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    I'd like to hear some thoughts and opinions on a number of shows/movies;
    Seiyu's Life
    Red Data Girl
    Unbreakable Machine Doll
    One Week Friends
    Beautiful Bones
    Locke the Superman
    Aria the Scarlet Ammo
    The Mystic Archives of Dantalian
    Library Wars
    Love Lab
    Patema Inverted
    Wolf Children
    Omamori Himari
    Devils and Realist

    Thanks to all in advance!
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    Out of that whole list I've only seen Patema Inverted and Wolf Children, but I liked both of them (Patema Inverted most of all for its sudden inversions of perspective, Wolf Children most of all for its "homesteading" mood).


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      A lot of these series I've seen but am kind of foggy on. If there's any particular aspect of the shows you have a question on, I'll try to answer beyond some of the basic feelings here (which are kind of insubstantial)

      Seiyu's Life: I enjoyed this one, though it seems opinions vary. It's got some cute antics, but also some examination of hardships in the seiyuu industry. It's something to look into if you want to get into that side of anime production in particular. Shirobako and Girlish Number are generally seen as more interesting shows to check out in this vein, and I'd agree, but this is worth a try too.
      Re-Kan: This is a rather hit or miss show, but it can be really heartfelt when it hits. I didn't like it enough to buy, but it was rather memorable and worth watching.
      Red Data Girl: I didn't really watch all of this one, so I lost some interest for some reason. Don't remember much on what to say of its pluses (it did have some) and minuses.
      Unbreakable Machine Doll: I watched all of it, but kind of didn't stick out in my mind. If I wanted to pick out something in this vein (historical setting with some fantasy elements) I'd probably go with Dantalian below over it.
      One Week Friends: A pretty nice romance drama that was one of my favorites in its season, though by the end my enthusiasm for it waned a little bit and didn't register as prime rewatch material. I think I still feel rather positive about it being one to check out, though.
      Beautiful Bones: A mystery series with a fun lead character dynamic. But in that regard, it did not stick with me as strongly as Gosick.
      Nobunagun: I kept at this series for more than half its run, but for various reasons I guess it wasn't interesting me.
      Aria the Scarlet Ammo: Dropped this one fairly early on as it didn't seem to be developing into anything interesting.
      The Mystic Archives of Dantalian: Was a fairly memorable series, perhaps the last thing for Gainax that I rather liked. The interactions of the lead and the setting kind of made me think of Gosick (which I'm fond of) too, though a bit more of fantastical elements to it.
      Love Lab: Undoubtedly one of my favorites on the list. If you like the kind of cute comedies that Dogakobo and the Ohta Masahiko/Aoshima Takashi team produce, then this is definitely one to check out. Besides the fun comedy, there's a bit of good emotional character drama in there too. It held up well in a recent rewatch.
      Patema Inverted: Overall, I enjoyed this movie. For various reasons (like the pervasive presence of the one-dimensionally evil antagonist), it's not as really memorable and beloved for me as the same director's work on Time of Eve.
      Wolf Children: This actually might be my favorite of what I've seen of Hosoda's movies. It integrates some supernatural elements well into a story focused on the hardships of parenting. Not only about the parents: there's an interesting story of growth for the children. Yuki's story, in particular, really touched my heart.
      Omamori Himari: In the end, this was a rather forgettable harem series. There were some irritating elements to it from the start, but I think I stuck by and watched the series mostly due to liking one character (Shizuku).
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        Red Data Girl is beautifully animated but it is a slow mystical romantic drama. While there aren't any unlikeable characters no one has a lot of charisma and there are quite a few jerks. The show is also based heavily on Japanese Mythology so it is kind of hard to follow if you aren't knowledgeable on that. It was way too slow for me so I dropped it.

        Unbreakable Machine Doll is a disposable action harem. This one has a clingy submissive female lead and an arrogant male lead. Also it uses a lot of CG.

