Since I just recently finished rewatching Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun, I thought I'd post a review I had for the first episode. This is one of the two reviews I have for Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun because I didn't save my copies for the rest and now they're all lost. I don't really regret it because those reviews weren't really good at all. In fact, those were probably my worst reviews ever, quality wise. I did a decent job for the first episode but I didn't do the series justice even though it's in my top 5 favorite animes. Gekkan Shojo, while being a pretty damn hilarious show, parodies a lot of stuff typically seen in shojos. It parodies the typical bicycle scene where the girl and boy ride a bike which is supposed to be a romantic scene, they parody the girl boy sharing umbrella event, they also do one for the mixer event which is seen in many shows. Even though I haven't seen/read many shojo animes/mangas, this show still managed to make me almost literally lol. Another thing I love about this show is Sakura Chiyo who is just too kawaii to not like. On with the review:

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun episode 1

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun makes a wonderful debut showing us that this season does have good animes in it.

The episode starts off with the kawaii Sakura Chiyo preparing herself to confess to her classmate and crush Nozaki. She enters the classroom where Nozaki is and after some stuttering, blurts out that she is his fan. Before she could say something else, Nozaki hands her his autograph. Sakura tries to clear things up by saying she always wanted to be with him. Nozaki misunderstands the situation and invites Sakura to his home.

Upon reaching Nozaki-kun's house, Sakura is first happy that she is in Nozaki's room but instantly gets flustered upon realizing that she is in a boy's room for the first time. Misinterpreting the situation she is in, Sakura tells Nozaki that she will do her best, in response to which Nozaki gives her some manga panels and tells her to fill in the black - called as doing beta.

After doing beta for around four hours or so, Sakura realizes that Nozaki is a manga artist. While on her way home, she ponders over the name written in the autograph, Yumeno Sakiko, as she thinks that she has heard of that name before. Upon arrival at her home, she dashes towards her room and picks up a magazine from her shelf. She flips through the pages and lands on the manga of Yumeno Sakiko which is the pen name used by Nozaki.

She brings the magazine to school the next day and reads a description of sorts about Yumeno, who is known as a female author. While reading she sees Nozaki doing the exact opposite things in the classroom and wonders if he really is Yumeno. Nozaki takes a look at the magazine and starts talking about an interview he had. Sakura starts to believe that Nozaki is in fact Yumeno Sakiko. She starts calling him Yumeno-sensei but Nozaki feels a bit awkward and tells her not to call him that at school as many don't know about him being Yumeno. Not because he is keeping it a secret and Sakura is special that she is the only one who knows, but because no one believed him when he told them.

Back at Nozaki's place, the two start to discuss ideas for a shōjo manga Nozaki is working on. They start to talk about the traditional love event - the bicycle ride. They picture some situations of this event while keeping it under the traffic laws, but it ends with failure. Sakura then realises that coming up with stories for a manga is a difficult task.

The next day, after school, Nozaki offers to take Sakura home on his bicycle. Kawaii Sakura gets excited that she will ride with the guy she loves and starts to think of positions she will sit on the bike. Upon discovering that the bike is the one built for two persons to pedal, all her romantic fantasies are ruined.

Nozaki asks Sakura to tell how it feels while riding the bike. Some awkward yet hilarious situations follow where Sakura tries different things in order to get a somewhat romantic feeling but all attempts fail and she doesn't really feel the romantic atmosphere they were hoping for.

Based on the day's experience, Nozaki comes up with a scene where the protagonist has a bicycle built for four. A lame idea which provides some good laughs.

Later on, at a bookstore, Sak picks up the latest magazine edition and sees the end product which is a rather good one and provides a romantic situation with the bicycle involved.

At Nozaki's place once again, Sakura wonders why Nozaki writes shōjo manga and asks him. Nozaki replies that it started off as a hobby and he just carried it on despite him having not experienced first love. He asks his kawaii assistant if she has feelings for someone. Sakura begins describing why she has feelings for Nozaki which, of course, he doesn't realize.

While in her own room, Sakura asks herself if she should let things stay the way they are or not.

While going to school the next day, Sakura sees Nozaki looking at a cat in a tree. The neko jumps on Nozaki and he picks it up and holds the cat up high. Sakura places herself in place of the neko and decides to properly confess her feelings to the mangaka.

Once again she blurts out that she is his fan and ends up getting a second autograph from Nozaki.

After the ending credits, Nozaki tells Sakura that a guy named Mikoshiba will be helping her out. Nozaki describes Mikoshiba as a pure, sensitive and delicate - the soothing type as Sakura thinks. But when he shows up, Sakura gets to see a bishounen with a delinquent type attitude. And with that the enjoyable first episode comes to a closure.

This episode is a very good one. It wonderfully portrays the cliche romance scenes as something funny and parodies them quite brilliantly. The comedy provided is wonderful and does not lack much. The comedy moments always succeed in inciting laughter.

The interactions between Sakura and Nozaki are also good and manage to show both character's personalities clearly. The misunderstandings on both sides are great and provide enjoyable comedy. Nozaki's dense persona provides excellent comedy while parodying the romance situations.

In the next episode, new characters will be introduced which will further enhance the comedy of this anime.

Artwork is very good as expected of Dogakobo, who also have good visuals in other works of their's. The character designs are solid and quite fitting for this anime, with Sakura Chiyo being a very kawaii girl.

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun has gotten off to a great start which gives hope that things will get even more better with each episode providing us with wonderful comedy.