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    Based on the manga by Kouske Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess, EX-Driver), You're Under Arrest! (Hereafter referred to as YUA) centers around the exploits and mis-adventures of two of Bokuto Precinct's traffic officers, Miyuki Kobayakawa (Polite & a bit shy around a certain motorcycle cop , a whiz with just about anything techie-wise & one of the best drivers around) & Natsumi Tsujimoto (Brash, very outspoken & incredibly strong). An odd couple perhaps but when these two lovely ladies hit the streets of downtown Tokyo (Sumida Ward) on patrol, lawbreakers don't stand a chance! This series first aired in Japan on TBS in 1996 with the original 4-episode OVA series having been released two years earlier in 1994. This will mark my 4th journey with my favorite traffic cops and any & all are invited to come along for the ride.

    This thread will cover the first season, the mini-specials & the movie. For numbering purposes we'll go with the numbering that Animeigo & ANN has for the TV series which has the OVA series as the first 4 episodes & the special "Diverting Traffic At The Beach" as the 52nd & final episode. I'll try to keep at a rate of 1 episode per day so hopefully things won't slow down too much. Also, please refrain from commenting on differences between the anime & the manga as this thread for discussing the anime ONLY. Comments on the manga are better served IMO in a separate thread in the Manga Forums-Thanks in advance.

    Discussion of the first 46 episodes ported over from Mania-We'll pick it up here at File 47.

    ANN listing
    Fandom Post Articles

    As usual, please try to follow these three easy forum courtesy habits when replying:
    1) If you're the first person to post about an episode in any given week, please respond to the root post (this post) and indicate in the subject line which episode you're posting about.
    2) If someone has already posted about an episode before you, please respond to that post (or a relevant reply to that post). Keep in the right subthread.
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    With all this in mind, let's roll!
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    File 47: "The Time Limit"

    This one opens with a slew of "Good Morning"s all around for Ken, Miyuki, Aoi, Yoriko & Natsumi, who rushes to greet Toukairin as he rappels down the wall to join them. At shift's end later in the day, Yoriko invites everyone to go for a frappe' but Natsumi passes since she has other plans with Toukairin (Lessons in free climbing). What's going on? Aren't they supposed to be rivals?

    Natsumi does well in her first try at free climbing on the practice wall with Toukairin anchoring her safety line. He joins her at the top of the wall & over a couple of sodas they enjoy the view. Toukarin is about to tell Natsumi something but instead suggests that they climb down. He has something on his mind that he wants to tell Natsumi & at lunch the next day, the Chief joins him & asks him if he has talked to Natsumi yet, only to be interrupted by Yoriko's announcement of another eating contest between Natsumi & Toukairin (Which he loses for the first time). Later, in the station's gym Toukairin finally tells Natsumi what's been eating at him-Or at least he tries to, only saying that he will be returning to the mountains soon. Natsumi chases Toukairin into the men's changing room wanting him to explain but she is surprised at the sight of him having taken his shirt off-Why does she feel so flustered?

    Later, a call comes in to the Traffic Section-A multi-vehicle accident at the entrance to the Tokyo Bay Tunnel, to which the Chief dispatches Miyuki, Natsumi & 12 other officers to assist the emergency workers. When they arrive, one of the emergency workers exits from the tunnel & asks specifically for Miyuki & Natsumi to follow him. They then find that it's Toukairin who asked for them to come with him into the tunnel & between the three of them plus the other emergency workers, they manage to get just about all of the accident victims out-That is, until a young woman being treated by the paramedics says that her son is still in the tunnel, trapped in her car! Despite the danger of gasoline leaking from the cars inside, Natsumi & Toukairin rush back into the tunnel to find the boy. They find the car the boy is in & he seems OK, but a mini-bus that was on top of the car gives way & slides off, blocking the door. They somehow manage to free the boy & get him to safety just as the gasoline ignites!

    With the emergency workers now mopping up the rest of it, Toukairin finally tells Natsumi what's on his mind-He has to leave Tokyo...

    Next time-File 48, "The End of Summer"
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      File 48: "The End of Summer"

      We open with Natsumi waking up early for a change & then realizing that it's her day off so she doesn't have to rush. Over breakfast Miyuki asks Natsumi what her plans were for today & if she plans on coming to the farewell party for Toukairin (Of course she is) since he will be leaving Tokyo tomorrow for the Himalayas. In fact, at the morning briefing the Chief reminds everyone that it's Fall Traffic Safety Week & of the party for Toukarin in that all available off-duty officers are to attend. None of them mind doing so since Toukairin has become quite popular among the officers in his brief stay here.

      Late afternoon & the end of the day shift but Natsumi has not come to the station for the party yet (Miyuki calls their apartment to see if she's there but no answer). The party is soon under way but still no Natsumi-It's because she's gone to visit the grave of Toukarin's sensei (Ikenaga) so she could prepare herself to give the best possible positive look in order to say goodbye...

      The party is now long since over & still no sign of Natsumi but Toukarin continues to wait for her to come. Miyuki comes over to him & apologizes for Natsumi's being so late but Toukairin tells her it's OK & he'll wait a little longer. They are soon joined by the Chief who challenges Toukairin to a one-on-one in kendo while they wait. So the Chief is known as the "Praying Mantis of Bokuto", eh? As they begin their match, Natsumi finally arrives just in time to see the match with the Chief showing why he has that nickname as he apparently wins the match...Or does he?

