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-Owarimonogatari- Set Vol.1 (LE)

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  • [US BD] -Owarimonogatari- Set Vol.1 (LE)

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    OWARIMONOGATARI Blu-ray Set Vol.1

    Coming 10/25

    SRP: $89.98
    Sales Price: $69.98

    Blu-ray Specs
    Language: Japanese
    Subtitles: English
    Video: 16:9 Widescreen
    Episode: 7 Episodes (OUGI FORMULA #1&2 / SODACHI RIDDLE #1&2 / SODACHI LOST #1-3)

    Number of Disc: 2 Blu-ray Discs
    Total Run Time: Approx. 175 min.
    Rating: 16 UP

    Bonus Contents
    ■ Trailer Collection
    ■ Textless Opening
    ■ Textless Ending

    Bonus Materials & Special Package
    ■ Deluxe Booklet
    ■ Pin-up Postcard Set
    ■ Package Illustrated by Akio Watanabe (Character Design)
    *Bonus contents and materials subject to change.

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    Re: Owarimonogatari, Vol.1

    That's just creepy!!


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      Re: -Owarimonogatari- Set Vol.1 (LE)

      Ougi is a very creepy character but I really like the surreal look of this cover. It fits the mysterious nature of his/her character.


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        Re: -Owarimonogatari- Set Vol.1 (LE)

        Very nice piece of artwork there. I was hoping to see Oikura on it seeing that this is the only time she appears (and she might appear on the other side), but this cover fits in quite nicely.
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          Re: -Owarimonogatari- Set Vol.1 (LE)

          Definitely very appropriate to have a creepy shot of Ougi for this, as that represents this chunk of Owarimonogatari best. I assume Sodachi will be on the packaging as well. Good to see this coming.
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            Re: -Owarimonogatari- Set Vol.1 (LE)

            Packaging shot added to the first post.


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