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Reborn!: Seasons 5 - 8 Collection (SD Blu-ray)

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  • [US BD] Reborn!: Seasons 5 - 8 Collection (SD Blu-ray)

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    October 30th 2018, Reborn! SDBD Volume 2! This set completes the series. Includes episodes 102-203.

    Rightstuf pre-order link:

    480p standard definition, Japanese with English subtitles, Region A.

    This SDBD set contains the latter half of the Reborn! series, seasons 5-9 (episodes 102-203) on 2 Blu Ray discs in standard definition and in Japanese with English subtitles.
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    I'll note that the top bar still says 101 episodes even though this one has 102.

    Definitely a better piece than the first one, although I suppose that's fitting since the series changes drastically, and this is definitely the stronger half. I might've preferred this image slightly more, but even if the ones that were made available are what I assume, this would've still been my close second choice, so I can't complain.
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      Quite an improvement over the first one. The characters sure are showing a lot more life with this one than the first cover art that just merely did the job.
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