      After changing clothes, Toukairin takes Natsumi to a place along the river where they share a few beers (Along with some passersby). One last beer remains & with it one last challenge between them-They'll arm wrestle for it! We never saw the outcome of the last one at the end of the episode "That Man, Toukairin" but we do here as Natsumi wins for the first time! No more regrets now...But Toukairin does tell Natsumi that he likes her name & he enjoyed the time they spent together. Then, goodbye.

      The next day, Natsumi throws herself into her work by helping with reports, doing laundry, even making tea! As she gives the Chief his cup Natsumi notices the bandage on his hand-Toukairin DID win the point after all! After requesting & being granted time off by the Chief, Natsumi gets on her RZ motorcycle & heads for Tokyo International Airport to catch Toukairin before he leaves. She arrives just as Toukarin is about to enter the boarding gate for his flight & argues with him, saying that he let her win on purpose (Which he denies-She DID win fair & square) & then asking him, "What was it that you was trying to say last night?" They argue a little more on who should say it first & before Natsumi can say anything more...Toukairin kisses her! "I love you" & a kiss & embrace are her answer.

      Some days later, a post card from Toukarin arrives for Natsumi & has a prominent place on her desk-Never far from her thoughts & her heart.

      Next time-File 49, "Inspector Kinoshita"
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        File 49: "Inspector Kinoshita"

        We open with Miyuki & Natsumi heading out for work but not before Natsumi gives an "I'm off" for Toukairin's post card, now posted above her bed. She also gets some good-natured ribbing from Miyuki, Ken & Yoriko when she-GASP-actually completes a report on time! As they all talk about Toukairin & the difference he's made in his brief time at Bokuto, a visitor enters the squad room whom the Chief had been expecting to arrive sometime that morning-Inspector Karouko Kinoshita from Headquarters, here to head up a special investigation team to combat a recent wave of luxury car thefts (Some of which having occurred in Bokuto's jurisdiction). She begins in the meeting room with all available officers in setting up shifts for both the cycle & car patrols & then by assigning additional duties to certain officers-Namely, Miyuki (On a high-speed computer workstation with access to HQ's database to figure out the perpetrator's MO). When Natsumi objects to this, Kinoshita counters by telling Natsumi that she will be her partner while Miyuki works on the perp's MO. Knowing how competitve Natsumi was with Toukairin, how will she handle having Kinoshita-An Inspector-as her partner?

        Well, it does grate on Natsumi that Kinoshita seems only to care about keeping on schedule & the like, but Miyuki gives her something to think about-Inspector Kinoshita went to who knows what sort of lengths to make this investigation happen & it's a measure of how much she trusts Miyuki to give her this much access to HQ's database so they should do their best to help solve this case. While on patrol earlier, Kinoshita also gives Natsumi something to think about-She's done her homework on our favorite cops & knows the good work that they've done so she asks Natsumi if she's thought about the future since she & Miyuki won't be together forever...

        The investigation continues with the possibility of a second perp being involved & with one slim lead-A white van was reported in the vicinity of each of the luxury car thefts. While on patrol, Kinoshita & Natsumi spot a white van parked next to a lot with two suspicious characters nearby. They spot the patrol car & drive off in the van but instead of giving pursuit, Kinoshita radios Miyuki to coordinate all available units to cut the van off & into a trap by Kinoshita & Natsumi on her Motocompo. The trap nearly proves to be a bad one for some Little League players caught in the middle but between them Kinoshita & Natsumi keep the kids from getting hurt but the perps got away.

        Later back at the station, Kinoshita briefs the officers on what went down on the chase but adds that they've learned a lot about how these thieves operate. As the meeting breaks up, Kinoshita gives both Miyuki & Natsumi kudos on their good work today & would be returning to HQ to devise a new strategy but in the meantime-She asks Natsumi what she thought of leaving Bokuto & coming to Headquarters. No need to answer now-Just think it over...

        But while talking on the roof a little later, Natsumi tells Miyuki that she's going to accept Inspector Kinoshita's offer as she wants to follow her own path & besides, it's true that she & Miyuki won't be together forever. Miyuki understands & even wishes Natsumi well...But is she truly OK with what will apparently be the end of their partnership?

        Next time-File 50, "The Investigation at Bokuto Station"
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          File 50: "The Investigation at Bokuto Station"

          This one opens on the riverfront, where Inspector Kinoshita & her investigation team (Including Natsumi) have made an important discovery concerning the luxury car thefts-The stolen cars are being loaded on boats to be delivered down river. Natsumi calls Headquarters to relay to all stations to step up patrols along the river but foremost in her mind is Miyuki...

