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    Episode 7

    So those rejected by Fenrir are living in some faraway place near a river. With help from Lindow, they're alive. They are growing crops and stuff living somewhat peaceful lives. The trees surrounding the small village are all aragami. They are probably less developed aragami since they resemble a normal organism, just like those early aragamis in the flashback who had some minor differences compared to normal animals. In this world you have to do whatever it takes to stay alive and these people are breeding aragami for their own protection pretty much like how these god arcs are made from aragamis.

    Aragamis are picky eaters. Some will eat one thing whereas others will avoid it completely. Lenka uses his head here and injects his god arc with that something (forgot its name). His god arc isn't exactly dead. It's broken which makes it useless. This means that it can be fixed and he won't need a new one. His god arc turned into a big monster. The soundtrack was simply awesome... again.

    And we enter another week break. Dammit.
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      Episode 8

      More fanservice from ufotable

      Lenka and Alisa are out for the time being. Alisa needs to recover and Lenka needs his God Arc fixed. Sakaki from the flashbacks comes here to fix the God Arc. Turns out that Lenka was too good for his God Arc and he ended up breaking it himself.

      Sakuya and co run into trouble on their mission as the ground caves in and they're surrounded. Lenka uses his head, again, and comes up with a plan to kill those aragamis and come out alive. Cool.

      Lindow is on a mission to infiltrate aegis since his onee-san thought that something was off about these many aragamis coming here. The black Vajra, Pita, came here all the way from Russia. It probably didn't like Russian food so it decided to try out Japanese cuisine. He stumbles upon the latest plan.

      They're trying to lure in aragamis towards aegis and then they'll get the required cores out of them. It's dangerous since who knows whether the aragamis can be killed without them escaping. If they escape it could be hell. Interesting to see them so determined that they are willing to put themselves at such a high risk.

      The flashback was interesting. These aragamis are a different specie and not mutated animals or plants. A lot of spike like things started coming out of the ground. They should explain this. What caused this and stuff.
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        Episode 9 (To be continued in winter)

        So ufotable wasted time in between and now they're out of time. They're forced to turn this into a bit of a split cour with the last four episodes airing in winter.

        Soma is the focus here. Son of Johannes and Aisha, he was the first test subject for this God Eater project to make humans capable of handling the god arcs just designed. Soma is probably in a similar situation as Lenka with not much time to live. Lenka has 3 years if he doesn't use his God Arc. He's got less if he uses it. He decides to live with that for the sake of aegis.

        Soma has got some pretty cool moves there. He's called the shinigami since those near him die alot.

        They have to implement the plan to lure in aragamis. And Lenka has to lead a unit with Soma in it. Soma thought it was his fault that Aisha died so it doesn't matter if he dies. Lenka tells him that his mother didn't die just so that he could be born. He's got a lot of things to do for humanity.

        Alisa's trauma is being cured in a different way. She's being brainwashed into thinking that Lindow is the enemy. Because he found out about aegis's secret and could stop things. And Johannes doesn't want that. He also found out about the people Lindow has been helping out beyond the dam using stuff smuggled out of Fenrir. Johannes doesn't care if Lindow is the top God Eater there or not. He can prove to be a nuisance and should be eliminated so that aegis sees completion.

        Things are getting interesting here. If only ufotable hadn't wasted time with the extras we would have seen things ending within this summer season.
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          Episode 10

          And we're back. I like how ufotable turned a 13 episode show into a split cour.

          So we get info on Lenka. He was abandoned as a baby and a family who was denied entry into Fenrir picked him up and adopted him. Lenka grew up with them, not knowing that he was adopted. And his onee-chan was cute. Iroha was cute both when young and when grown up. It's a shame she had to die.

          While searching for medicine, they get attacked by aragami and Lindow comes to the rescue of Iroha and Lenka.

          Lenka got infected by the same disease his mom and those around them were infected by. They did the god eater test on Lenka and he turned positive. The mother said that he has a future now and should live on. Since they aren't related to Lenka by blood, they can't enter Fenrir with him which means that the family would inevitably split. The family then decided to at the very least, let Lenka live on since he can become a god eater and at least protect them, provided they live on and also because Lenka can now be of use to the world unlike them who tested negative.

