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-Kizumonogatari- Part 3: Reiketsu

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  • [US BD] -Kizumonogatari- Part 3: Reiketsu

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    Coming 11/21

    Disc Spec
    Spoken Language: Japanese
    Subtitle: English
    Aspect ratio: 16:9 Cinemascope
    Episode: Movie
    Number of Disc: 2 discs (Blu-ray Disc + Soundtrack CD)
    Total Run Time: approx. 82 min.
    Rating: 16 UP

    Bonus Contents
    ■ Theatrical Trailer
    ■ PV & CM Collections

    Bonus Contents
    ■ PART 3: REIKETSU Original Soundtrack CD
    ■ Deluxe Booklet
    ■ Pin-up Postcard Set
    ■ Package Illustrated by Akio Watanabe (Character Design)

    SRP: $89.98
    Retail Price: $69.98

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    Really hoping they go with a green color palette for this one (i.e. the slip with the blood splatters). Other than that, it'll be like the other two releases.

    The second set did only feature one of the key artworks, though, so let's hope this release features both.


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      Since the domestic packaging mirrors the Japanese packaging, the color theme for this release will be white.

      The whole thing has been funny/weird for me, since the colors are off, if you want to look at it a certain way. The film titles come from Kiss-Shot's self-description as a iron-blooded (tekketsu), hot-blooded (nekketsu), yet cold-blooded (reiketsu) vampire. So, with that being the description and specifically the word order, you'd expect the packaging color themes to correspond appropriately, with film 1 being white (or silver or something), film 2 being red, and film 3 being blue.

      I guess you could start to make the argument that the colors are correct, since iron (oxide) is reddish and white could be for, like, ice cold. But there isn't really anything to justify the blue then.

      My guess is that marketing and aesthetics were probably behind choosing red for film 1, regardless of title, since it's the color of blood (we've got vampires here), and is more bold and eye-catching.
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        Originally posted by Hayate Kurogane View Post
        Since the domestic packaging mirrors the Japanese packaging, the color theme for this release will be white...
        Oh, that makes much more sense. I always thought they based the covers off of the main artwork; the placeholder image above is primarily green, so I thought it would go in that direction. White is still a good palette to go with, though.

        Your interpretation of the color scheme is much better, though, ha-ha.


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          These releases actually end up looking nicer in person with the various little effects they put into them, so I'm looking forward to seeing the trilogy complete. I like the key art for the third one almost as much as the second one, as well.
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            Packaging shot added to the first post.


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              Looks great as usual, and it fits the other parts of the Kizumonogatari trilogy well.
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                Again, Aniplex?! Where is the second key art on the backside? Who on their design team decided a collage of screenshots would be better than a poster-size image practically made for being a cover?

                At least they bothered to put it on a postcard this time (unlike Nekketsu-hen)...


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