          Speaking of Miyuki, she's been spending more & more of her spare time working on "Today" since Natsumi left Bokuto Station to join Inspector Kinoshita's team at Headquarters. They all miss Natsumi at the station but none more so than Miyuki & when Ken mentions Natsumi's absence to her later on their patrol, Miyuki gives Ken a cold stare & says that it's time to get back to work. Aoi points out a suspicious black Mercedes nearby & as Miyuki calls in a plate check on it the Mercedes speeds off with Ken, Miyuki & Aoi in pursuit. As they close the gap, the driver of the Mercedes pulls out a handgun & shoots at Ken, causing him to spin out but Miyuki & Aoi continue after the Nercedes with Miyuki adding the nitrous oxide boost (Now with triple tanks) to run the perp down. The extra power proves to be too much & the engine stalls, causing Miyuki to spin out to a sudden stop against a guardrail as the Mercedes makes good its escape.

          With Ken, Miyuki & Aoi fortunate to have come out of it without being shot by the thieves, the Chief orders double patrols but has Miyuki to stay behind at the station to coordinate. It's in the instructions that she gives to Ken over the radio that we see just how Miyuki feels about what happened-She's despondent over the damage to "Today" & feels that she can't fix it, even to the point of her considering quitting her job. Ken gives her a stern response to that & hears about it on no uncertain terms by the female officers later (Everyone heard the entire exchange over the police radio). A visit with Daimaru & Sena provides little comfort & as she is walking from their shop Miyuki is stopped by Aoi & another officer, who tell her that a BMW is being stolen by someone on a forklift wearing a mask-Strike Man (Who says he's punishing an illegal parker)! This is not a good time for this but she accepts his challenge & if you thought Natsumi was bad news for him, Miyuki takes him deep on her first swing that would rival any taken at Koshien! If she could do this...

          Over the next day, Miyuki tries lifting weights, some more training in hand-to-hand, even riding Natsumi's Motocompo! Ken joins her & lends an ear as Miyuki says she'll try more things like this to get out of the shell she's been in for so long. Meanwhile, with three more luxury car thefts in the area, Inspector Kinoshita returns to Bokuto with a new strategy to catch the thieves (Outlined to the officers by Miyuki) & as they all head out, Yoriko tells Miyuki that in the talk she had with Ken he said that while he could comfort her, it would be better if he was there for Miyuki once she worked things out for herself. Miyuki is moved after seeing how much Ken really cares about her but a real surprise suddenly appears-Natsumi's back to rejoin her partner to help take down the car thieves!

          Next time-File 51, the season finale: "Bokuto's Best Investigation Partners"
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            File 51: "Bokuto's Best Investigation Partners"

            As we open with the car thieves making another heist, Inspector Kinoshita outlines their MO to the officers as they head out-After switching out the lock cylinders & making new keys the cars are sent downriver, perhaps to the shipping docks to be sent on to overseas buyers. After the officers head out, Kinoshita is reading Miyuki's report & remarks to the Chief on how impressed she is at the time & effort Miyuki put into it (The thieves' profile, projected routes & even arrest procedures). Natsumi is impressed too & tells Miyuki so while on patrol but Miyuki tells her she had unexpected help-From Daimaru & Sena, who gave her info about a certain used car lot with a large tractor-trailer truck in it that Detective Tokuno now has under surveillance...

            With everything that they now know the Chief, Kinoshita & Tokuno all feel that the thieves will make their move that night so the Chief releases everyone to get some rest before then. On their way home Miyuki remarks to Natsumi that she doesn't feel good about herself the way things are & that she's going to go for it. What could she mean?

            3:44AM: The thieves finally make their move-The tractor-trailer starts up & moves out of the used car lot. Tokuno & his partner radio Bokuto Station that the truck is on the move & all officers are placed on standby to begin Phase 2 of the plan.

            4:02AM: Tokuno & his partner have tailed the tractor-trailer to a warehouse on the waterfront. Shortly after a Mercedes Benz & another car pull up & go inside the warehouse, killing their headlights as they go...

            4:31AM: The tractor-trailer pulls out & after it is gone Tokuno's partner goes into the warehouse & finds that the Benz is gone-Inside the truck's trailer! Kinoshita forwards to all units that the truck has now entered Route 6 at the Komagata ramp (Thanks to the tip by Tokuno & his partner) & is heading south-Phase 3 is now in effect with all units to pursue the truck when sighted! That's all Miyuki & Natsumi need to hear so they decide to take the Hakozaki Interchange & the Metropolitan Expressway to catch up with the truck on Route 9-But once on Route 9, they don't realize that they are being followed themselves by two other cars...

            The truck is heading for the Bayshore Route just as Kinoshita surmised so now Plan A goes into effect: Block all exits along the Met Expressway between Hakozaki & Ooi so that the truck has no avenue of escape. Detective Tokuno is still tailing the truck & is soon joined by not only Miyuki & Natsumi, but by Yoriko, Aoi & Ken as well. Yoriko & Aoi fall behind to aid the driver of an Alfa-Romeo who seems to be having trouble with his car but when Aoi asks the driver of the now stopped car if he's all right, the driver points a gun out the window & shoots Aoi! The Romeo then speeds off but is Aoi all right?