          Lenka went through quite the crap. His family died for his sake and they weren't even his blood relatives. So he is carrying on their wishes by living on and becoming a god eater.

          This was all to give reason to Lenka and his "I'll kill aragami" thing. His family died at the hands of the harsh outside aragami filled world. Everything is because of those aragami so neko them.

          And Lenka not liking those tested negative to be denied entry into Fenrir gets strength here – if they would allow them to enter Lenka's family wouldn't have died.

          Now we will move on to the operation. Lenka got his weapon back again and can now fight. This operation won't be a nice experience for them though.
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            Episode 11

            So Operation Meteorite has started and Lindow is incharge of the group, but he doesn't want to do the boring job so he's given that job to Lenka since he won't be doing anything and also has some experience – he successfully took out the team under Sakuya out of the building which caved in while they were being chased by aragamis. Nice to see the hothead type MC take on a role which doesn't require shouting and going full shonen, again.

            The flashback showed the time during which Aisha gave birth to Soma. And that wasn't a pretty sight (actually, giving birth isn't a pretty sight anyway even if it's normal). Paylor and Johannes were probably talking about the Aegis plan and were disagreeing over that. And Paylor left Johannes after that argument. And he sent Aisha a charm which ended up being something which protects against aragamis. He had anticipated that something awful will happen so he had that sent. And Aisha turned into some red blob with a blue stone type thing after giving birth to Soma.

            And the new weapons are cool. Thanks to Lenka using that "aragami food" to bring his almost dead weapon back to life, everyone has started doing the same to trigger their weapons to go into eating mode.

            And Alisa is back after being brain washed which explains why she is so different now. I preferred the cold Alisa though.

            And during the mission, Johannes starts playing with stuff. He has something activated which lures the vajra away towards another stimulus towards the dam. And as expected by Johannes, Lindow goes in that direction. Johannes does something again and now the vajra are after Lindow. Johannes wants to eliminate Lindow because he knows what exactly is going on in Aegis and he fears that Lindow might expose it. To Johannes, this is just sacrificing one life for a greater cause. And no one knows that it is this nekoing bastard's doing. Damn!

            And now Lenka has been dispatched since he's the only one not in a bind here. And he'll be fighting with his new and improved weapon.
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              Episode 12

              I think Lenka's god arc is a little too big even by god arc standards. How the hell is he even controlling that monster? Lenka must be strong as hell if he's able to swing that bad boy around and still be in almost full control of it.

              And if those hundreds of vajras weren't enough, Pita shows up to make things worse. So the more aragami consumed by one aragami, the more intelligent that one gets. It avoided Lindow's flash grenade, controlled the tree aragamis, and kept an eye out for any incoming fire from Lindow's backup. In the end, Johannes and his bastardness forced the party to split up with Lindow being left alone while the rest go to save the village.

              Lol Lindow is so cool. He's about to die and he's sitting there lighting a cigarette. He's too cool for Pita. And the badass dies. That was so sad. Now who's gonna provide the show's badassery?

              Johannes is sacrificing everyone to achieve his goals. He's having Alisa's doctor hack into the system and the doctor is also controlling Alisa while he's at it. And Alisa gets another break down thanks to the doctor. Johannes wanted Lindow to be killed since he knows what Johannes is up to, and he had the doctor have Alisa kill Lindow. Johannes did get his wish fulfilled, but it wasn't Alisa who killed Lindow, it was Pita. Thanks to Sakuya's slap, Alisa dropped her weapon, but came back to her senses which meant breaking down. Lenka knocked some sense into her and made her pick her god arc again and fight. And this ends Alisa's trauma for good.

              Lenka continues to have a cool head in situations like this. He believed in Lindow and let him take care of things there. He knew that keeping Pita occupied was important because they can't afford to let Pita loose in the village while there are hundreds of vajras there already and they have to search for the aragami luring device too, on top of that. Lindow stalling Pita was important. At that moment, Lindow and Lenka considered saving the lives of those people to be more important than the life of Lindow. The two understood that their job as god eaters is to save the people, not to kill aragamis. The others let their emotions get the better of them.