        Locke the Superman is an old school Scifi Psychic movie. The main character is an overpowered psychic who has become a loner due to his past. A psychic army with robot soldiers is wreaking havoc and the government recruits Locke to fix the mess. Lots of carnage and psychic battles follow. Not big in the character development or deep plotting department.

        Nobunagun is a fun action story starring a social outcast military otaku who finds out she is a descendant of Nobunaga and thus gets a bunch of cool powers. She has to team up with other people with crazy powers descended from famous people to defeat an alien invasion. Nice popcorn fun.

        The Mystic Archives of Dantalian is a largely dark, episodic fantasy show in which the main duo spend their time hunting down Phantom Books which grant the readers amazing abilities and crazy powers. In the exceedingly rare case that the owner is worthy, the book benefits everyone, however, in most cases it just causes tragedy and death. The main duo's job is sealing those books but by the time they arrive it is normally too late, leaving them and us as spectators to the worst of human nature. Largely philosophical but the flirting between the main duo is often cute.

        Library Wars is a slow romance that takes place in a ridiculous situation in which armed librarians do battle with the government to protect books from being destroyed. A lot more talking and romance than fighting.

        Patema Inverted is a fun simple scifi, fantasy adventure. The gimmick involves star crossed lovers with opposite gravity but the show is really all about tolerance and being willing to embrace new ideas. Given what I see in the news we don't seem to do that anymore.


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          I can only comment on Wolf Children and Locke the Superman.

          Wolf Children is a beautiful high quality movie and well dubbed. It's also a real tear jerker at times and would undoubtedly be a great couples movie or I suppose you could call it a chick flick. The closest thing I can think of to it in feel would be Ghibli's "When Marnie was There." So judge accordingly.

          Locke the Superman is virtually the opposite. It's real, real old school. Macross, Voltron type old school. Animation is that quality as well and when I watched it; it felt disjointed to me at times. Almost as if it were 3 or so OVA's stitched together. I'm not saying that it is, just that it felt that way at times. No deep writing here either. Just old school anything for a good fight action. I wrote a review on it back in 2012 for Amazon Canada where you can read more. It's the top review.
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            I have only see one of these - but Wolf Children is incredible VERY good show AMAZINGLY animated. Ufotobale (who did Fate/Zero) levels of amazing art. Story is bittersweet but very well told and much like life beautiful some times sad others. VERY worth watching.
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              My turn:

              Seiyu's Life - Haven't seen.
              Re-Kan - Haven't seen.
              Red Data Girl - Haven't seen.
              Unbreakable Machine Doll -Haven't seen.
              One Week Friends - Haven't seen.
              Beautiful Bones - I watched all this anime series, and I thought it was okay-good. The main lead is interesting, as the girl is older than the guy, and she has a bone fetish. Interesting story, executed well. Shame there's no more of this anime series, as there's more source material out there.
              Locke the Superman - Haven't seen.
              Nobunagun - Haven't seen.
              Aria the Scarlet Ammo - Haven't seen.
              The Mystic Archives of Dantalian - Haven't seen.
              Library Wars - Haven't seen.
              Love Lab - Haven't seen.
              Patema Inverted - I thought that this movie was good, and the main couple is interesting to see how they interact with the other cast members, and get on with another and develop. Worth a purchase IMO.
              Wolf Children - I liked this movie a lot, go out a buy it IMO. The story is about mother hood, and raising kids by herself, that are half-breeds. Lots of moments in this film, though personally, I biased towards the directors first Madhouse anime movie, the girl that leapt through time, as the directors personal favorite work to date. Makoto's personally in the anime movie, The Girl that leapt through time, is just toxic to me (in a good way, not a bad way).
              Omamori Himari - Haven't seen.
              Devils and Realist - Haven't seen.

              Note: IMO the anime movies on the list are worth a purchase IMO, as they tend to be of high quality than anime TV series on this list in general (due to better budget, production stuff, and longer lead time, etc).


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