            The second car is up ahead running blocker against Tokuno & as Miyuki & Natsumi come to help the Alfa Romeo speeds ahead of them & a duel begins between Miyuki & the Romeo's driver just as news of Aoi's being shot comes over the radio (An ambulance is on the way thanks to Yoriko). Miyuki's expert driving & Natsumi's feet brake take out the Romeo while Tokuno takes out the other car but in all this they've lost the tractor-trailer-Or have they? A report comes over the radio that the truck is headed for Honeda but Miyuki takes a different route (With Ken following), suspecting (Correctly) that the thieves have been one step ahead of them all this time & must have switched trucks earlier before getting on the Expressway. Kinoshita concurs & orders them to shift to Plan B with instructions to Miyuki to proceed as she thinks best.

            Tokuno & several other units pull over the truck that was headed for Honeda only to find that it was indeed a decoy-The real truck with the stolen cars is headed for Niigata port with Miyuki, Natsumi & Ken still in pursuit. Good news about Aoi comes over the radio from Yoriko-He wasn't seriously hurt by the gunshot. Just then, the white van appears & before one of the men inside can take a shot at our favorite cops Ken uses his bike to take the van out! Now Miyuki & Natsumi are the only ones left to stop that truck from getting away but the thieves aren't done yet-They dump the Benz from the trailer (Which Miyuki easily avoids) but in doing so they've obligingly left the trailer open for Miyuki to drive "Today" right on inside! With the perp in the trailer taken care of, Miyuki & Natsumi move across the top of the trailer to the cab & with a tear gas bomb force the remaining 2 thieves to stop & get out. One of the perps tries to shoot them but Miyuki quickly takes care of that & then, the charges:

            Natsumi: 35km over the speed limit...
            Miyuki: Ignoring designated traffic signs, failure to heed the rules of the road...
            Natsumi: Improper use of driving lanes...
            Miyuki: Improper securing of cargo...
            Natsumi: And reckless driving...
            Miyuki: In an improperly loaded vehicle...
            Both: You're SO Under Arrest!
            And with the arrival of other police units (Plus the Chief, Kinoshita & Tokuno by helicopter) the collar is complete!

            BTW, it turns out that Natsumi was to be reassigned to Bokuto once this case was solved-Just as you thought, eh Miyuki?

            As we end the season finale, some scenes of cheer as the news of the arrest is broadcast throughout Tokyo:
            -Aoi thanking Yoriko for caring about what happened to him,
            -Saori cheering her "Senpais" on cracking the case just as Strike Man moves another car,
            -Oshou feeding his cat,
            -Daimaru & Sena going about their daily work (Something about a loan) & Scooter Mama on her way to yet another sale,
            -Kinoshita, the Chief & Tokuno winging back to Bokuto Station & all proud of the job their officers have done on this case,
            -And with the last word as they enjoy the sunrise on the way back to the station, "Bokuto's Best Partners"!

            Next time-The Special, "Diverting Traffic at the Beach"
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              File.Special: "Diverting Traffic at the Beach"

              OP: "Brand New Day" (Performed by Mariko Fukui)
              ED: "Yell~Anata no Tonari de~" (Performed by emiko)
              (Both also for the Mini-Specials)

              It's a gorgeous summer day at the Shonan Seashore with just about everyone there enjoying the warm weather & the water at the beach-Everyone that is except for Miyuki & Natsumi, who along with Yoriko & Aoi are here at the request of the Kanagawa Police Department to help the Shonan Police Office with traffic control & between some girls in a van giving Natsumi a hard time & some shutterbugs holding up traffic while taking pictures of some of the girls on the beach (Including Natsumi with her shirt unbuttoned just enough to show some cleavage ) things aren't getting much better for them, especially with the heat. Things to start to look up a little though after Miyuki helps a father stuck in traffic out by taking his son to the restroom-In return, the father springs for cold drinks for Miyuki & Natsumi to show his gratitude (Along with some extra snacks & an extra umbrella-Much to the chagrin of Aoi & Yoriko who arrive later to relieve them).

              As they go on their break, the girls from the van come running up to Miyuki & Natsumi to tell them that their scuba bag was stolen by a luggage thief. Fortunately, they got a good look at him (He was wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses & a Hawaiian shirt) & as the girls are giving our favorite cops their description of the thief, more trouble arises-A girl trying wakeboarding with her boyfriend is in trouble out on the water! Miyuki & Natsumi immediately go into action, running towards the water & stripping off their uniforms to reveal bathing suits that they had on underneath (Because it's summer-What other reason could there be for wearing them?)! They swim out to the girl & rescue not only her but her boyfriend as well (Who was trying to freelance with his jetski but lost control). When the lifeguards arrive to help the couple, Miyuki spots on the beach the thief she & Natsumi are looking for & as he grabs a jetski to make his getaway, Miyuki & Natsumi borrow the jetski & wakeboard from the couple & arrest the thief after a high speed chase over the water to the cheers of the people watching from onshore.

              After rejoining Yoriko & Aoi, Miyuki & Natsumi are surprised by several beachgoers (Including the girls in the van, the young couple & the shutterbugs) leaving drinks, snacks & other items for them in gratitude for capturing the thief & in rescuing the couple. Traffic had been easing up a bit but now that Yoriko & Aoi have decided to wear their bathing suits as well the congestion is now even worse (Backed up at least 40 kilometers by sunset), much to the chagrin of the Chief & Nakajima who are watching live TV coverage back at Bokuto Station. The Chief will NEVER live this one down!

