It's a few days until Christmas, and things are somewhat busy/chaotic in my area.

-Kicking things off, due to some "rearranging" in my workplace (long story short, an assistant to one of the new heads of the company is taking over my old work area this week, and with my entire department moving to a different building next year, it felt pointless moving me to a different spot only for me to move again in a couple of weeks), I am currently on paid admin leave until the new work space is ready (the plan is that it will hopefully be ready by the first week of January). While this would probably be fine for other parts of the years (and it does give a chance to possibly take some day trips at least one of the bigger malls next week), given how Christmas is tends to be my busiest time of the year at work (due to all the donations that my company gets during that time), there's some worry about how donations will be handled while I'm gone. Luckily, I did teach one of my bosses the processes that I use when handling mail donation, and I do have access to the database that I use at work at home, thus allowing me to clean up the online donations when I have time.

-With all the games that I got on Black Friday (and the games that I plan to get for Christmas), I want to save purchasing more new console games until the after-Christmas sales (The Steam sale is a much different story ). Of course, given Amazon putting Watch Dogs 2 on sale for $35, I couldn't resist waiting until December 26 to order that. Thankfully, a lot of games that I've been playing have been getting new DLC content, updates, and Christmas-themed events in the last few days. So that will keep me busy for the rest of the year (along with the games that I'm getting for Xmas and planning to purchase in the post-holiday sales).

-Ever since the end of Otakon, I've been getting into those monthly "loot" boxes (I currently subscribe to two, order the Nerd Block boxes if that month interests me or if it's on sale, and am "wait and see" in terms of whether to do another month of Loot Anime or not after getting December's box), and December has been really busy. Along with the regular subscriptions, I also took advantage of Nerd Block's Black Friday sales to order this month's Sci-Fi and Arcade Blocks at half price (with the Sci-Fi block arriving on Sunday, with one item definitely being something that I'd bring with me to work once the new work space is up and running). Meanwhile, I've also been doing this to ensure that I get someone of a surprise for Christmas. Currently, one box (a Loot Crate box) arrived at my house around the start of the month, another box is scheduled to arrive on Christmas Eve, and a third box sadly looks to be delivered after Christmas.

EDIT: -With the "holiday business" that my mother has been doing this week (with me helping with it), my family will be having some extra "money" for the post-holiday sales. Personally, I have my own ideas of what I could use some of that money for. However, I should focus on stuff that I would use (i.e getting a new electric razor) than picking up some new gear to heighten my video game audio experience.