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How do fellow collectors here sort their Anime/Manga collections?

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    I don’t have nearly the size of a collection as many of you fine folks, but I’ve been cultivating it on-and-off for about 10 years now. I used to separate my blu-ray and dvd sets separately, but I never really liked how they looked on their own. So I’ve recently combined the two after I added a new shelf to the set up. Of course, I’ve been contemplating how I can rearrange things once more. I’ve been considering doing it by studio (Gainax, Toei, etc.) but I do like the idea of organizing by decade.
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      Anime has three groups:
      1. Backlog: lined up in order of purchase on the top of a lower, under-the-window bookcase near the disc player - new ones go on the right.
      2. Replaced discs (usually DVDs that have been upgraded to blu-ray) that haven't found a new home yet: in a couple boxes, some are stacked in a "miscellaneous" bookcase.
      3. Current, watched collection: alphabetical left-right by title across everything, sometimes turned sideways to fit in the shelves (e.g. NIS premium releases). Most are shelved by the English, translated title, some by the anglicized Japanese name - these are shows for which I learned the Japanese name long before an English release. Sequels are shelved after the first, e.g. all the -monogatari releases are in release order after Bake-. And a few oddities such as "Mobile Suit Gundam ..." are all shelved as "Gundam." When enough disks (especially early-in-the-alphabet) fill a shelf, there is a long process of shifting everything "down" (and about the only time I dust). Lots of bookcases around the living room and upstairs.

      Manga: alphabetical and numerical, right-left by title across the top shelf of anime bookcases. I have significantly less manga than anime. Replaced manga (with later, larger print editions like Aria) are boxed or stacked with the replaced anime discs.

      JNovels: alphabetical and release order by title, right-left on a couple more bookcases. Separate from western novels which are alphabetical release order left-right by author (like a library) on their own bookcases.


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        I organize by size: BD-size LE's in a shelve, plain DVD's in another one and so on. I try to put releases of the same company together whenever possible. I've never cared about organizing by genre. About 55% of my collection is standard BD sets, 15% is BD-size LE's, 10% is DVD-size LE's and 20% is standard DVD sets. I try to avoid oddly size sets.


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          I put just about everything in alphabetical order, at least as much as shelf divisions will allow -- older artbox+singles releases can't be split apart. Order is nearly always based on the official English title, with a few exceptions. Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is treated as an "A" title, though more because I view the "Magical Shopping Arcade" part as a front-loaded subtitle, rather than for any reverence for "Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai." I keep the series now known as Destiny of the Shrine Maiden under K, since I own the old Geneon release where Kannazuki no Miko was the official title. In cases like Hayate the Combat Butler, Ikki Tousen, Burn Up, Shana, Fushigi Yuugi, or Galaxy Angel with non-numbered sequels, chronological order by release date is used instead of strict alphabetical adherence.

          The main exception to alphabetical sorting is with some multi-series franchises, where the first installment is in the normal alphabetical spot, and sequels/spinoffs follow in chronological release order. So the Bubblegum Crisis section includes the original, Crash, AD Police OVA, BGC 2040, and AD Police TV. Crest of the Stars is followed by Banner of the Stars 1 and 2. Lost Universe is with the Slayers franchise, and the Tenchi Muyo section includes related titles like Photon, Dual, Pretty Sammy, Sasami Magical Girls' Club, and (eventually) War on Geminar.

          I don't do any organization by theme, studio, or watching status. That's handled by a .txt file listing when I finished every anime I watched, the format/language I watched it in, and what's up for rewatches.


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            Originally posted by BlaizeV View Post
            I like the idea of sorting Anime by decades and eventually years. The part that puts me off is that some franchises will get spread out and quite alot too in some cases. Other issues are how light the 70's would be, even if I had everything available (and I don't) it still wouldn't fill up even a single shelf.
            That's why I would prefer to group all installments of a franchise together even if they span multiple decades. You second issue is also not a problem in that case because the entire UC Gundam franchise would be listed under 70's!


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              The grand question for any sort of collector; what do you do with all of this stuff? For me, I chiefly organize by publisher. This way I can keep together all the releases of a similar size and design for a better layout visually. I don't particularly sort any way beyond that. My shelves are not alphabetical or chronological in any way, other than newly purchased releases go to the shelves later than older stuff. My shelves are arranged at different heights to allow space for the bigger LE boxes from certain publishers to stand up without issue.