              Up next-The Mini-Specials!
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                You're Under Arrest!-The Mini Specials

                After the first season wrapped up in September of 1997, a series of YUA! specials were aired from March 1999 to April 1999. Each of the specials were much lighter in tone than the TV series & included more in the way of panty thieves, purse snatchers, etc. than bank robbers & more dangerous criminal types. According to the ANN listing there were a total of 21 specials, all with a running time of 7 minutes each & airing 4 per week except for the last special which we've already seen ("Diverting Traffic at the Beach"-30 minutes long). We'll go through the Mini Specials in the same manner but I'll also include the actual titles of each Mini Special since ADV Films didn't do so when they released them on DVD back in 2003.

                The same courtesy rules in the root post still apply-Let's roll!
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                  Mini Specials: File 1

                  File 1.1: "Don't Tear Up the Tickets!"
                  Meet Yoko Kuroda, the only daughter of Japanese Diet member Hiroshi Kuroda who feels like she can disregard traffic laws while driving her Mercedes convertible-At least, until she's pulled over & ticketed for reckless driving by Miyuki & Natsumi. She's also very arrogant (Like Mr. Tokki-Remember him?) & when Miyuki & Natsumi find out from the Chief that her violations were erased, do you really think that they'll let it go? I think not!

                  File 1.2: "Driver Safety Workshop"
                  Oh, joy-Miyuki & Natsumi get to lead a traffic safety class for a group of guys with a license for two-wheelers & almost no respect for them with all of the catcalls & whistles that they get at the start of the class (No thanks to the Chief trapping them into leading this class). If these guys only knew what they were in for...

                  BTW, are doing "Wheelies" part of the safety class?

                  File 1.3: "Dash into Fire"
                  Miyuki & Natsumi arrive home after going off duty (And with Natsumi in a hurry to watch a movie that she couldn't set the VCR timer for) but before they can go inside, Miyuki's portable motion detector alerts her to someone inside their apartment-A burglar! With Miyuki's security system, how could anyone break in undetected? A quick check of the internal video system reveals the intruder to be a panty thief who's about to get schooled by our favorite cops! "Shocking", to say the least!

                  BTW Natsumi, next time TURN THE ALARM ON WHEN YOU LEAVE THE APARTMENT! :D

                  File 1.4: "Lifeguard-Mouth to Mouth"
                  A water safety class at a local pool led by Miyuki, Natsumi, Aoi & Yoriko not only includes some overzealous photographers but also a thief who breaks into the lockers of the participants (Mainly mothers & their children) to steal their underwear! Aoi & Yoriko run into him in the locker room & chase him into the pool, where he becomes an unwitting "Volunteer" in the safety class (Including a demonstration of mouth-to mouth with Aoi-Or so he thinks ).

                  Next time-File 2!
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                    Mini Specials: File 2

                    File 2.1: "The Silky Panty Collector"
                    As Ken is sipping his tea he muses that a heinous crime is about to be committed & he's right-Yoriko bursts into the squad room saying that her panties were stolen! At first, Miyuki suggests that the wind may have blown them away since Yoriko lives in a condo on the seventh floor of her apartment building but then Aoi comes in, also saying that his "panties" have been stolen too (Don't ask )! Aoi's apartment (Also several floors up) also has Miyuki's special security system & that's enough for Miyuki, Natsumi, Yoriko & Aoi to go there to check it out. Some checking with witnesses reveals that the thief uses night vision goggles & only takes silk panties so our favorite cops lay a low-tech trap at Aoi's place to catch him. All this for a blanket made only with silk panties-What a nut!

                    File 2.2: "Catch the Angel"
                    This one finds a young man being shaken down for money by three thugs (Who all look like three idiots from File 1.1 & 1.2-They get around, don't they?) until Miyuki & Natsumi arrive, scaring the thugs off & saving the young man. With their smiles & kindness towards him after saving him the young man decides that he wants Miyuki & Natsumi to be his "Angels" once more so he follows them around hoping to somehow score with them, even if it means being arrested by them! Can you say, "Exercise in futility"? :D Also, jumper cables have VERY handy uses besides being for jumping another car off!

                    File 2.3: "Horror Night"
                    Someone dressed up in a costume straight out of a horror movie is robbing women of their valuables at night in a local park so the Investigation Section asks Miyuki & Natsumi to help in a sting operation to catch this robber. Knowing how Miyuki feels about ghost stories & the like, it isn't long into the sting before she freaks out & runs off into a dark alley, separated from Natsumi & their backup (The Chief & two detectives) and now face to face with the crook! The thief knocks Miyuki out and as he's about to go through her purse he notices how attractive she is-Fortunately, Natsumi arrives & subdues him before he can go any further. BTW, fireworks make for a nice deterrent as well as a good show, don't they?

                    File 2.4: "Attracted to Danger"
                    A guy with a camera comes to Bokuto Station hoping to capture light, shadow & the truth...Who is he kidding? He's actually hoping to get shots of the female cops in their skivvies as they change clothes in their locker room! At first, he misses the target completely by getting the men's locker room (After Ken opens a window) & after he dives under a car to keep from being seen he gets an idea-He'll hide a small mini-cam on a kitten's collar (Oshou's kitten?) & send it inside. When that idea pans out, he decides to use a tactic that only works for Aoi. Having film in the camera might help as well if you get the chance to use it, too.

