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  • [Spring 2015] Tamayura ~Sotsugyou Shashin~ Discussion Thread

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    A series of four movies to cover Fuu and friends' final year of high school.

    Studio: TYO Animations

    More Aggressive (Season 2) Thread
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    Part 1: Kizashi

    So, it's looking like these movies will be roughly the length of two episodes each. At the very least, the first is, and besides being that length, it kind of plays out like it actually is two TV episodes. But roughly half a regular cour more to go feels right for Tamayura.

    We get to seeing the two new kouhai for the photography club rather quickly. Takumi seems like a bit of a contrast to Fuu in that she seems to have more of an interest in the technical side of photography and with a personality that is "more aggressive" (heh heh) by default. Funny to see her grilling the Shimokamiyama-sensei on what she doesn't know. And knowing that the other was a second year, I was curious what her story for not being interested the first would be... and it turns out because Suzune had a crush on Kanae and just couldn't handle being that close. :D Oh, and she gets emotional at Fuu's character growth. Clearly she knows what's important. No wonder she admired Kanae.

    I wonder if we will end this franchise without hearing dad say a word. We get flashbacks with Fuu around him speaking (and dang, it's so adorable), but they seem to go out of their way to avoid that. Guess it will continue to be part of his mystique. I do wonder if Kou will now become an non-speaking character too due to his voice actress's hiatus for health reasons (do hope she is alright), though he still gets some focus with Komachi telling them how middle school is going.

    Ah, and I love we get to see Chihiro and Tomo coming to visit, particularly since there hasn't been enough of that latter bundle of energy. I love the differing reactions to her enthusiastic huggings. She seems to make Fuu and Maon look slightly uncomfortable, while Norie takes it with a fun, accepting look on her face. And then Takumi is able to completely match her enthusiasm by actually answering her flurry of questions.

    Kaoru has a little bit of an image change. Not just her cute new hair style, but apparently she's more of a mature, dependable type now, not reacting anymore to Norie's Kao-tan teases (wonder if Norie's also-changed hairstyle is to match the change in dynamic there: no one comments on it, unlike Kaoru's which had Chihiro asking at one point), and being away helping out while Chihiro and Tomo initially meets up with the girls.

    Looks like the big issue for this movie is that Shihomi is leaving, and she hadn't told Fuu of it yet. Seems there wasn't too much focus on the photography club kouhai this time (other than them providing the rumors that set this off), but I suppose there may be some of that to come in the later movies. Here we get to see more of the gang who's known Fuu for a while, even Kanae making a quirky appearance due to being Sayomi's latest "victim", and it's sweet how they all instinctively know something is wrong. Of course Shihomi didn't tell her because she was just as troubled as Fuu was over how to talk about it. That issue does fit in rather nicely with the theme of the main girls deciding on their goals after graduation, though, since Shihomi was such an important inspiration for Fuu taking up photography again. On that point, it's also interesting to hear that even though some of them like Fuu and Norie know what their passion is, they are still unsure if they want to go full professional. The travel side-idea for Fuu and her reasoning for it was quite nice.
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      Part 2: Hibiki

      Such an amusing start. I was wondering what kind of antics the random schoolgirls were reacting to (not the kind of reaction we tend to see to main four even if they have their quirky types). Then we see... Photo club kouhai try not to be noticed in their people-photographing efforts, but they easily stick out (I don't that sign is helping much ). It's really interesting noticing the continued contrast with what we've known of photo girls in the series up to this point. Fuu and Kanae are both rather reserved types, but these girls don't hold back. Rather than feeling uncomfortable themselves, they seem to have others feeling slightly uncomfortable.

