So I was late in picking this up for reviewing so now I can't review it but I already wrote a review for it so here it is:

Flip Flappers Episodes 1-5

An original anime with a whole lot of talent behind its visuals, Flip Flappers sure has a lot going for it and these five episodes prove that there is more to it than just yuri-bait.

Flip Flappers is Studio 3Hz's original anime and is one of the four animes airing this season with magical girls. 3Hz is a pretty new studio but that isn't stopping them from getting some talent on board for their visuals; this is one of those very few visually arresting animes airing this fall. They're not all big names but that's pretty much irrelevant when you see the quality they're putting out (episode three particularly with its mind-blowing fights).

It's not just their animation which is stellar, their incredible background art really brings out the vivid nature of the Pure Illusion worlds. One could say that Flip Flappers mainly has its incredible visuals bringing out most of the enjoyment.

But the visual department isn't the only place where Flip Flappers is going strong; it has a pretty confusing way of telling its story but it manages to keep things interesting enough to keep you seated.

This show is pretty confusing; the first episode tells you literally nothing about its world. Cocona is a rather average middle school girl who'll be moving on to high school soon but hasn't yet decided on her future school. Some random girl on a flying surfboard shows up saying that she's been looking for her. Through some turn of events, the random girl takes Cocona into a bizarre world full of snow, Pure Illusion. Everything feels too much for an opening episode especially since nothing concrete about the direction of the show, the world or anything for that matter is told. The one thing this episode does tell you, however, is that you'll have to watch till the end if you want to make sense of all the randomness going on here.

The next episode takes place in some weird colorful world with bunny ears. Episode three has some barren desert with weird creatures straight out of Pokémon living in fear of the bigger creepy bandits. And this latest spectacle is in an alternate world of sorts where they're in a creepier and more horrifying version of their school. None of these places seem to be related in anyway, and they probably aren't either. These worlds could likely have some symbolism in them somewhere but it's too obscure to be caught easily. These seemingly random adventures give rise to the most important question ever: what is Pure Illusion? Each time they enter Pure Illusion it's a different world and those worlds have their fair share of effects on those entering it. Of course, we haven't yet gotten any solid answer to this question, but hopefully we will get one sooner or later.

Along the way we slowly learn stuff about the world of Flip Flappers. Papika and Cocona are to enter Pure Illusion to collect fragments (also called amorphous by the rival gang) for Dr. Salt who wants to liberate Pure Illusion. Even though they tell us stuff about the world, a lot of stuff is still mysterious even though five episodes have passed. What does Salt mean by liberating Pure Illusion? It's pretty vague considering Pure Illusion is some fantasy like world which can only be accessed by those whose emotions are in sync as we later find out.

Liberating that world could mean merging it with the real world, or it could mean making it accessible to all. It could mean anything but we aren't told what exactly the salty guy meant.

We find out that the fragments have the ability to turn Papika and Cocona into magical girls; they partly transform in the first two episodes and completely transform in episodes three and five. What exactly are these fragments/amorphous? They drop out like items in an RPG after they defeat the problem plaguing the world they entered. Is this what Dr. Salt meant? They'd have to enter Pure Illusion and save it by defeating the evil in those worlds to "liberate" it? And how exactly does this transformation thing happen? There are some prerequisites, so what are they?

We get a twist in episode three with Yayaka being part of a rival organization collecting amorphous—this shouldn't really have been such a surprising twist considering Yayaka and the twins feature in the opening sequence, which is a whole story on its own. The group Yayaka works for looks like some weird cult with those people wearing long pointy headgear. They're dripping with suspicion but we can't really say for sure if they're actually evil because Salt is pretty suspicious himself too.

Yayaka's people do become suspicious when she reveals her reason for collecting the amorphous: world domination. It's a pretty stupid reason (especially after seeing how a certain show dissed this idea last season) but it may not be what it sounds like, just like Salt's goal.

Episode four is dedicated to character interactions as Papika and Cocona spend some days together and get more attached to each other (you're pretty much free to take this "attachment" in whatever way you want since that's probably the creators' intention). This is crucial to allow easy access to Pure Illusion since the two must be in sync in order to enter that world.

It may seem that Cocona entered all this stuff a little too easily even though it was all forced upon her. A normal girl would want nothing to do with all this random, dangerous nonsense. But episode five answers that to an extent (although it could be considered "answered" prior to this episode if one were to look at Cocona up to now). In the creepy school, Yayaka questions Cocona's reasons for collecting these fragments even though it shouldn't have concerned her at all. Cocona's reply is that Papika needs her and its fun.

This tells something about Cocona and about part of the direction this show will take. If one were to recall the first, third and fifth episodes' main events and Cocona's dreams, one would see that Cocona has trouble making big decisions and mostly goes with the flow; she's just another average girl out there with no specialities or anything which makes her stand out. She goes with Papika's adventures thinking not about herself, but about Papika. She is easily swayed by others which has been proven on a number of occasions. She doesn't want to make any mistakes so she leaves things to those around her and goes with whatever is going on, thinking that it'll probably be better than if she makes a decision. She doesn't even try hard enough to find out what they are collecting and why are they going to such dangerous places for it, possibly because knowing too much might be a mistake in itself. Apart from whatever story they're trying to push forward here, we will probably be seeing some focus on Cocona as she tries to find herself, her purpose in life and other deep stuff.

These five episodes tell quite a lot yet they have withheld an almost equal amount of information too, and most of that are the important bits. The word "built" is used when the scientist of Flip Flap talks about Yayaka and the twins. Are Yayaka and the twins creations of that cult or are they modified kids? What about Papika? Does she have a similar story? And Cocona? Is she really just a normal middle school girl? Her grandmother may come off as a little suspicious with how lenient she is—almost too lenient that it feels as if she knows something possibly important. The fact that Papika says that she was looking for Cocona also raises questions. Was Papika only looking for a partner and thought that Cocona might be perfect, or was she specifically looking for Cocona?

Papika is an intriguing one. We know close to nothing about her even though she's a main character and it's been five episodes. She seems to know a whole lot than she tells. The revelation about her true self should be interesting, if she has one, that is.

The characters themselves may be the least interesting thing about this show so far, but things may work out in that regard after they get some focus and we learn more about them.

Flip Flapper's mysterious and intriguing world is very much worth looking forward to. Each episode starts off pretty confusing but then starts to make sense as it progresses. Through these confusing episodes, they try to build a bigger picture by slowly revealing things and giving us a better understanding of what's really going on. Despite being confusing, each episode is an adventure on its own and is pretty exciting to see Cocona and Papika's adventures in the bizarre world. And all that sakuga makes things even more worth it.