              I'm lucky enough that the entirety of my older releases from Geneon and ADV all fit perfectly together on a single CD/DVD bookcase, which was the first wooden bookcase I had purchased. The one exception to my publisher exclusive layout is a shelf on my biggest bookcase where I house all of my favorite series. The various incarnations of Shana releases take up the biggest portion of this shelf, naturally. Everything from the original Geneon Singles, to the Japanese DVD Art Box releases, Funimation's Blu-ray sets, and even the few Noizi Ito Shana Art books are found here. This is easily my most prized shelf, since it has all of my favorite anime sets, but it also has the original PSX release of Final Fantasy IX that snuck its way onto there as well! (My favorite of that franchise.)

              I'll also admit that I'm suffering the same issues as many of you have, where I'm simply running out of space to store everything. I'm currently in need of another bookcase to continue shelving my purchases, but I no longer have the floorspace to accommodate one. Piles of newly arrived manga and anime adorn the floor in my room in several spots, with the most recent stack competing for height against one of my surround sound's front tower speakers at the moment. An entire RightStuf holiday sale order of manga has become the base of four similar stacks of books and Blu-rays close to my main bookcase wall.

              Since my imports mostly consist of manga, they have been given their own dedicated shelf space on the newest bookcase. Truth be told, my style of shelving purchases is far from efficient, and serves more as a display mechanism. A lot of the shiny or more interesting art boxes are on the shelf sideways to show off the artwork on the box. My Sentai LEs are the biggest offenders in this regard, since Chihayafuru, No Game no Life, Chunibiyo, Squid Girl, Flip Flappers, School Live, and Chivalry of a Failed Knight are all arranged this way. A few of the Bandai LEs take up their fair share of space, but the only one that is purposely displaying its artwork is Kannagi, which has its own little area carved out for it. Arguably I could free up plenty of space on my shelves just by rotating them so their spines face out instead, but where's the fun in that?
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                Hmm... very haphazardly for me. On the anime front, things are first sorted by DVD, BR, and "other". Then it's almost pure alphabetical. But I really base on sizing. I have some of those BRs that are in DVD-sized cases, so they get their own section by the BRs. The couple of PonyCan and several older NISA releases I have also get their own section. (I'd considered pulling the NISA out of their boxes, but then the books would go into an already crying artbook area, and I really wouldn't save much space with the disks.)

                Then, everything in DVD cases gets thin/multipacked. I started with just thinpacking, but then found 6-disk cases take up slightly less space than 3 of the double-thin cases I use. Not enough to make it worth the expense of repacking again, but it became preferred for anything with 5 or more disks. (1 and 2 disk releases are still thinned, 3-4 depends on if I have enough artwork for one case or 2.) BRs are only subjected to multipacking, unless they're in DVD cases, where they follow the above rules.

                Combo sets... I don't care for them. Usually I'll keep the BRs and (try to) sell the DVDs. If they were in 2 separate cases, easy enough. Otherwise, the BRs will be packed into a slightly smaller case, and the DVDs will be put into spare DVD cases salvaged from thinpacking. Larger cases are kept for other condensing. (Gundam W Ultimate was condensed from 4 cases to 2, even though the cases are actually slightly wider.) I haven't shopped for thin BR cases... yet.

                Manga follows a similar pattern (minus thinpacking.) First by size (normal, large, and oversized), then alphabetically. I used to have a small classification, but the size difference between it and normal caused it to be phased out. (I only had 1 shelf that could hold small but not normal; the last room redo saw it converted to CD storage with amiibo in front.)
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                  My method sounds kind of dumb but it looks really nice. I try and sort them by distributor/publisher. For example I try and keep all my ADV Films anime together, all my CPM dvds together, all my Geneon dvds together etc. I have a separate place for blu-rays in which I do the same thing. Why I think this looks nice is it's pleasing to see the same logo repeated a million times, but with different colors and styles. I am conflicted when I own part of a franchise/series on br and part on DVD, or some of it was released by one company and other parts by another. I try to group them together, despite the different companies. For example I have Manga Ent's release of Black Jack the movie right next to CPM's release of the OVA series., and I have discotek's br releases of Case Closed/Detective Conan next to Funimation's dvds. I can't imagine sorting all my anime by genre, but that does make sense...
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