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TFP's Anime List Project #11 (redux): Thanks (Of course!)

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  • [Fall 2015] TFP's Anime List Project #11 (redux): Thanks (Of course!)

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    Welcome to the 12th edition of The Fandom Post Anime List Project. Where TFP readers can suggest and vote on lists for a wide array of anime-related topics, often relating to the current anime season. Every week a new topic is offered, and the next week its nominees are voted on, while a new topic is opened. Weekly suggestions, and topic suggestions, are open to any registered forum user.


    My apologies for some delay this week, and for last week's topic, which is entirely my fault for not generating much in way of a list. That idea gets shelved for future, hopefully better conceived, use. But that is the project nature of this, I believe.

    So, no poll this week, sorry!

    But the winners of our tenth Top 5 poll from last week, for Favorite Anime Mysteries:

    #5: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
    #4: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
    #3: Paranoia Agent
    #2: Rokka - Braves of the Six Flowers
    #1: Gosick

    Congrats to winners and their boosters; thanks to voters!

    And the topic for this week is, of course (bear with us, non US people), "What Are You Thankful For in Anime This Year". That's anything from anime, or that happened in or around the world/industry of anime, in 2015, that you are/were thankful for having or experiencing or witnessing. Please reply to this root post with up to five (5) nominations. Nominations are open through Monday, this time, November 30th.

    (If you have a topic suggestion, please feel free to post that here, as well!)

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    Re: TFP's Anime List Project #12: Thanks (Of course!)

    a few notable ones, in no particular order:
    1) Death Parade
    2) Non Non Biyori Repeat
    3) the Muv-Luv kickstarter exploding and surpassing all previous VN ports
    4) Evangelion on BD
    5) Aria on BD (JP/10th Anniversary) announced with first season to be released next month.


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      Re: TFP's Anime List Project #12: Thanks (Of course!)

      I was wondering if people just come in here to vote in the poll. I should have still had a meaningless one.

      Originally posted by Sensuifu View Post
      a few notable ones, in no particular order:
      1) Death Parade
      2) Non Non Biyori Repeat
      The first one was definitely in mind, as the sort of show I'd like to see more often. (Maybe because I've been binging on things of similar mood on Netflix recently--the Marvel stuff, Daredevil and Jessica Jones--but something like Death Parade (or just more of it) feels like it'd be perfectly at home there, as a NF "original", if things like it can't get more support in the traditional venues.) So a seconded 'thanks' for that.

      Ditto on the latter, one of my top 5 of the year, certainly.

      In addition:

      Shirobako, which ran its near-perfect second cour in Winter. I've said it before, but it basically made over 15 years of my own fandom worth it. (All that time... All that money...) So I'm probably most thankful for this one.

      And almost forgot this one. Speaking of that couple decades of fandom referenced above: Magic Users Club re-licensed by Nozomi/RS. That's an early, important one for determining what sorts of stuff I would enjoy for years.

      Last but not least, thankful for really enjoying one of Miyu Matsuki's last (and one of her best) roles.
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        Re: TFP's Anime List Project #12: Thanks (Of course!)

        I wasn't sure if I had anything anime-wise to be thankful for but I think I do though:

        1. Seconded on Shirobako: One of the best shows of 2015 IMO & well worth watching.
        2. Discotek's licensing & release of Robot Carnival on DVD. A true anime classic that was long overdue for release on DVD is now available thanks to Discotek. Well done!
        3. Sentai Filmworks bringing the 3 Patlabor movies to blu-ray for the first time in R1 to complete their BD release of the anime franchise. Now if they could only get You're Under Arrest!-The Motion Picture on blu-ray (Available as such in Japan) as well...
        4. Monster Musume-Pure fun from beginning to end.
        5. Seconded on TRSI/Nozomi's license rescue of Magic User's Club. It's good to see this wonderful show become available again after so long.
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          Re: TFP's Anime List Project #12: Thanks (Of course!)

          First thing that comes to mind is the NagiAsu premium edition, which really makes for two particular points to be thankful on, and got some more beyond that.

          1. The intersection of a higher tier dubs with my tastes. This has gotten so narrow in recent years, to where my consumption of anime is almost all in Japanese. But despite that, my rather even language preferences haven't really changed. The intersection may be narrow, but those occasions do still happen and are ones I'm highly thankful for. NISA did great again (after previous year's Toradora) on Lull in the Sea, and something I'm very proud to have in my collection for its dub. This is also the reason Time of Eve got to be a priority in my initial Right Stuf holiday sale shopping. NYAV Post, one of my old favorite studios, is mainly around doing movies for companies outside the Texas area. I'm not as much of a movie consumer, but Time of Eve has more of the feeling of a series anyway, which makes sense because it's compiled from what was originally an ONA with distinct episodes. Such a wonderfully diverse cast of many longtime favorites of mine (including some I actually haven't heard in a while). As far as those that actually do turn out dubs in higher quantity for series, I can count on FUNi having at least a few hits, and while they don't tend to aim for my tastes as much as other studios, there's always a few treats for me from them. D-Frag was particularly remarkable among what I tried this year. There efforts to dub titles (and to some degree a decently diverse lot at that) in the same season they air are also appreciated. I have a lower estimation of Sentai's consistency, but they hit a good mark with Chunibyo, and regardless of whether it will be a high tier one or not, I'm delighted when they decide to dub something unexpected like Hanayamata.