                    Next time-File 3!
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                      Mini Specials: File 3

                      File 3.1: "Let Me Look Into Your Eyes"
                      Someone's been peeping into the women's restroom at a local fitness club so Miyuki & Natsumi go to investigate along with Ken (Though he doesn't know that he's part of the stakeout-He thinks that Miyuki invited him to come with them). They sure are offering him a lot to drink for his workouts, aren't they? With all of the drinks comes the desired result-Ken has to use the ladies' restroom & the stall next to the one with the perp's hidden camera (Thanks to Natsumi's locating it & some sign-switching by Miyuki) that also gets another desired result for our favorite cops-The perp giving himself away! Plus, once they handcuff the perp in his van Miyuki & Natsumi get to see on his monitors more of Ken than perhaps they would want to see! :D

                      File 3.2: "Tune-up Restaurant"
                      It's lunchtime at Bokuto Station & when Miyuki & Natsumi arrive at the station cafeteria they find it practically empty despite it having good food & the lowest prices anywhere in town! The Lunch Lady tells them that a new lunch box place (Complete with cute girls) has been syphoning off her business so Miyuki & Natsumi decide to help her out-First with a model train motif (Which only lasts a couple of days) & then at Yoriko & Aoi's suggestion, Miyuki & Natsumi as waitresses on roller skates (With their uniforms especially tailored by Yoriko & Aoi ) Are you sure you'll allow this just for today, Chief?

                      File 3.3: "The Splendid Battle"
                      At Sumida Ward's busiest intersection, pedestrian traffic is being held up by a street performer doing handstands & other feats of skill on the crosswalk railing above the intersection. He's actually pretty good but he's holding up traffic & it's also unsafe so Miyuki & Natsumi arrive to try to get him to stop & move on. It soon becomes a duel of wits between Natsumi & the street performer which Natsumi wins much to the delight of the crowd-But isn't she & Miyuki supposed to break this up & not add to it (Yes, Miyuki joins in too)?

                      File 3.4: "The Fighting Bag"
                      A visit to a shopping mall by Miyuki & Natsumi finds Miyuki extra vigilant since there have been reports of purse snatching here over the past few days. She's soon proved right as they walk in when a thief snatches Miyuki's purse & runs off! No worries though-Miyuki has a tracking device inside her purse plus a few other surprises that the purse snatcher never counted on! :D

                      Next time-File 4!
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                        Mini Specials: File 4

                        File 4.1: "10,000 from the Heavens"
                        This one starts on the roof of Miyuki & Natsumi's apartment building where a lone man has apparently decided to commit suicide by jumping-But as he nears the ledge, Miyuki bursts onto the roof with a taser & a baseball bat, trying to fend off Natsumi who's short on funds yet again & wants to borrow some cash from her until payday! Miyuki relents & lends Natsumi a 10,000 yen note but the breeze blows it out of Natsumi's hand & to the feet of the man as he's about to jump. At first, he wouldn't give it back but he eventually tells Miyuki & Natsumi the reason why he wants to end it all-He's run up a gambling debt to the earth-shattering amount of 50,000 yen! Once it's all over (They did keep the man from jumping) & Natsumi had recovered the 10,000 yen, she has the nerve to ask Miyuki to treat her to something to eat! Some partner, eh?

                        File 4.2: "Mystery! The Naked Woman in the Tunnel"
                        There's an urban legend concerning the Ushimitsu Tunnel that a naked woman appeared to a man who was driving in the tunnel on a rainy night-The man stopped his car upon seeing the woman & got out, was kissed by the woman...And was never heard from again. At least, that's how the story goes in a magazine that Yoriko shares with Miyuki (Who's screaming on almost every word of the story) & Natsumi. A picture of the "ghost" is also part of the story & since it resembles Aoi, Natsumi decides on a plan to use Aoi as the "ghost" with him revealing that he's a man once the drivers stop to see, hopefully putting an end to the traffic jams that always occur at this tunnel. That night, another traffic jam at the Ushimitsu Tunnel as Natsumi's plan goes into effect-Aoi really seems to be getting into this & as he drops his sheet & turns around, Natsumi, Miyuki & Yoriko are shocked to see that not only does Aoi have a nice body but no male "thingy" to boot! As Natsumi calls for an end to the plan, Aoi comes running up behind them (He had trouble with his makeup so he was late). Wait a minute-If this is Aoi, then who's that in the tunnel?

                        File 4.3: "Held By Concrete"
                        While moving past a construction site, Miyuki & Natsumi come to the aid of a female flagman named Takako who's getting fussed at by a taxi driver. As they are about to leave, three punks in a Mercedes come barreling around the corner at high speed, ignoring the flagman's signal to stop & nearly colliding with a truck leaving the site! Turns out these guys have been giving the poor girl a hard time every night with their reckless driving so Miyuki & Natsumi (Plus Takako & some of the construction workers who gladly lend a hand) decide to teach these guys a lesson they'll never forget. They did threaten Takako with a "concrete bed"-Now let's see how they like it!