      It's to get absorbed in her fantasy sweets world around her mostly accepting friends, so Norie's oniichan is there to get her to recognize the harsh reality of what going overseas means. Though he obviously wasn't wanting Norie to take the realization to that extreme. They all know that Norie can get back to loving sweets and settle for a happy medium, so nice to see friends band together to get her to show how much it means to all of them. Best part of that all is Kanae riding in on her moped (perks: not having to ride in the Sayomi-mobile again) and getting it all started with a brain freeze. She is an awesome "savior", unexpectedly playing such an important part there. Speaking of photo girls again, it's interesting having all four in one place, all taking turns. We get to see Suzune react to her true love Kanae in person, and it's wonderful. And speaking of wonderful, little Norie in the flashbacks was so absolutely adorable.

      Originally posted by EmperorBrandon View Post
      I do wonder if Kou will now become an non-speaking character too due to his voice actress's hiatus for health reasons (do hope she is alright), though he still gets some focus with Komachi telling them how middle school is going.
      Miyamoto Kanako has since been able to return to voice acting, so was wondering if we'd hear her again here, and indeed Kou has returned on-screen. Nice to see she was able to return to this role. Norie misses out on a perfect moment of bliss with Kou due to her angst in her first half.

      On to the second half... I kept thinking when Dougou was out of it, that it had to be something with Hoboro. Then of course when the girls are at Hoboro's later, a bombshell gets dropped on them. The girls immediately jump to feeling sorry for Dougou, but... I had a feeling that the mystery fiancé was going to be him. Would have been rather out of character for this show for someone else to turn up out of the blue. I love how Dougou stumbles into it in a manner appropriate for him. Had to take action upon hearing about omiai's. There were some great sight gags to be had from those scenes, from the facial reactions to the idiots getting burned by the griddle.

      There was a lot of heart with Kaoru's story of trying to find out what she's going to do. That moment where we see the admiration for Nakayama the wedding planner doing a pleasant job really stood out. And while it may not be the exact job she's going to aim for, I love to see how inspirational it is. Cute seeing her trying to hide her book away, but she can't keep things hidden from Sayomi-oneechan. Another incredibly adorable childhood flashback with this episode too, in seeing the reactions to Fuu moving away. That photo Fuu took at the end was gorgeous. Nice seeing Norie and Kaoru look so cool and mature, in a movie that was advancing them in that direction. The back-and-forth with those two has changed from what it was initially but it's still fun now, just in a different way.
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        Part 3: Akogare

        First half we finally get the focus on Maon with this final series, and her (multitudinous) plans for the future. Get to see a very unusually frustrated side of her when her dad (also uncharacteristically for his usual goofy self) puts his foot down on her inheriting the end. But dad's hangup is pretty easy to read, in thinking that it's not a "real" dream and just an obligation, particularly with it being brought up she made a promise when she was younger. But she really does care sincerely about Nodoka-tei.

        Felt like Hanasaku Iroha for a bit, with the inn seeming to be on hard times. I figured economics was what Maon was going to aim for when she got so determined. But that whole thing was subverted. It was just a misunderstanding. The inn's not on hard times, and dad was just fretting so much over his daughter being mad at him (those reaction faces to finding out among the group of friends were great). Heh, but I was thinking maybe Maon could go on to be a producer of some sort for those artistic endeavors, if she does go the economics path. Probably going to have to narrow that list of things but at least she has some directions.

        With the second half, we get to Fuu's troubles. A lot of different things are really coming together to get her down. But she doesn't want to feel like she's too dependent on her friends. I like Natsume's role there (funny how I've just heard Midorikawa in Clannad, given Yoshino's dramatic speeches on people needing other people: very different kinds of personalities between the two but a similar theme), and how Kaoru takes so much notice looking at her. Definitely had my eyes watery in the end when Fuu finally lets it all out at the end. I was already thinking about the metaphorical weight of that picture of her friends, and it ended up being a big thing. I do still wonder about her camera going forward. Maestro has been emphatic on being able to fix it, though complications have apparently already come up. The big sad goodbye of the final episode may well be the camera Fuu has known throughout the franchise. Guess we shall see.

