E3 is almost upon us. In about an hour, EA will have the first major press conference of the show, with more news coming through various press conferences and events in the following three days and the actual show from Tuesday to Thursday. As we approach the big show, here's a few thoughts that I have going into it.

To begin, here's a Bingo board that I made pertaining to possible predictions and events that may happen at the conference. This is based on educated guessed and wishful thinking:

Second, here's what I feel is the main things that the three major gaming companies need to be successful at E3 this year:

Microsoft; Two words: Project Scorpio. While I'm perfectly fine with my Xbox One system (especially given how I don't have a 4K TV), Microsoft needs to show that they are superior to Sony when it comes to making games for the 4K market. They've already have an advantage with the Xbox One S (which can play 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays that PS Pro can't). The next step is show off the Project Scorpio and give gamers a reason why it should be considered the superior system in the market.

Sony: This year, Sony's more in a defend and counterattack position, as it doesn't really have new hardware this year unlike the competition. The best strategies for Sony are simple: announce some PS4 exclusives that will interest gamers (and make sure you have a big title in place for the holiday season); push some titles for the PSVR (it definitely has the potential, especially with the recent update that adds 3D Blu-Ray support); and quite possibly do a price drop. To me, great games are just as important (sometimes even more) than new hardware.

Nintendo: Nintendo is already on the rebound with the release of the Switch, and things looking promising for the holiday season with the latest Mario game. However, while their big E3 "event" is a half-hour long (although I think more news could also come from the Treehouse Live streams that will be airing during the conference), and they prefers to use Nintendo Directs now to provide news for what's coming up in the next few months, Nintendo should give gamers an idea of what to look forward to in 2018 (as E3 tends to focus on games that will come out not only during the holiday season, but also the first half of the following year). As such, I do feel that they need to announce one or two "major" games coming to the Switch next year during the conference (be it at the end of the E3 Spotlight or during Treehouse Live).

With that said, I'm definitely looking forward to see what big titles will come out of E3 this year.