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    Recently over the last few months I have picked up quite a few of Funimation's Essential collections, blu-ray + digital only. I have found them to be a cheaper way of picking shows up and they def help save on shelf space. There are a lot more I'd like to eventually check out so I would like to hear some thoughts and opinons on the following shows:
    Absolute Duo
    Acca 13th Territory Inspection Dept
    Castle Town Dandelion
    Gonna Be the Twin Tails
    Hand Shakers
    In Another World With My Smart Phone
    Interviews With Monster Girls
    Kancolle Kantai
    Pandora in the Crimson Shell
    Rampo Kitan: Game or Laplace
    Shonen Maid
    The Morose Mononoken
    Tokyo Ravens

    Thanks to all in advance!

    I tend to like a wide variety and mix of different shows. As a side note here is everything I have already picked up: Aldermin of the Sky, Alice and Zoroku, Eldlive, Yona of the Dawn, Worldend, Konohana Kitan, Selector Infected Wixoss, Selector Spread, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Knight's and Magic, Izetta: The Last Witch, Terror in Resonance, Aokana, Sankarea, Gosick, Clockwork Planet, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Concrete Revolutio. So yeah, a lot of shows and a variety of genres.
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    The essentials line has really been a massive improvement over it's previous iteneration, the SAVE line. Though ealier releases had the unfortunate downside of Funi being banner happy with some having 3 banners taking up a quarter of the cover lol. Glad they eventually figured that out and have stuck with only having the 1 essential banner instead.

    Of the titles listed, here are the one's I watched in the order that I enjoyed each:
    1. Grimgar
    2. Interviews With Monster Girls
    3. Barakamon
    4. Castle Town Dandelion
    5. Tokyo Ravens
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      1. 18if is a largely episodic exploration of dreamscapes. Each episode has the main character interacting with the dreams of some girl and sometimes sorting out the issue. The characters are not strong and so the show hinges on how many of the dreamscapes you find interesting. I liked some but not enough to think the show is worth a purchase.

      2. Absolute Duo is action harem trash. If you like action harem trash (and I do!) it is worth considering but it fell below my admittedly low standards so I can't recommend it.

      3. ACCA 13 is a slow burn character and world building, mystery drama. It is very good but you have to be fond of slow storytelling. Especially given the main character's laid back attitude to everything. I liked it but I can't see myself rewatching it.

      4, Barakamon and Shonen Maid are wholesome character comedies. They are very good shows that rely on good character humor with a great deal of realism and some light drama. I love both of them but Shonen Maid was the only one I liked enough to purchase.

      5. Gonna be the twin tails is vulgar silly 5 year old humor. Sometimes I like a good silly low brow comedy. This shows gimmick stopped amusing me after a few episodes but your mileage may vary.

      6. In Another World With My Smart Phone. Is a lazy isekai show where the main character is ridiculously overpowered from the start and gets all the girls and all the power, wealth and status without trying. It is not terrible but the fact that there is no challenge and the main character wins so easily and gets everything handed to him on a golden platter encrusted with diamonds gets boring quick. I don't mind shows like this but this one was too lazy even for me.

      7. Grimgar is the opposite take on an isekai to In Another World With My Smart Phone. The main characters are weak and have to fight hard for everything. They are always one step away from a gruesome death and have to deal with all kinds of difficult situations. If you want your characters to suffer and struggle just to survive then this is your show. It is a good show but I didn't like the characters enough to be willing to go through all the unpleasantness.

      8. Interviews with monster girls. Is a light comedy drama with monster girls. The characters are all well defined and the drama and some of the humor comes from the challenges they face being monster girls in human society. It is very well thought out but a little too light for my tastes.

      Those are my thoughts.


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        Looking over this list, ACCA, Barakamon, Grimgar, Interviews with Monster Girls, Shonen Maid, The Morose Mononokean, and Tokyo Ravens are all worth watching. You definitely want to avoid 18if, Absolute Duo, Endride, and Urahara as those shows are nothing but a waste of your time. The others, it's kind of your preference to tastes and I will leave it up to you with those. I will run down these titles:

        ACCA - This show is all about drama as there's plenty of it and twists and turns. Those would make it worth your time.
        Barakamon - While the premise doesn't look all that flashy, it's a great comedy that's all about self-discovery, and a well-done one at that.
        Grimgar - Another isekai show, but one with a somber tone and that makes the story quite interesting. Plus, the artwork and soundtrack are great.
        Interviews with Monster Girls - It's a supernatural show in a typical slice-of-life setting that's all about acceptance since these girls are having a hard time fitting in.
        Shonen Maid - While it has a huge gimmick of the MC being a boy who was asked to become a maid and it seems ridiculous, it's actually enjoyable. The characters get some solid development to make it worth watching.
        The Morose Mononokean - This show takes awhile to get going as a lot of stuff just seems to be there for show, but the show does get better as it progresses.
        Tokyo Ravens - This is a show that starts off strong, ends strong, but the show sputters in the middle. That said, the show is nice for the introduction and towards the end the show's buildup really pays dividends. The middle, let's just say the writing is pretty messy.

        So those are my thoughts.
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