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Assassination Classroom Second Season episode 3

Assassination Classroom continues with Itona time in its third spectacle as we learn more about the tentacle head with things ending with a new kid joining the gang.

This episode is all about Itona Horibe. We continue from where episode two left off with Koro-sensei supposedly in a serious pinch as Itona as him trapped in anti-octopus sheets. It appears that Itona has the upper hand as Koro-sensei is in panic mode – the sensei can’t move around much and the modifications to Itona’s tentacles are gloves with spiky appendages which are made of anti-Koro material which makes it impossible to block his attacks without getting hurt himself. But it only appeared that Koro-sensei was losing – in actuality, Koro-sensei could predict Itona’s moves after some time since he has already fought him twice before.

Things become very easy once Koro-sensei starts seeing through Itona’s moves and subsequently Koro-sensei wins. He concentrates his energy in his tentacles and then releases it all in the form of an explosion which seals his victory. Koro-sensei is, after all, the very octopus who blew up the moon and he is just showing a small part of his abilities so far. This tentacular explosion is just one of his many abilities which he has hidden – he is capable of far more destructive powers but he isn’t going to be using them any time soon. He may say that he just recently learned it, but that is most likely not the truth, he already knew he could do that but is just showing that he is learning things from his experiences with these assassination attempts.

After Koro-sensei wins, Itona starts losing it – he has this strong desire to win and losing three times to the same enemy is just too much for him. The tentacles start affecting his mind and Itona starts losing his senses. But Shiro isn’t interested as he ditches poor tentacle boy saying that since he hasn’t produced any favorable results so far, he is useless and will therefore, be replaced. Shiro is showing that he is the kind of person who only uses others – as long as he felt Itona could be of some use to him, he kept him and when he felt that the kid is no longer of any use, he disposes of him. And this is why the kids hate this guy – they’re indifferent towards Itona, but they really hate Shiro for this.

But that’s not how Koro-sensei thinks – for Koro-sensei, no student gets left behind, and that applies to Itona too. Even though Itona came to class only once, the fact that he enrolled at the school and attended one class is more than enough to qualify him as a student of the assassination classroom. Koro-sensei is in no mood to leave Itona alone and he, along with the small group of students present there, chases Itona and manages to find him. But according to Shiro, letting go of Itona was also part of the plan as he, along with a small group of similarly dressed men, smokescreen the place with anti-octopus gas and make off with Itona expecting the sensei to follow them.

Koro-sensei, despite knowing that it is a trap, follows Shiro and manages to reach where Itona is. And as expected, there was a trap waiting for him there. First he is slowed down a bit with pressure rays, after which he is showered with the little pink bullets. But Koro-sensei isn’t only protecting himself here, right behind him is the netted Itona who is also in danger so he has to protect him too which slows down his movements further, making him even more vulnerable. It is as if Shiro has this in the bag. But unfortunately, he didn’t take into consideration that Koro-sensei is a teacher and hence, has students. These students show up to foil Shiro’s plans as they take out all the attackers along with the high pressure rays.

With saving Itona taken care of, now they need to remove the tentacles from his head otherwise these tentacles would be the death of him. The tentacle cells were attached by Shiro and the tentacles are feeding on his attachment to power and winning – for him, losing means that he is weak and powerless despite wanting to be powerful which is why the tentacles were eating at him. If he stops caring about winning, they would then be able to remove the tentacles from his head.

We learn about Itona’s true identity and what made him desire power so strongly. Itona is the son of the owner of a mobile phone parts company. The company went down under after workers starting stealing his ideas and subsequently leaving the factory – competition rose and they couldn’t survive. The parents left Itona in the care of his uncle – in other words, they abandoned him. Itona feels that the reason he was left alone was that his father was weak and lost – this is why he wants to get stronger and win so that he doesn’t have to go through that again.

The class delinquents take over Itona’s custody and try to cheer him up in their own way, but it isn’t much help as Itona thinks that all this is foolish. His tentacles start growing and he starts to go crazy. He swings a tentacle at Terasaka but the delinquent grabs it showing that Itona isn’t strong. He tells the boy to stop it with his “failure is not an option” mentality – failing is what helps you grow as you learn what not to do which increases your chances of winning. Failing makes you stronger. Terasaka, for the second time, knocks sense into someone as this is what makes Itona lose his insanely strong attraction to power. In the end, Itona joins 3-E and starts hanging out with Terasaka and his delinquent gang. After nabbing the previous assassin who was made part of this class, Ritsu, they have managed to subdue the second assassin, Itona, mainly thanks to Koro-sensei’s strong desire to help out his students.

Going back to episode 11 of the first season where Itona was introduced, Shiro claimed that this kid was Koro-sensei’s brother. If there were still any lingering doubts about how true that claim was, then this episode clears those doubts. Shiro even told Karasuma and Bitch-sensei later on that the two don’t have the same parents nor share the same blood, yet they are brothers, reason being the tentacles – the tentacles Itona had and those on Koro-sensei are the same kind.

In this episode, we see a flashback where Shiro tells Itona that he has cells which can make the kid strong – these cells are what caused Itona to grow tentacles. Now, if one were to recall Koro-sensei’s reaction to seeing tentacles on Itona’s head in episode 11 of the prequel, one would see that his reaction was an angry one and not a surprised one. Taking into account the fact that Shiro had cells which could grow tentacles gives strength to a theory about Koro-sensei. The octopus man could very well be the result of a laboratory accident. Shiro may have gotten hold of the research material of that accident and did a similar thing to Itona albeit in a controlled manner. If this wasn’t the case, then Koro-sensei would have had a surprised look on his face upon seeing Itona’s tentacles which would have turned into a cocky one as he would have shown his confidence in his own strength that bringing someone with similar physical qualities wouldn’t work either.

Koro-sensei’s anger shows that he doesn’t like the thought of someone else having to go though what he went through. The multitude of flashbacks showing Koro-sensei among some rubble with a dying woman in his arms also strengthens this theory – the destruction was caused due to that accident which also ended up killing the woman.

Another thing this episode reveals is that these tentacles feed on a strong desire that person has – the tentacles fed on Itona’s strong attachment to strength and his desire to win. There could be something similar happening with Koro-sensei too – he may have a very strong attachment to something or a desire to achieve something which is feeding these tentacles. And considering that Koro-sensei isn’t losing his senses every now and then, we can assume that whatever his desire or attachment to is, he’s getting it quite easily. And provided this theory stands correct, the reason octopus sensei is teaching students lies in his desire – he probably wants to get a point across through this action of teaching kids.

Of course, all this is just speculation based on what was seen in this episode – but as things stand, this is quite a strong theory about Koro-sensei. This episode, while developing Itona a bit and having him join Koro-sensei’s class, also revealed stuff about the jolly octopus. Nothing about Koro-sensei is confirmed right now – as the series progresses further, things will become evident.

With Itona being the new classmate, it will be interesting to see how he mingles in with the others. He will have to work together with the others and teamwork isn’t exactly something he is accustomed to. How he gets used to this new environment will be interesting to see. With this new set of developments, things have become all the more interesting here in AssClass – this second season most certainly won’t be a letdown.