                        File 4.4: "A Spring Night's Dream"
                        It's cherry blossom time & the traffic cops are having a late night viewing party at the station complete with beer, karaoke & pizza for all. When the pizza delivery man arrives with the pizza, the Chief reaches for his wallet to pay him-It's gone & so are the wallets of all the other officers! Before long, accusations are flying high & fast from Natsumi, Ken, the Chief & even Miyuki (With her suspecting Natsumi & vice versa to the point of them dissolving their partnership). The Chief is crying over his apparent failure as a supervisor & when Yoriko goes to get a Kleenex from a large bag for him, she finds...The missing wallets! She forgot that she borrowed them to pay for the supplies for the party-YORIKO!

                        Next time-We finish the Mini Specials with File 5!
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                          Mini Specials: File 5

                          File 5.1: "Convenience Store Panic"
                          Aoi & Yoriko make a stop at a convenience store to pick up some snacks for the traffic section & as they pick up their items a man wearing a surgical mask & brandishing a small knife holds up the store! He only gets a few yen from the cashier & if that's not bad enough for our hapless thief Miyuki & Natsumi walk in so now he becomes desperate to the point where he takes a pregnant woman & a little girl hostage. Natsumi, Miyuki, Yoriko & Aoi are stymied since the hostages' lives come first but they're about to get some unexpected help from the pregnant woman & the girl (Not to mention Yoriko who trips & "breaks" her leg)! It's just not this guy's day, is it?

                          File 5.2: "Flame's Silver Chase"
                          A man in a yellow Mazda Carol 360 sedan is holding up traffic on a one-way street but when Miyuki & Natsumi pull him over, he complains that the sign for one-way traffic wasn't there before & drives off! They try to pursue him but "Today" won't start (A ROM problem that Miyuki hasn't been able to fix yet) & as if to add insult to injury, the man in the yellow sedan comes back & lectures them on how cars are meant to be maintained! Just then, a speeder in a Ferrari rushes past them & since "Today" still won't start the man offers Miyuki & Natsumi the use of his car-For a late model sedan that Mazda can really move, can't it?

                          File 5.3: "Feel My Heartbeat"
                          A tipsy businessman on his way home encounters a female flasher (Yes, with nipples! ) who gives the man a "shocking" look at her goods (Along with robbing the man)! With most of the male officers only interested in the man's description of the flasher's goods (D-cup, nipples the right shade of pink, etc.) and the other male victims only wanting another up-close encounter with the flasher, Miyuki & Natsumi decide to take up the case themselves & with Yoriko & Aoi's assistance (Plus a special weapon that would make Mylene Hoffman (009-1) proud), they track down & trap the "female" flasher!

                          BTW, if you value your life don't diss Miyuki & Natsumi about their bust sizes!

                          File 5.4: "We're In Action"
                          A couple of cameramen (Who previously did adult videos) are here at Bokuto Station to shoot footage of the traffic cops as they go about their duties for a police public relations video. After recording Yoriko & Aoi with kindergarten kids at a crosswalk, they then ride with Miyuki & Natsumi in "Today"-In the middle of a high speed pursuit of a speeder (Who's stopped just short of a waiting roadblock thanks to Miyuki's expert driving (Nitro-on!) & Natsumi's feet brake at just the right moment)! Don't sweat the final cut, Chief-It looks to be a hit with the public!

                          Next time we'll bring this thread to a close with You're Under Arrest!-The Motion Picture!
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                            You're Under Arrest!-The Motion Picture

                            ANN Listing
                            ED: "Calling" (Performed by nitro)

                            -We open on a Sunday morning with Bokuto Station providing traffic control & support for the JSDF & Tokyo Fire & Emergency on an operation to remove an unexploded WWII era bomb from an abandoned factory. Also providing tech support is the Metropolitan Police Criminal Affairs Science Lab (Which includes Miyuki on her last assignment with them after being assigned to their office for training over the past year). The operation is a successful one & soon the detours begin to be taken down...

                            -While on patrol, Yoriko & Aoi are asked by an elderly lady to check out a white Mercedes Benz that's been sitting abandoned for several days. The trunk looks to have been broken into & as Yoriko & Aoi open it they discover-Automatic weapons! Are they real?

                            -At Headquarters later Chief Inspector Arizuka assigns Inspector Kinoshita to Bokuto Station to head up the investigation into the confiscated weapons-And since Miyuki & Natsumi are due to return there after their training, she is also make sure that things are in hand on that front as well.

                            -Miyuki reports in to the Chief & gets a "Welcome back" from Detective Tokuno but where's Natsumi? Late again (As always) from staying out all night last night (A farewell party at HQ's Traffic Department where she had been training over the past year) & showing up hung over as Inspector Kinoshita begins her briefing with the officers on the cache of weapons found in the Mercedes (SIG P226s, Beretta 92Fs, & Glock 17s plus various other sub-machine guns & MP5A5s).

                            -An apology to the Chief for being late also includes some important mail that the Chief asks Natsumi to take charge of. Important indeed-It's a postcard to her from Toukairin saying that he's returning to Tokyo from Kathmandu & should arrive in a couple of days! That sobered her up quick, didn't it? Let's go on patrol, Miyuki-Woo Hoo!

