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Fandom Post Site News
Site News
Where we'll be posting anything related to how the site's going, changes and so forth.
Topics: 278 Posts: 1,026
278 1,026
Anime & Manga Discussions
News, Articles, Press Releases and More
The latest news from the Anime/Manga section can be found in here.
Topics: 65,068 Posts: 68,922
65,068 68,922
Streaming Official Site Reviews
Reviews written by the Anime/Manga staff will appear here for your perusal, praise and criticism.
Topics: 11,657 Posts: 12,011
11,657 12,011
General Anime Discussions
Discussions about anime series in general, unrelated to specific release volumes, from around the world.
Topics: 1,931 Posts: 68,693
1,931 68,693
Anime Recommendations & Must Buy Suggestions
If you're looking for anime from around the world recommendations, wanting to get comparisons between series to determine which is better to buy or just what a good hot title to buy is, ask it here.
Topics: 405 Posts: 5,009
Last Post: Halloween Recs?
405 5,009
by russ869
US Blu-ray, DVD and Simulcast Industry News
Dedicated to discussions about home video releases US with home video formats as well as the simulcast side of the industry.
Topics: 7,432 Posts: 155,007
7,432 155,007
JP & Asian Blu-ray, DVD and Streaming Industry News
Dedicated to discussions about home video releases in Japan and SE Asia with home video formats as well as the streaming side of the industry.
Topics: 2,894 Posts: 25,865
Last Post: [JP BD] One Piece (TV)
2,894 25,865
by WTK
UK/EU/AU Blu-ray, DVD and Simulcast Industry News
Dedicated to discussions about home video releases in the UK and AU with home video formats as well as the simulcast side of the industry.
Topics: 2,066 Posts: 13,962
2,066 13,962
DVD/BD Cover Art Discussions
A forum for posting cover art for various packaged media releases and discussing them. This area covers DVD and Blu-ray releases. Please use prefixes when posting.
Topics: 4,918 Posts: 48,799
4,918 48,799
Manga News, Views, Reviews and Recommendations
News, licensing, and general information discussions about manga, manhua, manhwa, art books, and novels.
Topics: 6,355 Posts: 15,331
6,355 15,331
Retail Forum
Post all the deals and coupons related to buying anime on DVD, manga or anime CDs here. Please note that this site survives on affiliate commissions from retailer links found on these pages. Please use our links whenever possible.
Topics: 469 Posts: 21,869
469 21,869
The English Track
A forum to discuss the wide variety of dubs, dub actors and the methods used to create dubs. Help other fans discover the better releases and to avoid the truly bad ones.
Topics: 370 Posts: 13,074
370 13,074
Japanese Language, Culture and Popular Media
This area is devoted to talking about the culture and language of Japan and its people, culture and music which includes actors and voice actors.
Topics: 107 Posts: 2,034
107 2,034
Glitch Disc
Problems playing a particular disc on some hardware but not others? Menu's not working? Just getting frustrated in getting it to even load? This is the place to talk about. If you begin a new thread here regarding a problem disc, you must list the equipment you are playing it on.
Topics: 107 Posts: 624
107 624
Comic Book Discussions
Comic Book News And Discussion
Covering the gamut of comics and their distribution.
Topics: 4,357 Posts: 5,304
4,357 5,304
Comic Book Reviews
User and site reviews of comic books and graphic novels!
Topics: 6,243 Posts: 6,272
6,243 6,272
Chris Beveridge
Movies & Television Discussions
Movie News, Discussions and Reviews
All the main movie news in one convenient location!
Topics: 6,232 Posts: 9,308
6,232 9,308
Television News, Discussions and Reviews
There's a lot of good genre shows out there and a few that aren't quite in the same realm to talk about. This is the place to do it!
Topics: 5,253 Posts: 8,303
5,253 8,303
Lifestyle Discussions
Sandbox Forum
No rules, no registration. Say what you want - but no abuse of fellow members.
Topics: 57 Posts: 905
57 905
by Talyn
Questioning Fandom
The questions we pose to fandom - and your answers!
Topics: 785 Posts: 1,873
785 1,873
Novels News, Reviews, and Discussions
A place to discuss books, ebooks and related hardware specific to the book reading (i.e. no app discussion of ipads unless it's related to a book itself). Make recommendations, post reviews and talk about what's out and what should be read!
Topics: 403 Posts: 593
403 593
Gaming Goodness
A forum to discuss all forms of videogames. Be they on a PC, a console or a portable. This is not a forum for console bashing or corporate bashing. Partisan discussions will not be allowed.
Topics: 1,493 Posts: 8,546
1,493 8,546
Conventions & Site Gatherings
A discussion place for everyone going to Conventions and site gatherings. Talk about getting together at the various conventions held throughout the world or start organizing a gathering of site readers in your area!
Topics: 690 Posts: 5,649
690 5,649
Home Theater Discussions
Discuss all aspects to building a home theater, TVs, playback devices and more.
Topics: 45 Posts: 346
45 346
For Sale/Trading and Auction Forum
A place for readers to sell and trade their goods with the iTrader system in place for setting reputation, etc. This forum is also for listing and talking about auctions/buy it now items at various auction sites. Please do not post auction links anywhere else in the forums (or signatures) but in this forum.
Topics: 271 Posts: 1,792
271 1,792
Site Feedback
Topics: 174 Posts: 2,152
Last Post: Who is Mr. Ixolite?
174 2,152
Chris Beveridge
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