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1 & Only Post Your Collection Thread (Images Allowed!)

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  • 1 & Only Post Your Collection Thread (Images Allowed!)

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    By user request, this is the one stop shop for posting images and/or other documentation of your anime collection.

    Image attachments ARE allowed in this thread, and this thread ONLY, outside of the Cover Art forum or the Blogs. That includes any other thread in the General Anime forum--any images attached in other threads will, as usual, be removed.

    NOTE: Unlike the Cover Art forum or Blogs, these are image attachments only, not [IMG] code embeds, which are not activated and will not work here. Attachments must be uploaded to the forum, and they will appear as clickable thumbnails in posts, as demonstrated below.

    NOTE 2: With apologies, the current forum software bugs as of this thread's creation affecting the "Edit" and "Reply with Quote" buttons on posts MAY (but not necessarily) also affect the quick "Insert Image" button on the toolbar. To attach images, click to the "Go Advanced" post editor screen, and scroll down to the "Additional Options" section, where, under "Attachments," the "Manage Attachments" button will open a window allowing you to upload images, add them to your post, or to delete a previously added image. (Even if the toolbar button worked, this feature is still necessary to manage attachments successfully.)

    • There is currently no limit on the number of images per post allowed, but we're requesting some common sense restraint of no more than two or three. (Depending on usage, a rule may be put in place).
    • Because they are, like avatars, uploads to forum servers and not off-site links, all images must be .jpg or similar compressed format, and should not exceed 150 KB each. (This size may decrease or increase, again also based on usage.)
    • Only images may be attached to this thread. Off site links to larger or additional images, or videos, are of course allowed.
    • Finally, of course, image attachments may only be added to posts in this thread, and nowhere else (except blogs).

    Feedback or additional comments on the above rules and notes is welcome. This is a community thread and project, determined largely by its users; we just manage it. Enjoy.

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