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  • FLCL sequels?

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    How were the two FLCL sequels? Any noteable strengths/weaknesses/cool ideas?
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    Personally, I see the two FLCL sequels as aspects of the original series being split in two.

    Progressive maintains the lore of the original series, as some of the more sci-fi elements continue on here. However, it has major problems in terms of handling the characters, with the main heroine being bland for most of the series (with one aspect being built up with no real payoff), and the show featuring too many character to truly flesh them out as a result of too much going on in it.

    Alternative meanwhile maintains the tone of the original series, which works much better, as each of the key characters do get a moment to shine, and Haruko is way more likable here than in Progressive. The only thing to watch out for is that this series does provide the one thing that the original series lacked when compared to other Gainax shows.
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      I can add my thoughts to this as well. I'll start by saying that if you liked FLCL you might as well watch the new ones too. Though inferior to the original, I still found them entertaining enough to be worth my time.

      I echo a lot of the pros and cons listed above with a few additions. First and foremost, the new Pillows music is rad.

      Progressive was all over the place with some high highs and low lows. It was definitely trying to juggle too many characters and stories for it's short runtime to handle and it never quite scratches the sequel itch that a more direct sequel might have done, but overall I found what they did with Haruko's story interesting and liked some of the new characters (Jinyu, in particular). Some cool nods to the original and some interesting lore implications top off what I liked about it and somewhat balance out it's weaker storytelling.

      Alternative is interesting because it's connections to the original series are much less pronounced here than in Progressive. You still have Haruko and some other familiar elements, but remove those and this could almost function as a standalone series. Even so, it does imply some interesting, if vague narrative connections to the original and handles it's character writing better than Progressive. Personally, it's not what I wanted or expected from the third season when it was announced (I would've preferred a true sequel that tied S1 & Progressive together). Despite that, I would consider this one the stronger and more consistent of the two new seasons.
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