        Tomo-chan continues to be awesome every single scene or mention gets. There is no wish lantern able to contain her never-ending travel plans. She confronts the lack of space by making things even more challenging with her place names. And holy... that serious clinging pose she made as she was listening in on Chihiro's conversation with Kaoru. And then she doubles down by so unexpectedly touching my heart in her response to Chihiro about the issue (I don't even need my yuri goggles). Of course she goes right to her more usual hyper self afterwards but it's all nice.

        Heh, no "coincidence" for Suzune. She has it bad for Kanae. I liked the fun of getting to see Kanae's college friends here. Those two had been so dazzled by Sayomi, blissfully unaware that they played right into her hands and the true terror to come with oneechan. And Sayomi doesn't waste any time there. They already get to see her true nature this episode. Now we see why Kaoru is so worried about needing to go to the same college at the beginning, even though her sister will have graduated. She was right to be worried about what Sayomi's reputation would mean for her...

        Only one more movie left, which I will be able to get too very soon. Sad to see it all over, but won't be surprised if it goes out on a high note.
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          Part 4: Ashita

          Hah, love the scene with Shihomi reacting to Fuu breaking the news of her plans over phone. She was so excited that a random guy outside the gallery was wondering what was going on. And later on, we see that Shihomi had even planned ahead with her apartment on the chance Fuu would come to her. All that fretting of Fuu's part, and the whole time Shihomi was really hoping she would do. So sweet.

          Iyashikei photographer: neat to actually hear the word. And what other kind of photographer would Fuu be, anyway. She lives for the healing.

          The terror of Sayomi continues. Maon almost chokes on her roll cakes at her puns. There is no escaping the annual Sayomi-mobile New Years tradition. Later on when Chihiro and Tomo come into town they get introduced to the Sayomi-mobile, and even Tomo can't handle the first time. Ah, and those two girls from the previous episode? They've already escaped her clutches. :D But for all that, she does have her moment to shine, in reaction to Tomo being surprisingly philosophical (though not new as we had it the previous episode too: can't get enough of Tomo, so like she's had a decent part up to the end here)

          Kao-chan really has been at her best this series. She knows when Fuu needs reassurance even without her saying anything. Fuu has some great bonding moments for Chihiro too when she goes to stay with her as she takes the exam. It was a nice scene of reflection back on their relationship with Chihiro's "graduation" from crying.

          Well, the camera survived in the beginning, but we already knew there that was not going to last. She gets one last picture of her friends in the graduation mountain trip, and that's the end of its photo taking days. Goodbye Rollei 35S. It will remain there with the photos she took. But as fate would have it, Nozomu's present happens to come in at just the right time. With one end comes a new beginning. Heh, and even though Fuu managed to pass those tense photography school entrance exams, she ends up needing her junior Takumi's help to figure out some of her new more complicated contraption. Haha.

          Dang, the stuff with mom is so emotional. She already had some great material in More Aggressive, and here it feels like they may have even topped that even though it was somewhat brief. Heh, and speaking of emotional, almost seemed like Dougou was going to fumble one of the girls names with how emotional he was at the graduation ceremony. On that note, we do get a mention of his wedding to Chimo once, and Chimo has a few natural unvoiced appearances. I do wonder if they may have planned to do a scene with them, originally. Coming so close to the end, though, and Matsuki Miyu was irreplaceable, so not surprising. Her voice will not be forgotten.

          Some decently fun epilogue stuff. "I want to go to Italy or Venice" Besides the obvious comeback that we get with her classmates, why is she studying English if that's where she wants to go? I love Norie so much. Maon already getting tempted by a third club (and one that Hayama and Nishiyama from Three Leaves would love to be a part of). Oh, and we already get some English again with Chihiro and Tomo's scene. I love how there's a role reversal of the usual American stereotypes as the blonde English-speaking (Texan?) woman has to ask Tomo to calm down and speak slower. And dang, Fuu looks so much more mature with that suit already just in her college entrance ceremony.

          A wonderful end was to be expected at this point, and indeed I really couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Never would have expected it to go this far when I first saw the OVA, but it did, and it's been a great ride all the way to Fuu's graduation. Happy this got a complete, fulfilling ending.


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