fine. And seems like he's being a bit assertive and finally trying to move things forward in calling her by first name and (though he's embarrassed) finding some common ground with the way she's shown her interest in him. One thing Kurihara hasn't revealed are her "information gathering" habits, though Momo-kun is on to thinking about them. Heh, and misunderstandings about Usami's brother (I was wondering what was up there, but I guess Momo-kun really hadn't met him yet) actually get us a bit more of the role reversal with Momo-kun tailing Kurihara. Love how she's so thankful in the text message to "Pyon-kun" afterwards of the unintended boon of riling up Momo-kun's jealousy.


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                    Re: Episode 21-22

                    Momo didn't exactly understand what Kurihara meant by her collecting things Momo touched or used. He tells her that he also imagines her wearing something he saw on tv or imagines what she would be doing in certain situations etc. But Kurihara is definitely more creepy than him lol. Fantasizing about someone is way less creepy than collecting used straws and juice boxes and taking pictures like a stalker.

                    I really like that Rihito guy. He sure has his fill of fun teasing everyone. Lol how he called the two girls by their given names so casually and got completely different reactions only to tell Momo that it's not that hard to call someone by their given name. And then he gets Momo jealous over Kurihara talking to Pyon-kun (lol). And Pyon-kun is Kurihara's informant and he gets pictures of his imouto in return. Siscon.
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                      Episode 23-24

                      Really wanting to get together for a Christmas party (interesting how she insists on not being alone with him: but there is a lot of sweetness to her backstory on why she wants it with all his friends), Kurihara goes all out in an effort to help Momo-kun study for his make-up tests. But not just her strong points. She's pouring herself into her weaknesses too, with her domestic skills not up to snuff (and we can see the results of the doll she makes). But she ends up exhausting herself into sickness, with it being a complete failure as Momo-kun fails a test.

                      Heh, I love how sly Norika is in this time being the one to arrange them to have time together. She's teasing the heck out of him, though it's amusing coming from her all in her usual monotone manner. Oh, and while we don't get to see her, it's fun to hear such a recognizable voice as Yuki's mother. Quite fitting.

                      Kurihara might be quite embarrassed it, but she is danged cute in pajamas and bedhead. Dang, particularly looking quite good in that groveling pose... Sweet to get them holding hands as Kurihara falls asleep, but it doesn't take long at all which leaves Momo-kun overly self-conscious about usual. Almost a kiss there, but that was a pretty unique way to interrupt it. A piece of Momo-kun hair causing her to sneeze. But even talking in her sleep, she knows the right reaction to it. Well, only one episode left. Very curious to see what kind of story we wrap up this series with.


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                        Episode 25-26

                        Neat to get the backstory on Yuki's name. And they can't get to dicussing snow without getting accidentally embarrassed. Ah, and I figured Yuki was going to be looking peekholes ahead of time.

                        Momo's issues with Yuki not being jealous at the girl attention he gets (love the harem comment from Norika) really come to a head here. It's nice to see Norika really knowing her friend the best, and saying the only thing that's really going to help in this situation, that she go to Momo-kun and find out herself what's wrong.

                        And we do finally get them sweetly honest with each other. Even if the Yuki side of the equation has her own brand of weirdness, it still comes off rather touching how it played out (got a little teary-eyed). Momo-kun's hangups have really been about thinking Yuki didn't like him as much as he likes her, but finally gets to realizing it's not the amount that's different, but just how they express it. This was a good note of progress to end things on (which is nice when we have other shows barely have progress at all in the end).


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