          2. The increase of reasonable (non-Aniplex/Ponycan style) collectors edition releases. Well, this is something I've always counted on from NISA. They consistently offer pleasing releases that are decidedly not barebones. They're actually worth the price you pay too, and not insanely inflated in that regard like Aniplex. Besides new releases, I had gotten to checking around some releases I had on me for a little while this year like Hanasaku Iroha and Yuruyuri. Always a joyful occasion to dig into a release like this for series that hold up so well on rewatch at the same time. What's relatively new for NISA is their choice to dub some titles, which is nice. But outside of NISA, the other companies like Sentai, FUNi, and Viz have stepped up their game in this regard. The results from Sentai look specifically fantastic so far. While Chunibyo is the only one that's managed to catch my eye out of the recent spate, and I'm very happy with it, the thought of some maybe/potential ones to come (Amagi Brilliant Park and Food Wars would most likely hit a sweet spot if they happen to get them) has me salivating. FUNi seems to concentrate more on the really mainstream titles that often lie outside my tastes, but when they're finally able to get into more of their Sunrise titles, maybe there will be a chance for Outlaw Star which I'd love to have the collectors treatment on.

          3. Sequels to wonderful franchises. It tends to happen so often that a series I enjoy for one iteration end up with no chance of a sequel. Some that do get those sequels crash and burn in a way that exposes their flaws. But there really has been a number of great follow-ups this year. I see the sad but predictable decline in home video sales that often seems to come to the sequels of slice of life favorites in Non Non Biyori and Yuruyuri, but even if it's not enough to continue further (and I guess NNB is doing well enough that it could anyway), these sequels did a great job of reinforcing my love for those series and Yuruyuri coming so far is something I'm very thankful for. Oh, and there's Tamayura getting movies I didn't necessarily expect at first, but which may be heading to a great conclusive note. It seems even more impressive considering the fact it didn't even have the benefit of starting out as full standard cour series before it got two of them, just a short OVA (a trajectory of expansion that also delighted me with me Encouragement of Climb, though that's not relevant to 2015) I can give Death Parade a nod in that regard, too, being a short Anime Mirai thing that got turned into a neat series (would be happy to see more like that happening) It took a while before Oregairu's sequel came about, but when we did get it this year, it reminded me of its strengths.

          4. Crunchyroll's manga expansion. Crunchyroll's launch into manga wasn't new to this year, but I had only hesitantly thought before about adding an extra subscription (possibly to binge for one month on a few select titles I was interested in) before they went ahead and opened up the manga catalog to basic anime subscribers in 2015. Now I've been able to check out a few things at a leisurable pace. My interest in manga is surprisingly rather new. I've always been more of an anime person, but the particular appeal of manga has become more apparent in recent years in regards to touching on genres that are not as often adapted to anime or digging into a beloved franchise doesn't go as far in anime adaptation. Some stuff on Crunchyroll has gotten to go to print, and in the case of something I enjoy I of course would love a physical copy. I would like the kind of model I love so much for anime (in which even the most niche titles are available to try, but later on I can buy from among the best) continue to take hold with manga.

          Well, I hit on some more general notes than others are doing, so if I need to narrow out some specific items for the formal list, I'll do so. Just ended up being a number of things to get off my chest as far as being thankful is concerned.
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            Re: TFP's Anime List Project #12: Thanks (Of course!)

            What am I thankful for in anime this year? Hmm…

            1) The tasty entertainment of cooking from Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma.
            2) The fun ride of seeing entertainment made in Shirbako.
            3) The cheerful entertaining smile of Wakaba Kohashi (Wakaba*Girl).
            4) The entertaining chaos of Robot Carnival being available again, thanks to Discotek.
            5) That I got to spend more time being entertained by further installments of Non Non Biyori, YuruYuri, and Is the Order a Rabbit? this year.
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              Re: TFP's Anime List Project #12: Thanks (Of course!)

              I'm thankful that NISA continues to put out incredible product, and also that they license such interesting titles.

              I'm thankful that Sentai has really stepped up their efforts. From insane license announcements and creative collector's editions, to getting just about everything out on Blu-ray. That they are bringing back old licenses that have been unavailable in our market, as well as picking up where others have left off (Bandai, Geneon, etc.), is an amazing thing in itself.

              I appreciate that RightStuf has announced that they will be moving into the Blu-ray arena. Including a release for Utena in the mix only makes the announcement even sweeter. Maybe that's something to be thankful for next year, when those titles will start actually making it to market.

              I also have to thank Discotek for going all out with their Castle of Cagliostro Blu-ray release this year. They are always putting out good product, and they really increased the amount of titles they licensed this year.

              I suppose what I'm thankful for is that these companies are striving to improve and put out better products. My approach singles out the companies and their individual advances instead of just an overall theme. While we have had some unbelievable license announcements this year, I still have yet to get one from my top 3 titles desired. This makes it difficult to say that there is any one release or announcement I'm ultimately thankful for above the rest. I would rather applaud the companies for their hard work throughout the year.
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