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Dragon Ball Z: Season 5 Collection (SteelBook)

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  • [US BD] Dragon Ball Z: Season 5 Collection (SteelBook)

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    Dragon Ball Z: Season 5 Collection (Blu-ray SteelBook) due out on 12/15/20.
    4:3 aspect ratio

    Episodes 140 - 165

    Special Features: Inside Dragon Ball Z: Interviews with Sonny Strait and Meredith McCoy, Toei Tour: Raw Footage, Textless Opening and Ending Songs
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    Makes sense to have Cell on the cover the cover matches well with his green


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      Interesting that most of them use the cover art on the one of the discs, but not this one. Still almost exclusively Perfect Cell, but the other two forms are quite ugly, so if anything, I wouldn't have minded if they replaced the one Imperfect Cell disc with the cover image. These are all a little redundant with so many images of the same character, so having a character with multiple forms means they should probably mix them up a little more, but again... nobody wants to see those other Cells (especially the one wisely omitted entirely).
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        Cover art updated. See first post.


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          Ah, so now they match the other covers. I am kind of glad they changed that to be a bit more consistent with the first 3 releases.
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            And now it's Cell's turn as these episodes are all about him. The disc arts show the many sides of him, and it's great.
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