Several months back, I was listening to a talk show I like and they were just coming back from a commercial break. The "rejoiner" music that played was an extremely catchy, 80's sounding tune. Usually the hosts of the talk show would not discuss the rejoiner music that much, but at that particular time they mentioned that it was "Always On My Mind" by Pet Shop Boys. A quick Youtube search later and I had instantly began to like the song. It wasn't the lyrics that drew me in, as good as they were (although it was basically an Elvis song with one minor change), but the instrumentation was brilliant, sounding almost like an orchestra mixed with the glorious synthesizers that defined the 1980s.

Eventually I went on to discover some other Pet Shop Boys songs, including "It's A Sin" and "One More Chance" thanks to buying one of their albums off iTunes. They have an interesting way of making songs catchy: while the lyrics sometimes have dark messages behind them, the instrumentals seem to almost be the polar opposite. Some of their songs have interesting and sometimes hilarious titles such as "I Want To Wake Up" and "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk." As many songs as these guys have, I will still find Always On My Mind to be one of their best, even as a cover. I think Pet Shop Boys pretty much helped define 80's music for me.