                            -As Natsumi lays out their patrol route Miyuki notices something wrong with the traffic lights at the Kinishi Station intersection-They're malfunctioning! It's not isolated here either as reports come over the radio that traffic lights at two other intersections as malfunctioning as well. Miyuki's investigation finds traces of hacking into the central traffic system as well as Kinishi Station's phones also being out while this was going on.

                            -A tip comes in that an illegal weapons deal is about to go down by the Yokojukken River so Tokuno asks the Chief for all available officers to help (Including Miyuki & Natsumi as well as Aoi, Yoriko & Ken). Wetsuits & airtanks make effective weapons to take the perps down, don't they?

                            -Along with the illegal arms (Now stored temporarily at Bokuto Station the next day) Tokuno also discovers an optical disk in a briefcase-Miyuki, we're counting on you to hack it for whatever info it may have concerning this case. Meanwhile, the Chief pays a visit to Tokyo Tower hoping to see an old friend-Who could it be?

                            -Inspector Arizuka arrives at the Traffic Section, stating to the Chief that perhaps the biggest case ever was developing & that he was at the center of it. Arizuka asks the Chief for the whereabouts of Detective Emoto & when the Chief says that he doesn't know, Arizuka orders Tokuno to arrest him on charges for aiding & abetting and possibly destroying evidence.

                            -So Emoto was a close friend of the Chief who went missing 2 years ago, eh? And what does "Bee Number One" mean? And yes, Arizuka & Kinoshita knew all about the bug that Aoi planted in the interrogation room so BACK TO WORK, EVERYONE!

                            -Another night passes & Miyuki's efforts to hack into the optical disk only yield a map of Sumida Ward, regardless of any passwords & usernames that she's tried. Then, a call comes in with a synthesized voice on the other end-A multiple bomb threat with the Sakura Bridge given as the first target to show they mean business!

                            -With the destruction of the Sakura Bridge, the Chief finally reveals what he knows about all this: "Bee Number One" is the name for an outline for a theoretical assault on a police station that Emoto was ordered by the brass at HQ to devise to go along with developing a manual to protect police stations from attack by terrorists. This outline was locked away in HQ's supercomputer & was the only one that Emoto developed as he disappeared soon after writing it but it has Sumida Ward & Bokuto Station as the center of the outline, meaning that the bomb threats on the bridges along with the destruction of the Sakura Bridge were all red herrings & Bokuto Station is the real target!

                            -Between HQ's supercomputer & the laptop in "Today" (With Miyuki, Natsumi & Tokuno speeding back to the station), Natsumi & Kinoshita finally find the info on "Bee Number One" but only the contents page-The rest has been erased, possibly by Emoto prior to his disappearance. Suddenly, the online connection to the supercomputer & Bokuto's phones go dead & the building's power is cut off-The assault on the station has begun!

                            -As Kinoshita & Arizuka lead Aoi & the other officers through the building to find weapons, the Chief & Yoriko make it to the command post room. The Chief enters the password & username (Emoto) & finds that the version of "Bee Number One" on the disk is an updated one geared around attacking the economies of Japan & several other countries! Just then, the intruders come in with a tear gas bomb & get what they came for-The laptop with the disk inside!

                            -After the intruders leave Yoriko & the Chief meet up with Arizuka, Kinoshita & the other officers in the women's locker room & at the closest source of weapons they have-Miyuki's locker! They're all non-lethal of course but still effective against the intruders as they try to escape through the building's front entrance (Along with some "Party favors" to welcome Tokairin back). Despite it all, they still manage to escape with the "Bee One Mod"...

                            -...But the game's not over yet! With the help of a river boat captain transporting "Today" to bypass the traffic congestion (Just as the intruders are no doubt doing), Miyuki & Natsumi head off in pursuit of the intruders. Hey, Toukairin's back in town & he now lends his assistance in getting Arizuka to an older bridge along the Sumida River that's about to be put to good use! BTW, where's the Chief?

                            -Nice throw, Natsumi! But these guys don't have the disk-Two others not accounted for are headed for Shinkiba & with the help of the Harbor Patrol Boat's helicopter Miyuki & Natsumi (Now joined by Toukairin in "Today") are on their way to the Tokyo Heliport...With one hell of an airdrop!

                            -No, you're NOT getting away if Natsumi & her Motocompo have anything to say about it (With assists from Toukairin, Ken & Arizuka)!

                            -Meanwhile, what about the Chief? He's gone to Tokyo Tower where he finally meets up with his old friend Emoto-Who has a gun trained on him just as Miyuki & Natsumi arrive! Once Emoto sees that the game is up he shoots the Chief in the leg then shoots out one of the windows in the observation deck, intending to jump-But he's not getting off that easily, thanks to Miyuki & Natsumi.

                            -A long, long week finally comes to an end for our favorite cops as they arrive home but it's still not over yet-SURPRISE! Welcome back to Bokuto Station!
                            Natsumi (Saluting): I, Officer Natsumi Tsujimoto...
                            Miyuki (Saluting): I, Officer Miyuki Kobayakawa...
                            Both: ...Returning to duty at the Bokuto Station Traffic Department! We look forward to working with you again!

                            "Bokuto's Best Partners" are back! :D

                            Coming soon-Season 2!
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