So with this sixth entry we have a review for Concrete Revolutio's first episode. There's only one review because things got too confusing which made writing a bit difficult for me. Although later on I realized that this show really isn't that confusing and I could have written more reviews. But anyway, on with the review

Concrete Revolutio episode 1

The latest from Bones, Concrete Revolutio, makes a rather weirdly fun debut, full of craziness and much more randomness.

Simply put, the story is about superhumans. But it’s not just about superheroes saving the day from different forms of bad guys. According to an interview with the series compositor, Shou Aikawa, the anime intends to be about the problems faced by the superheroes who work hard to save the day. The anime is about problems only superheroes can face, like problems in society, how they manage to fit in, how they try to live normal lives etc.

And this is where The Superhuman Bureau comes in. This is a group which works to protect superhumans of all kinds so that they can live normally among humans. It’s a rather different idea here. Most animes would usually focus on heroes saving the day and stuff. You don’t usually see superhumans who defend the city needing protection.

The stylish pink haired Jiro Hitoyoshi is the protagonist here and he’s part of this bureau. He enters a café in pursuit of a scientist who is supposedly selling off top secret information to someone – and that would be a problem if allowed to happen. Jiro asks a waitress of the café, Kikko, to help out a bit. But things seemingly go in a different direction when the person who was supposed to be getting the information, gives something to the scientist instead. But the plan doesn’t change as Jiro tells Kikko to grab the package anyway.

The bad guy turns out to be an alien. He senses his plan failing and uses hypnosis to put everyone to sleep. But it also turns out that Kikko-chan isn’t a normal human either as she uses a magic wand or something to block the alien man’s rays. Since Jiro told her to grab that package, she uses her magic to switch the positions of the tray she was holding with the package. She then goes on to switch her own position with a mannequin in a shop some distance away.

The alien man follows shortly after by teleportation. The little creature sitting comfortably between Kikko’s perfectly sized boobs, tells her to go into Mahou shoujo form which would make her escape more easy. She does just that and then flies off, but Jiro stops her to get the package. The alien man comes out of the shop and turns into his true form of a robot like thing and increases in size. Just as he does that, another alien pops out of nowhere. This guy is known throughout as Grosse Augen, humanity’s ally.

Everything up until now was all part of the plan. Jiro knew that the so called “industrial spy” was an alien, he knew that Kikko was a Mahou shoujo, he knew that Grosse Augen would soon show up. The plan had two purposes: to stop the alien’s plans, and to lure out Grosse Augen to find out his identity. With the package being secured, they now have to stop the raging S Planetarian before finding out Grosse Augen’s identity. Jiro pulls Kikko in his car and after revealing his identity as being part of an organization which protects superhumans, he asks for her help.

Grosse Augen didn’t run away, he just turned invisible to the human eye to an extent. Normal humans can’t see him fighting the S Planetarian, but not so normal people can. Jiro asks Kikko to pinpoint the exact location of the alien since he is a normal human and can’t see them. This is rather contradictory as we have another scene here showing him using a power of some sort. We’ll get to that scene later.

If Mahou shoujos and giant aliens weren’t enough, Jiro’s car transforms into a giant centaur like robot. It isn’t as big as those aliens he’s about to fight, but it’s still big nevertheless. He uses Kikko’s big red pointing arrow as a marker by stabbing the alien with it. The craziness doesn’t stop as Kikko summons a giant red nosed cloud to protect Jiro from the S Planetarian’s heat wave attack. She can change the atmosphere in other ways too as she also considered turning the air into a lens for whatever reason. Grosse Augen lands the final attack to defeat the alien enemy. Jiro goes to collect the alien which has turned into the size of an action figure and puts him in a small box.

Grosse Augen goes to shake hands with Jiro’s robot, but instead of shaking hands, Jiro lands a cut on Grosse Augen’s finger and shoots a purple liquid inside. This liquid serves as a sort of tracker so that they can find Grosse Augen after he disappears. And just that happens. Grosse Augen disappears to some other place where a pink haired woman finds her thanks to the smell of that purple stuff. She tells Jiro the location of Grosse Augen immediately who immediately finds the alien who is in human form.

How did Grosse Augen end up looking like a human? The alien was on the verge of death so a kind-hearted policeman gave his body to the alien so that they can fight crime and the forces of evil together. Now the human and the alien share the same body and they have reached their limit which is why Jiro tells Grosse Augen to go home and leave the human’s body. Despite Kikko’s protests against this, Grosse Augen leaves the human body.