              And now with Lindow dead, the group has to deal with Pita and the vajra there along with searching for the luring device which is supposedly there. "Supposedly" because it's Lindow's theory – he doesn't know for sure whether there's a device in the village or not. But there is most likely a device there.

              The big ass aragami which was spotted when Alisa was introduced, came into being by chowing down other aragamis. And Johannes wants to use that for his plan. Pita is nothing compared to that monster.

              Judging by how things are going, I seriously doubt this series will have a conclusive end to the whole aragami thing – there will still be aragamis in the end, there will still be god eaters and neko. Only Johannes might not be there and they will take a different approach to dealing with all this neko, and part of that approach would probably be letting non potential god eaters to live in relatively safe places like fenrir.
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                Episode 13 (Finale)

                So with Rindou out of the picture, everyone loses it except for Lenka who keeps a cool head despite being the hot-headed MC in the beginning of the show. That's quite the change. The people living there come and offer their help. They help Soma find the aragami luring device and he destroys it while Kota and Sakuya take care of the vajras and Alisa and Lenka take care of Pita.

                Pita is so strong that only cutting off a part of its wing nearly costs the five god eaters their lives – and two of those are of the unit under the infamous Rindou Amamiya. And after losing a piece of it, Pita goes crazy and blows ever away. Lenka is sent flying with a probably deep cut. He ends up with a big ass cut with a lot of bleeding and most likely broken bones here and there. But that's not enough to stop him from crawling towards the broken piece of Pita and then proceeding to chop up the monster as if those injuries never happened. Cool.

                It was a smart idea to use Pita against itself – if its skin is too hard to cut with a god arc then its skin should be strong enough to cut itself. Pita has gained so much intelligence that it knew that things were not looking pretty for him when Lenka held the Pita blade x god arc weapon. And Lenka turns super saiyan to defeat Pita lol.

                Johannes' plans have become clear. His plan isn't just Aegis which will be a safe place for people, rather his real plan is to send a bunch of humans out into space to wait until the aragami apocalypse ends after which they'll come back home. And Johannes doesn't like waiting so he wants to start the apocalypse himself so that they can get this over with quickly. And Rindou saw all this which is why he was to be eliminated. Johannes named that doctor as the person who hacked the system and probably hid him somewhere so that he couldn't be found. Or he betrayed that guy which is also entirely possible. Sakaki doesn't know about the fact that Johannes wants to speed up the apocalypse – what he does know is that Johannes won't be saving everyone as he isn't even trying. Johannes wants to save a select group of people only because he knows that not everyone can be saved according to his plan. Sakaki, on the other hand, is an optimist and believes that humans may be able to coexist with the aragami if those monsters continue to gain intelligence like this Pita here. Johannes and Sakaki were colleagues and were together when the aragami came out. They were together in their research and were good friends, yet they have different takes on the aragami. Johannes believes that these are wild animals which only know how to kill and should be destroyed, whereas Sakaki believes that these aragami may not stay like this forever and they may become human like with intelligence and the ability to communicate later on – in other words, Johannes is a pessimist and Sakaki is an optimist. And that's because of the different experiences the two have had with aragami – Johannes lost his wife to this aragami business whereas nothing of the sort happened with Sakaki.

                God Eater had a rather fumbling start but it got better. Lenka's development from hot-headed screaming MC to a mature guy who can keep a cool head when everyone else is panicking was done quite nicely. Alisa's trauma was also dealt nicely I think. Kota was probably there to show that you don't need to have had a bad experience with aragami to become a god eater. Rindou played a somewhat significant role in making Lenka more mature and in helping out Alisa. Soma was helped out by Lenka thanks to how he was helped out by Rindou. The visuals were sugoi and the soundtrack was outstanding. (I really need that soundtrack somehow when it comes out. This is like, the only show whose soundtrack I want). Ufotable really managed to capture the gruesome and deadly nature of this aragami infested world with their visuals. The "survival of the fittest" nature of the world was also pushed through quite well. The whole of Fenrir works on this principle.

                There's potential for a sequel here after the way they ended things. Lenka is the new captain, Rindou is still alive (that bastard), Johannes and Sakaki are somewhat going head to head with their own way of saving humanity, the aragamis are still loose in the world etc. I sure as hell won't mind a sequel here.
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