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  • General Anime News and Information Thread

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    This is a thread which carries smaller pieces of information related to anime.

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    Seiun Awards

    The Federation of Science Fiction Fan Groups of Japan has issued the candidate list for the 44th Seiun Awards.

    The works mentioned in the 'Media' category in the list are:

    Bodacious Space Pirates (Dir. by Satō Tatsuo. Originally created by Sasamoto Yūichi.)

    Iron Sky (Dir. by Timo Vuorensola.)
    The Avengers (Dir. by Joss Whedon.)

    009 Re:Cyborg (Dir. by Kamiyama Kenji. Originally created by Ishinomori Shōtarō.)

    'Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru' (Dir. by Higuchi Shinji. The screenplay by Anno Hideaki.)
    Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne (The chief director is Satō Tatsuo. The director is Suzuki Toshimasa. Originally created by Production I.G.)
    Eureka Seven: AO (Dir. by Kyōda Tomoki. Originally created by Bones.)


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      La Motocyclette, to borrow André Pieyre de Mandiargues' words.

      Bike O & Company Ltd., which buys and sells second-hand motorcycles, displays a life-size figure of Mine Fujiko and a Harley‐Davidson motorcycle at Shinjuku Station.
      Bike O & Company holds a campaign, and a person who sells a motorcycle to the company during the campaign and draws the winning number will aquire the life-size figure and the Harley‐Davidson FLHT 2008 motorcycle.



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        Reading is perplexed with Red Data Girl fans' using the rdg hashtag.

        The English town Reading is perplexed that many fans of RDG Red Data Girl use the rdg hashtag.



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          The 'Genshiken the Second' anime

          Genshiken the Second, a manga by Kio Shimoku will be made into a TV anime series, and the June issue of Monthly Afternoon has a page about the principal staffers of the anime.
          The anime will be broadcast in the summer of 2013.

          Director and sound director.....Mizushima Tsutomu
          Supervising scriptwriter..........Yokote Michiko
          Character designer................Taniguchi Jun'ichirō
          Costume designer..................Uragami Takayuki
          Prop designer.......................Takenaka Shingo
          Chief sakuga directors............Taniguchi Jun'ichirō and Kaiya Toshihisa
          Art director..........................Tatsuta Ichirō (Studio Fūga, which did scenic art for Ichigo Marshmallow)
          Scenery designer...................Hariu Katsufumi (Studio Fūga)
          Colour scheme.......................Ueno Emiko
          Director of photography...........Furukawa Fumio
          Editor...................................Uematsu Jun'ichi
          3D animation..........................DandeLion Animation Studio
          Music production.....................Starchild Records
          Animation production................Production I.G.

          Like Fujimoto Yoshitaka's, there is a joke that in reality 'Mizushima Tsutomu' is a pseudonym which a few anime directors use.w


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            Yashiro Aki tried 'A Cruel Angel's These'.

            Veteran enka singer Yashiro Aki has tried 'A Cruel Angel's These' in a commercial for Nintendo×Joysound Wii Karaoke U.

            She has also released Songs Around Midnight, a vocal jazz album produced by Konishi Yasuharu, via the EmArcy label in 2012.


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              Poster Artwork for Kaze Tachinu

              Someone has posted screencaps of new poster artwork for Miyazaki Hayao's Kaze Tachinu from a TV programme, which seems to be Nippon TV's ZIP!, on 2ch's Kaze Tachinu thread.




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                Katō Marika promotes guide dog training.

                Katō Marika, who is the protagonist of Mōretsu Pirates, has been chosen as the character who appears in the new poster for the National Federation of All Japan Guide Dog Training Institutions.
                Horiuchi Osamu, who is the chief sakuga director of the MōPi Movie, has drawn the picture for the poster, and the director Satō Tatsuo has written the words with a writing brush and named the dog Glamis for the 'Glamis Castle' rose

                You can see other anime-related posters for the federation here.


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                  A Girls und Panzer theatrical anime film

                  According to a message on the official Girls und Panzer Twitter account, there are three plans related to GirlPan.

                  1. A fan disc (DVD/BD) about the April event.

                  2. An OVA about Ōarai vs. Anzio.

                  3. A theatrical GirlPan anime film directed by Mizushima Tsutomu, which will be released in 2014.



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                    An anime by Tōhō set in Sabae

                    Tōhō will make a TV anime set in Sabae, and things in Sabae will be included in the story. Six anime staffers visited and inspected Sabae and the city hall co-operated with the anime staff on the study tour. The anime will be about a high school boy and friendship, and it will be broadcast in October.

                    Do Tōhō and Sabae try the trick, including luring pilgrims, that worked before in the HanaIro case?
                    A 2channeller who lives in Sabae has half-jokingly said that Sabae is the sticks and is not covenient for transportation and pilgrims will be not able to arrive in Sabae.


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                      Re: An anime by Tōhō set in Sabae

                      I wonder if its an adaptation of something, anyway hoping to hear more, sounds like the two things I like most in anime.
                      AOTY 2015: Food Wars!, AssClass, Seraph of the End, Fafner Exodus, UtaPri3, Herobank, MajinBone, Durarara!!x2, Buddyfight, Vanguard G, Yugioh Arc-V MAL|


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                        Re: A Girls und Panzer theatrical anime film

                        According to an Ibaraki Shimbun newspaper article, Sugiyama Kiyoshi, who is a producer for Bandai Visual, has said that the GirlPan theatrical anime film will be a sequel to the GirlPan TV anime.


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                          The Princess Mononoke stage performances at AiiA Theatre have opened.

                          The Princess Mononoke stage adaptation performances at AiiA Theatre Tokyo have opened on April 29th.
                          The director Alexandra Rutter has said that she wants to hear Mr Miyazaki's impressions of the play.
                          The performance on the closing day will be able to be watched on Niconico Live.



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                            μ's appeared in Valvrave.

                            A habitué of 2ch's Valvrave the Liberator thread has found that μ's from Love Live! made a guest appearance in Valvrave the Liberator.
                            Both anime have been made by Sunrise.
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                              A way to decode the Ente Isla language in Hataraku Maō-sama!

                              A habitué of the refuge thread from 2ch's Hataraku Maō-sama! thread has said that he found a way to decipher the Ente Isla language in Hataraku Maō-sama!.

                              According to him,

                              The scriptwriter writes a term/sentence in English.
                              He encrypts it in accordance with a substitution cipher.
                              He can get the term/sentence written in the Ente Isla language.

                              The substitution cipher is:

                              Plaintext alphabet:   ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

                              Ciphertext alphabet: AZYXEWVTISRLPNOMQKJHUGFDCB

                              Another habitué of the thread has revised it as:

                              Plaintext alphabet:   ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

                              Ciphertext alphabet: AZYXEWVTISRQPNOMLKJHUGFDCB

                              Wagahara Satoshi, who is the creator of Hataraku Maō-sama!, has said that he devised the Ente Isla language.


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