Later on, Kikko is invited to join the bureau. The bureau has both human and superhuman members. The pink haired woman is probably not a normal human since she picked up the scent of the purple fluid from far off. The person who was explaining to the scientist what the collimator he was getting was for, is also most likely not normal. He abruptly ended the conversation without answering the scientist’s question and the scientist didn’t insist on getting an answer or anything which suggests that that man could have memory wiping abilities or something similar.

But this episode doesn’t show only one time period. The episode shows the 41st and the 46th years of the Shinka Era. The aforementioned craziness takes place in the 41st year. The episode jumps five years into the future where Jiro leaves the bureau. This episode shows one event from that time period in three parts where Jiro is being chased by Kikko and a blonde shape-shifting kid. The first scene from that period is Jiro on a train where he runs into the blonde kid and is immediately followed by Kikko. Here Jiro uses a superpower. The whole train is engulfed in a flame and the train comes to a stop after which Jiro jumps out. This is rather contradictory to Jiro’s initial statement that he is a normal man. If he isn’t a superhuman, then how did he do that? It could have something to do with his right arm which is seen to be bandaged throughout the episode. His arm also releases some small rockets or something in the opening sequence. Or it could be that he gains this power later on. Another situation could be that he is a superhuman disguised as a normal human for who knows what reasons.

The second scene is Grosse Augen showing up looking like a different human from before, or more like the same guy with a different hairstyle. It turns out that when Jiro caught Grosse, he didn’t just send him off like that. Grosse couldn’t leave that body. Leaving the human meant his death so Jiro had Grosse Augen take the human’s body and gave the human the S Planetarian’s body. And it is this human alien combination mam who helps Jiro escape. And while he is escaping, Jiro says that he will never return to the bureau.

Now what happened here? Why is Jiro leaving the bureau? The abrupt jumping between the two time periods made things somewhat confusing. As things stand we can only speculate as to what the reasons could be since we haven’t gotten anything concrete other than a few obscure hints. Kikko, upon seeing Grosse Augen alive and combined with an S Planetarian, exclaims that Jiro disobeyed the bureau. She personally doesn’t mind since Jiro did do what was right, but she knows that Jiro broke a rule. This could be why Jiro left. Jiro probably does more stuff like that and the higher-ups in the bureau find this out. Jiro realizes this but doesn’t tell anyone and tries to quietly leave. But the bureau dispatches Kikko and the kid to catch him leading to the escape we saw. Or it could be that Kikko and the kid find out that Jiro is leaving and they chase him on their own. But since Grosse says that Jiro got “tracked by a dog” while referring to Kikko, the situation could be the former.

It could also be that Jiro discovers the dark side of the bureau and sets things up for his escape, saving Grosse Augen being part of that plan. He could have some plan in mind which he would put in action later on after escaping. But the bureau find out and send Kikko and the kid after him. Kikko also tells Jiro that she’s 20 years old now while they were on the train. What does her age have to do with anything? It most probably is something relevant since she mentioned it after all. Could be somehow related to the fact that she has fallen for Jiro.

They have started with showing some of the problems superhumans face. When Jiro was on the train in the future scene being chased by Kikko and the kid, one commuter tells them to take their fight somewhere else because it is always a pain to deal with these things. Also, when Grosse Augen shows up to fight the S Planetarian, the people around are relieved when he disappears. This shows that, even though these superhumans save the citizens from evil, they don’t quite appreciate it enough and think of them as nuisances instead of their saviors. That is the general view people have.

Kikko will now be facing the problem of fitting in again as her cover has been blown since people now know that she is a magical girl thanks to Jiro’s mission. The folks at the bureau probably realized that Kikko-chan had been caught in their little mission which caused her some trouble so why not hire her. They could always use her magical girl powers.

Concrete Revolutio has shown itself to be a fun and crazy show. This episode had all manners of ridiculousness. From magical girls to cars turning into robots, this episode doesn’t hold back in throwing things at us. The humor has been great so far, mostly derived from the insanity going on here. And this insanity has been greatly helped by the visuals. The use of bright colours has made the craziness come out brilliantly. The scenes from the future are like giant spoilers which successfully manage to arouse some curiosity in the viewers. They don’t explain how any of that happens which is what leads to questions, giving the viewers something more to look forward to while hinting towards its potential direction.

There’s a lot to look forward to here in Concrete Revolutio. This first episode has been a crazy and fun ride showing much potential as a great comedy.